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According to animal scientists, farmers could further protect the environment by breeding chickens with larger digestive organs.
In some areas, large poultry operations release nitrogen and phosphorus into the environment. Narcy, along with and fellow researchers from the French National Institute For Agricultural Research (INRA) and France’s Center of Agricultural Research for Development (CIRAD), bred chickens to test whether selecting for larger digestive organ size could reduce the amount of waste that the chicken excreted. Narcy and fellow researchers hypothesized that chickens with larger, better functioning digestive organs would absorb more nutrients from their feed and therefore produce less waste. After rearing nine generations of each line, the researchers found that chickens with larger digestive organs ate less feed and produced less waste.

Narcy said the next step is for animal scientists to identify the genes that control digestive efficiency in chickens. These pollutants come from chicken waste, and they can cause ecological problems like algal blooms in rivers and lakes. The proventriculus is a stomach-like organ that softens food using acids and digestive enzymes. To test this hypothesis, the researchers selected chickens and raised three lines with differing abilities to digest feed. The researchers concluded that selecting for this trait could make poultry production more environmentally and economically sustainable.

By pinpointing the right genes, researchers could help farmers select the most efficient chickens for breeding. Reply Leave a comment Cancel commentFirst time visitors: please read our Comment Guidelines.

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