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Instinct Raw is made of 95% meat, organs, and bones, 5% fruits and vegetables, and 0% grain.
If your cat has never tried raw before, start slowly with small amounts to make the transition. Raw doesn’t have a strong smell, so if your pet doesn’t like it right away, keep trying!
While we only used to be able to find our raw food in Chicago health food stores, we are now able to find it at PetSmart! We are going to run right out and get some…Ok, the human is going to do the running I’ll do the taste test!
I have fed raw to some of my cats and they did well on it–particularly the one with the digestive issues. I think raw is a good idea so long as safety precautions are followed and common sense is used.
Maybe this is the next solution we need to try when it comes to Clove’s digestive tract.
A lover of any and all meats I have a feeling Clove will not mind the idea of switching to a raw diet, tomorrow to Petsmart we shall go! Have you ever seen a wild animal constructing a fire of twigs and tinder bundles so they can delicately sear their recently snared vole?
We believe that raw is the way to go for most cats and we hypothesize that we will eat and enjoy this food.

Please be aware, though, that it’s not in ALL PetSmart stores yet and was only in 50% of the two we visited. If our experience has made you curious, Instinct is kindly offering a $3 off coupon on their website, which you can use towards a trial size or a larger bag.
We are really pleased to have participated in this campaign because we feel diet is THE MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH ASPECT of pet care. Maybe this push into PetSmart will make it available again in the future so we have the option again. No matter the food she eats, when she uses the litter box the odor that follows is so strong, eye watering, nostril closing, and scream inducing it practically turns the neighborhood in to a ghost town. The logical extension of this observation to the small intestines is assumed through scientific precedent. Since we already eat raw, we did not have to transition slowly and ate is all by itself.  The bites are cool because they are really quick to thaw and, since MomFOD often forgets to plan ahead, it only takes a few minutes before we can chow down.
This can work for some, though in our house, some of the more sensitive stomachs are unable to handle raw and cooked at the same time. We stopped trying to give it to her and a week later, she was stealing Louie’s (and my) raw food all on her own.
We always advocate using species-appropriate, healthy foods to keep your pets healthy and we are huge advocates of the raw diet and have been for years. Raw really does seem to be the way to go, and the idea of having a way to feed raw when the head peep doesn’t plan ahead is really appealing!

I’ve heard a raw diet works well to eliminate horrid smelling elimination, but have always been turned off by the smell, appearance and danger of E.
The fat-binding properties of fiber from guar gum and psyllium hulls interfere with the absorption of the emulsified fat from the small intestine. For instance, did you know that when I was adopted I was super sick with upper respiratory infections and herpes outbreaks? Your talent, beauty, humor and smarts never cease to amaze me sweet niece, it’s no surprise you have the FODs wrapped around all three paws and one stump. Raw diets are what nature had in mind for cats and we felines have all the right digestive enzymes for being able to eat raw.
However, this fiber does slow down sugar absorption, which helps to maintain blood sugar levels already within the normal range. Therefore, when one of our favorite food brands approached us and asked us to share our experience with our readers, we were all for it! Great, really, but the raw definitely put me over the edge and those stump modeling contracts really began pouring in But, I digress.

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