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This table is an example of several types of digestive enzymes which may be found in living systems, including humans and guppies. I have seen a demonstrable difference in the growth and size of the guppies when I use digestive enzymes.  This should not be unexpected as guppies have the same metabolic needs and pathways as other higher order animals. Probably the most overlooked puzzle piece in the health and wellness industry is the emphasis on enzymes.
This website uses essential cookies without which it will not work, along with other harmless cookies aimed at improving your use of our website. It should be pointed out that several enzymes may be called by a different name, but the overall function is the same. In the final analysis, the relatively low cost of the enzymes are well worth investment with no bad side effects. The first are endogenous metabolic and digestive enzymes that are produced in the body by various organs and tissues.

In fact, vegetarians can benefit from them because of the lack of abundant enzymes in certain plant foods. The wellness industry is constantly looking for the next best product to put on the market to help people with energy and vitality. However, we are missing one of the fundamentals when it comes to living a healthy long life, i.e. They are a part of all metabolic processes, from the working of our cells, tissues, and organs, to the functioning of our digestive system, endocrine system, immune system, and every other system.
Even minerals, vitamins, hormones, and neurotransmitters need enzymes to be present in order to their own work properly. This is why I recommend taking digestive enzymes at each meal, so we can reduce stress on the body, break our food down, and utilize the nutrients in the food without taxing all our metabolic enzymes in the body. We know vegetarians usually live the longest and are some of the healthiest people on the planet.

It is due to eating enzyme rich foods and allowing the blood and organs to regenerate from the raw foods they eat!
To live long and healthy in today’s world, we must eat more raw foods and take plant based enzymes, like the Core Health Pack, when eating cooked food!
Each of these four categories include co-factor enzymes too numerous to list, since 3,000 of the 5.000 types of enzymes in the body are located in the digestive system. Therefore, it is important to focus on what we are eating and digesting because it can give us energy and vitality or weigh us down and shorten our lives.

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Salivary amylase is a digestive enzyme produced by the

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