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Unfortunately, this makes our furry friends susceptible to many digestive problems such as vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, low energy and more. Manufacturer's 100% Satisfaction GuaranteeThis powder has been formulated for the specific needs of dogs and cats. At least 3 x 600mL glass beakers (7 is best because then you don't have to reuse them during the lesson).
2 clear tubes per student that can hold at least 3mL of liquid (5mL culture tubes are good).These are the spit dilution tubes.
3 clear tubes per student that can hold at least 15mL of liquid (15mL falcon tubes are good). Digestion: A person needs to break down the large building blocks that make up food (starch, proteins, fats) into smaller ones (sugar, amino acids, fatty acids).
Enzymes: Enzymes are proteins that can (a) carry out a specific reaction and (b) do so multiple times without getting used up. When we say that an enzyme catalyzes a specific reaction we mean that it is designed to do one thing very well, to the point where it can’t do other things.
Because acid changes the shapes of proteins, which in turns damages the proteins, we use vinegar to stop the action of amylase in our experiment. How the indicator works: when the iodine atoms in the indicator are diluted in a water solution they are arranged in random order in the liquid.
Amylase and Evolution: The theory of evolution states that if an environmental pressure exists that favors one genetic outcome over another, over time long periods of time the favored genetic outcome will be selected for. Print magnetic enzyme and substrate pieces (see attachment) on magnetic printing paper and cut out the individual pieces.
THINK-PAIR-SHARE: After the students perform the demo pair the students and ask one half of the pairs to think about one question and the other half about the other question. Use Enzyme substrate magnets to make three points:-An enzyme breaks down larger molecules into smaller molecules like sugars.
Intro this part of the demo by using the magnet set to show that a protein whose shape has been changed can no longer catalyse its reaction. Ask a student volunteer to stir in 50mL of vinegar into each one of the remaining 250mL starch-iodine solutions (there shoud be two).
Second part of the lesson: Introduces the idea that our environment can affect our genetic makeup over evolutionary time and that differences in the amount of starch in different populations' diets has led to variability in how much amylase different human populations have. The investigation should begin with a demonstration on how to use a mirco-pippette if students are not familiar using them. Students will pipette 0.5 ml of their saliva slowly and carefully into the 5 ml PBS test tubes that are labelled with their name.
Then, students should pipette 0.5 ml of their diluted saliva into the 15 ml starch iodine tube marked with their name to start the amylase reaction. After one student in each pair finishes their reaction, partners switch roles and the second member of each pair carries out their reaction while the first acts as the timer. After the pair has carried out their 2 reactions, one person should add 0.5 ml of vinegar into the control tube.
When all students have finished the exercise we will ask them to compare the color of their amylase reactions with the control and compare their individual reactions. Ask students to talk about their comparisons in pairs and then ask students to report out what they concluded. Point out that most of these are derived either from grains or from fruits and that grains have mostly starch in them while fruits have mostly sugars in them. Ask students what people did 100,000-10,000 years ago to get their carbs, when there were no supermarkets. SLIDESHOW: Use Slides showing how a person living tens of thousands of years ago who produces more amylase in a high starch environment will more likely be healthy and produce more offspring than somebody who has less amylase.
This part of the lesson introduces the concept of positive selection of beneficial genetic mutations. Do students with a high amount of amylase in the class have an evolutinary advantage over other students with a lower amount? Once the conclusions are reached, and if there is time, you can ask students what are the possible reasons why some people's saliva reacted more than other peoples saliva other than the different copy number of amylase?
Note: It is highly advised that teachers test the student experiment themselves before having students carry it out. When you eat, your pancreas and small intestine produce digestive enzymes that help in breaking down the foods. To prepare the smoothie, you will need half a papaya, two slices of pineapple and two tablespoons of unflavored yogurt. To reap the benefits of mango and honey, combine these digestive enzyme rich foods and make a detox smoothie. Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder (PID) is a disorder that stops your pet’s pancreas from functioning properly and producing key enzymes needed to digest food. Dogs and cats that suffer from Pancreatic Insufficiency Disorder (PID) can’t digest the nutrients they need from food.
Read the label carefully for information about storage, possible side effects, and drug interactions.
If you have questions or concerns about Viokase-V, or conditions related to its use, contact your pet's veterinarian or pharmacist.
100% Whey Protein now employs MyoMatrix whey protein isolate and concentrateand ZymaTech digestive enzyme technology, what optimises body’s conversion of protein into amino acids.
Probiotics are known as "good bacteria" because they perform a variety of positive functions. This is important because not all probiotic powders work the same in different animals, including man. Human populations have variable copy numbers of the amylase gene due to differences in the amount of starch in their diet. This will be referred to as "vinegar" however, vinegar is normally only 8% glacial acetic acid, so this solution is more acidic. The first set demonstrates that amylase is a digestive enzyme that degrades starch into sugar, can do so repeatedly and, like many enzymes, is sensitive to acid.

This is done so that we can use these small building blocks to make our own proteins and fats, as well as so that we can use sugar for energy.
For example, although amylase can break down the sort of bond that joins glucose in starch chains it cannot break apart the bond that joins glucose in cellulose chains, despite the fact that both chains are made up of glucose joined together. Examples of what we mean by environment are things such as the temperature an enzyme is in or the acidity of the liquid they are in. Because acid changes the shape of proteins you also see that the solution of amylase with vinegar is cloudier than the solution of amylase without vinegar in it.
In humans this has been very hard to show, and the paper included in this lesson is one of the only known examples in which evolution seems to have acted on a human trait.
In some cases the number of genes a person has in their DNA can be very different from person to person. This means that a person who has only 2 copies of the amylase gene in their DNA is likely to have less amylase protein in their saliva than a person that has 4 copies of the amylase gene in their DNA. In this case the environmental pressure that selects a genetic outcome would be how much starch a human population normally eats.
The high starch populations were two agricultural populations (one European, one Japanese) as well as Hadza hunter-gatherers from Tanzania who rely extensively on starch-rich roots and tubers.
They suggest that this is evidence of a selective pressure (diet) leading to a genetic outcome (number of amylase genes in DNA). Add the PBS right before the demo, so that the amylase is as fresh as possible) into one of the 250mL starch-iodine solutions. Useful examples of proteins being changed are fried eggs (the heat makes the whites turn white) or ceviche, where thin slices of meat are cooked by acid.
Students should mix their saliva in with the buffer by pipetting up and down a few times. The timer's job is to start the 1 minute count down at the same time as their partner starts the amylase reaction.
It might be useful to have students list the things we are controlling for in our experiment. If you are having trouble getting the experiment to work as expected, please see the Troubleshooting Student Experiment attachment for advice. Students know enzymes are proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions without altering the reaction equilibrium and the activities of enzymes depend on the temperature, ionic conditions, and the pH of the surroundings. Students know the central dogma of molecular biology outlines the flow of information from transcription of ribonucleic acid (RNA) in the nucleus to translation of proteins on ribosomes in the cytoplasm.
Students know how mutations in the DNA sequence of a gene may or may not affect the expression of the gene or the sequence of amino acids in an encoded protein.
Students know why natural selection acts on the phenotype rather than the genotype of an organism.
Students know variation within a species increases the likelihood that at least some members of a species will survive under changed environmental conditions.
Students know how natural selection determines the differential survival of groups of organisms. Select and use appropriate tools and technology (such as computer-linked probes, spreadsheets, and graphing calculators) to perform tests, collect data, analyze relationships, and display data. Identify possible reasons for inconsistent results, such as sources of error or uncontrolled conditions. Analyze situations and solve problems that require combining and applying concepts from more than one area of science. Investigate a science-based societal issue by researching the literature, analyzing data, and communicating the findings. However, at times excess accumulation of digestive wastes, by increasing the toxin load in the body, impairs production of digestive enzymes. Yogurt contains the good bacteria that help in digestion and maintaining the optimal health of the digestive system. For this smoothie recipe, you will need two cups of mango cubes, one tablespoon of honey, a cup of plain yogurt, a teaspoon of lime juice and ?-teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
Viokase-V is a prescription medication that replaces the enzymes your dog or cat needs to get required nutrients from her food and maintain a healthy weight. The disease stops the pancreas from producing critical enzymes that break down fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Talk to your veterinarian if you do not understand the information provided in these documents or if you have any questions about Viokase-V pancreatic enzymes for Dogs and Cats. As probiotic levels rise, you'll see a decrease in stomach issues and an increase in energy levels.
Alternatively you can buy iodine solution as "Tincture of iodine" or " Lugol's solution" at a drugstore. If splitting the lesson in two perform the intro and demos 1-4 on the first day and the student experiment on the second day. Amylase is found in our saliva and is responsible for starting to break down the starch that we eat. Amylase is specialized to recognize and cut only the type of glucose-to-glucose bond found in starch, not the different kind of glucose-to-glucose bond found in cellulose. The milk curdles because the acid in the lemon juice changes the shape of the proteins in milk causing them to bunch together.
Importantly vinegar does not change the color of the Iodine indicator used in our experiments.
However, when starch -which is a long chain of glucoses- is added to the water solution it grabs onto iodine and organizes it in a non-random arrangement. For example, if a population eats a lot of starch it would be beneficial for the people in that population to have a lot of copies of the amylase gene in their DNA. The low-starch populations included Biaka and Mbuti rainforest hunter-gatherers from the Central African Republic and Congo, as well as Datog pastoralists from Tanzania and the Yakut, a pastoralist, fishing society from Siberia.
Each student will be instructed to mark one of each type of the other two tubes with their name. They should also give their partner a 30 second warning, which allows their partner to prepare for stopping the amylase reaction.

Ask students to draw conclusions about the relative amount of amylase in each tube, and if there is time, order the tubes from highest to lowest amount of amylase. Examples of issues include irradiation of food, cloning of animals by somatic cell nuclear transfer, choice of energy sources, and land and water use decisions in California. Insufficient secretion of digestive enzymes causes indigestion, bloating and gas and prevents your body from utilizing the nutrients present in the foods you eat.
For additional benefit and better taste, you can add a teaspoon of lemon juice and four to five fresh mint leaves to the recipe. Lime juice and cinnamon, apart from enhancing the taste of the smoothie, are good for digestion.
Prescription Viokase-V is a powder that is mixed with food to replace those critical missing enzymes. Answer this question2 answers A: hi,IT may be possible that your dog has diabetes, and may need insulin. Unlike other, older ones utilising heat, this process doesn’t break the integrity of proteins. It mixes very well and, with its banana, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavours, tastes great. So amylase is an enzyme that carries out the specific reaction of breaking down starch into a simple sugar. Another example is that amylase cannot break down proteins, which are chains of amino acids, while proteases, which break down proteins, cannot break down starch. For example some people have as little as 2 copies of the amylase gene in their DNA while others have as many as 10 copies of the gene in their DNA.
These are the solutions to which you will add amylase or PBS in demo #3, and vinegar and Amylase or PBS in Demo #4. That blue color should eventually disappear again as the amylase breaks down the newly added starch)c) What would have happened in the original reaction, if we had a most more concentrated starch solution?
These tubes will be used to carry out the amylase reactions and saliva dilutions, respectively. Explain that some differences are due to modern industrial practices but that some of them reflect historical tendencies (for example, historically there was more hunting and gathering in central africa, while in eurasia, there has been more farming. The simplest way to prevent digestive disorders and eliminate the digestive wastes from the body simultaneously is to drink a detox smoothie enriched with natural digestive enzymes.
Daily treatment with Viokase-V will help improve your pet’s digestion and overall health.
However, the cost of this per month plus the food we need is almost a house pmt, but anything for our baby to get better but this is a lifelong ordeal. Older processes, with quite popular ion-exchange method remove and denature some of the proteins, delivering lower quality supplement. If we go back to the Philips head screwdriver analogy we can say that while the Philips head screwdriver works very well with Philips head screws it doesn't work at all with flat-head screws, which need another type of  “enzyme”, a flat-head screwdriver.
This is because the heat from cooking changes the shape of the proteins (enzymes are proteins) in the egg white which causes them to bunch together which in turn causes them to change color. When starch gets broken down into glucose it can no longer arrange iodine non-randomly, so the solution turns yellowish clear again.
Honey provides the enzymes amylase, sucrase for breaking down sucrose and the enzyme protease for digesting protein. USN only use proteins produced using microfiltration process, therefore the quality of their protein supplements is very high. Our ProBiotic powder is designed by veterinary experts specifically for the unique needs of dogs and cats. When we say that amylase can catalyze the same reaction many times over we mean that it can break the bond between two glucose molecules in starch over and over without loosing its activity.
Cooking meat is another example; raw meat tastes and looks different than cooked meat because the temperature from cooking changes the proteins in the meat. To boost your digestive system and to help colon cleansing, drink a glass of smoothie containing these digestive enzyme rich foods. Any time you have an emergency situation, you should always contact your pet's veterinarian for the fastest, most immediate assistance.
This supplement contains milk, however, it’s claimed to be suitable for lactose intolerant individuals, as it contains lactase enzymes.
This means that theoretically, if you gave a single amylase protein a lot of time and ideal conditions, the single amylase could break down all the starch that it comes into contact with.
We will explain to students that this sort of brainstorming is what scientists do when they are designing experiments.
I believe the information you were looking for was posted to your question earlier in the week, but I will post the Viokase answer again here.It is possible for your dog to continue to lose weight after discontinuing this medication. It is most likely not due to the medication since she isn’t taking it anymore, and probably due to other reasons. A Philips head screwdriver can catalyze the reaction of driving a screw into wood many times over without getting used up.
As long as she seems to be feeling normal (regular appetite, energy and mood) and the her veterinarian has looked over her, it is probably nothing to be concerned about. If you donA­t think this is the best probiotic powder, weA­ll give you a hassle-free refund.
Next, we will ask the students how they propose to test some of the potential variables in this experiment.
Answer this question1 answer A: It is possible for your dog to continue to lose weight after discontinuing this medication. As long as she seems to be feeling normal (regular appetite, energy, and mood) and her veterinarian has seen her, it is probably not something to be concerned about.

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