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Allergic Reactions:Consuming corn can lead to allergies and symptoms like rashes on the skin, swelling of mucous membrane, vomiting, etc. Safe Formula with Lactobacillus, Acidophilus, and Billions of Live Cultures and Intestinal Flora in Every Serving. What is so special about align probiotic, what are the benefits, and are there any side effects?
Can eating corn lead to side effects?Actually, yes Corn does have its own set of side effects.
Number One Nutrition Advanced Probiotic Supplements are 100% Vegetarian with No Known Side Effects! Many of these side effects can simply be shrugged aside while others need a little more care.

Corn is deficient in amino acids (lysine and tryptophan) and niacin, which helps to protect the body from pellagra. If corn s the major chunk of your diet, then make sure that you supplement your diet with vitamin-rich foods to prevent pellagra.3. Not Good For Diabetics:Corn adversely affects people suffering from diabetes as it increases the blood sugar level in the body.
So if someone consumes corn in large quantities, then it can cause bloating and flatulence.5.
Causes Indigestion And Stomach Upset:Corn is a good source of fiber and other vital nutrients, which helps in flushing out bad toxins from the body. Even if you eat large portions of cereals, then it can lead to indigestion and stomach cramps So, keep a watch on how much corn you are consuming, in any of its s.6. Causes Intestinal Irritation And Diarrhea:Corn should not be consumed raw as it can result in diarrhea.

Causes Tooth Decay:Corn contains a good amount of sugar, so it can lead to tooth decay in some people.
This is a relatively rare side effect of corn, but not one that should be taken lightly Make sure you follow a good oral hygiene and brush your teeth after eating corn.8.
Causes Osteoporosis:People who depend on corn diet can suffer from osteoporosis as corn contains very less amount of calcium. But this is relevant only if corn is not supplemented with appropriate calcium-rich food.9.
Increases Weight:As mentioned before, corn contains a heavy dose of sugar and carbohydrate.

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