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Chrisal Probiotic Hygiene & Care Bath Foam will help you create healthy bacteria equilibrium on your skin and will leave a protective layer of safe and beneficial probiotic bacteria to ward off pathogens. Chrisal Probiotic Hygiene & Care Bath Foam floods the surface with millions of safe, healthy bacteria that displace harmful (pathogenic) bacteria. You will love how delicious PIP Probiotic Hygiene & Care Bath Foam feels on your skin and how your body tingles with that clean feeling after bathing. Studies have shown that people with beautiful healthy skin have 10 times more healthy bacteria on their skin than those who suffer from blemishes. Many users all said how their skin felt like silk – “It’s as soft and sweet smelling as a new born baby’s skin.” Once you start using Chrisal’s Bath Foam, you’ll experience the same thing and not worry about body odor any longer. Imagine being able to minimize the use of chemical-based deodorants or antiperspirants absorbed by your skin every day! Our MissionWe are proud to represent Chrisal company that is started 22 years ago developing safe, green solutions for use in the food industry and was one of the first to see the importance of developing microbiological and enzymatic products.
Chrisal now offers a complete range of these revolutionary and environmentally friendly probiotic products that can benefit everyone and in any environment. This liquid concentrate is a patented formula of healthy probiotics that eliminate harmful dust mites, and other sources of problems, irritants and odors.

The statements and products referred to throughout this site have not been evaluated by the FDA. This liquid concentrate is a patented formula of healthy probiotics that eliminate harmful dust mites, and other sources of problems, irritants and odors.8 oz bottle of liquid concentrate. For the best WordPress experience, please update your browser or learn how to browse happy! These “tiny workers” continue cleaning and deodorizing for up to 3 days, unlike traditional cleaners that stop working as soon as they are dry. PIP Probiotic Shower Gel contains beneficial microbes that help you create a healthy bacterial equilibrium. For that fresher smell, Chrisal’s Shower Bath Foam washes away and reduces the uninvited microscopic bacteria that make their home on our skin and cause body odor. Inspired by an immune deficient granddaughter, Chrisal’s founder devoted resources to the research and development of a breakthrough that would create a safe, healthy and clean hospital-safe type environment in a normal home or work setting. Chrisal PIP Probiotic BioMist Liquid - Allergy Control is ideal for all types of surfaces and can be safely used at home on pillows, bedding, mattresses and all upholstered surfaces as well.
While the vast amount of attention is given to bad bacteria because of their potential for creating illness, humans share a necessary symbiotic relationship with many types of helpful bacteria.

They are the expressed opinion of John Gray for the sole purpose of educating the public regarding their health, happiness and improved quality of relationships.
I've been constantly combating my foot and toenail fungus for the last 5-6 years at least and I never had any significant and lasting victories against it before I started using Chrisal. The biofilm that normally traps dirt, germs, and other skin contaminants will be washed away along with the thousands of dead skin cells.
Chrisal’s beneficial probiotic bacillus actually consumes these allergens, eliminating them from your environment, with the only byproduct mostly the same CO2 you expel with every breath.
PIP Probiotic Shower Gel’s probiotics encourage rapid skin cell turn over – so your skin looks brighter, tighter and healthier. Just imagine – a shower gel that leaves your body feeling tingling clean and soft, and leaves your skin with a terrific glow of youth, and so much more!

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