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Our office manager from Chengdu, Paul Yeandle shares his vision about the progress made through the recent year. Today I sit in our head office (visiting our QD team) on the back of a busy and successful summer and a day after hosting our first CSR event. Starting an office in any Chinese city is a daunting prospect, but I can definitely say that the office I inherited had been built on strong foundations and I was lucky to take on the role as Office Manager with already a number of fantastic companies in place, key contacts secured and a strong intern team – all of which we have continued to build on during 2014. We now work with over 60 companies in Chengdu and have placed over 70 students and graduate so far this year alone in Chengdu; this included a large number of Generation UK students, a study field trip for two weeks from DeMontfort University and individuals from over 10 countries. Posted in Misc and tagged Broadsheet Trailer Park, Mark Ryall at 9:26 am on April 11, 2016 by Mark Ryall.

He’s had some dodgy stuff recently but the office is one of the greatest comedies ever. We are always cautious to congratulate ourselves too much but I feel that in the last year in Chengdu we have made strong strides forward in one of the quickest developing cities in China.
Also during this period we have held our first Charity event, allowing us to support the local community whilst also having a lot of fun!
The central joke of the trailer is way overcooked, but those little vocalisations Brent does are incredible. Same with Alan Partridge when his movie came out, it was enjoyable to watch but by the end it felt a bit wrong.

I think these all work better in their 30 minute chunks with a larger arc spread over three shows, and a smaller side story in each one.

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