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Ahh, when Mythic Oil launched back in 2011, it took the salon industry by storm launching in 60 countries. Recently, L’Oreal Professionnel has collaborated with famed Turkish couturier, Dilek Hanif to create Mythic Oil Couture Edition, delving into a world where women treat their hair like a precious jewel, to create a unique design that represents the iconic status of oil. Having said that this coverage is very sheer so if you are hoping to correct redness, acne scarrings and such you will still need a proper concealer over the BB cream. This is my current must have treatment product, gel nail or not, this helps to promote healthy nails with ingredients like vitamins, cucumber, ginseng and white tea extracts. I usually paint on a thin layer of this prior to nail polish by massaging it in and another pop post nail polish application to ensure my nails get all the nutrients that it deserve.
Available in many colours your gel overlays last 2-3 weeks, after which time they are taken off and a brand new set is then re-applied (known as infills). I do not add any extension to the nails so a few sets of overlays are required for the natural length of the nail to grow.

Bio Sculpture is perfect for people who want to grow their nails or just want to make them to be stronger with a non chipping colour.  The ‘must have’ for holiday or for your nails to look fabulous all year round. The BB concealer is so creamy and blendable, doesn’t crease, has great coverage and hydrating all in one. This time they have upped their game and released the Ultimate Jojoba Youth Potion with added vitamins and antioxidants. Fast forward 2 years later, it has now secured the statistic of one being purchased every 16 seconds!
Texture wise, this is thick and creamy similar to what you’d expect from a real BB cream, none of that tinted moisturiser bs. This has quickly replaced my love for oil based cuticle oil because it cancels out the wait time. Eek, sifting through the pile of BB creams, there is indeed a recent one that is worthy of a mention – Physicians Formula Super BB Makeup Collection.

Each limited edition bottle comes with a complimentary gold medallion bracelet on a fine black chain created by Hanif.
Face of Australia’s BB cream feels lightweight to touch and on skin while boosting skin healing ingredients to hydrate, protect and even skin tone.
Perfect for the cold weather, use after cleansing skin for well hydrated skin, less visible wrinkles and expression lines. Thalgo’s Extreme Comfort Cream is a water in oil formula, infused with the lipid boosting properties like shea butter, wild rose oil, Omega 3 + 6 and mango butter, it provides relief for skin with long lasting comfort.

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