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The story begins with the Illusive Man aboard his secret space station, orbiting a star that is near the end of its life. The Talons are not the only problem Grayson has to deal with on Omega though, as Kai Leng has been watching him for days, and has planned out a kidnap attempt. When Grayson wakes up, he is strapped hopelessly to an operating chair, with even his mouth bolted down to prevent him from speaking. Rather ironically, merely hours later, a turian squad sent to take out the space station arrived.
As soon as the turians secure the station, they begin looking for prisoners, as requested by Kahlee. Anderson and Kahlee became worried about not only their safety, since they had hit Cerberus hard, but also for Grayson.
As Kahlee and David also escape the ambush, they run into Kai Leng who offers them a ride off of Omega, pretending that Cerberus could reverse what they had done to Grayson. Grayson arrives at Grissom Academy, convincing the docking officials that he was there on invitation from Kahlee. While wandering through Academy halls, they all face their common foe in turns, none of them managing to get the upper hand. In the aftermath, Anderson was unable to simply take Kai Leng as a prisoner; Leng refused to apply pressure to severe wounds Nick had sustained, stating that Anderson must choose between imprisoning him and saving the boy. The Illusive Man decided that Cerberus may yet profit from Anderson's independent research into Reapers. In 2186 on the Citadel, Captain Bailey of Citadel Security Services talks with his child, reassuring him that he will be back on Earth in time for the Salmon Run. Bailey retrieves the datapad but wonders why Pallin didn't kill him when he had the chance, and why Pallin's actions were so uncharacteristically sloppy. Cerberus assassin Kai Leng journeys to the ancient city of Thondu on the batarian homeworld of Khar'shan to retrieve an item in an auction of rare goods and artifacts. On the Citadel, David Anderson, Kahlee Sanders, and Nick Donahue prepare to speak to the Citadel Council about Paul Grayson's attack on the Grissom Academy.
Elsewhere in the galaxy, the batarian slave ship Glory of Khar'shan attacks the quarian ship Idenna, carrying Gillian Grayson and Hendel Mitra, who are part of the ship's security team. Days after the events of Arrival, the galaxy is in turmoil over Commander Shepard's alleged actions. On Omega, Alliance soldier James Vega plays cards in a bar as he watches a newscast about the uproar. Following the conclusion of Mass Effect 2, the human-survivalist organization Cerberus began establishing a series of bases beyond the Omega 4 Relay to carry out experiments on the Collectors' technology. The Illusive Man shows Aria security footage of the creatures, called Adjutants, escaping captivity within a Cerberus base and escaping on personnel shuttles.
Later, Aria encounters Petrovsky and a Colonel Ashe killing a badly-wounded turian and collecting something from the body.
Aria musters several ships to back up the Elbrus, where she and Petrovsky oversee their makeshift fleet. Back on the space station, a krogan and two turians guard Colonel Ashe and mock him for defying Aria. The Elbrus arrives at Avernus Station, a Cerberus research base almost overrun by the Adjutants. Aria, Petrovsky, and the Cerberus personnel investigate the base and discover a survivor, Gabone, an assistant administrator. Colonel Ashe leads a squad of Cerberus operatives through Omega to secure landing bays for troop transports. On the Elbrus, still stationed near Avernus Station, Aria groggily awakens and finds herself in a new restraining device.
The Illusive Man informs General Petrovsky that capturing Omega was a contingency plan activated after Aria was distracted by the sudden Adjutant threat.
Featuring groundbreaking graphics and intensified audio, enjoy a console-like experience that marks the next leap in Android gameplay. This Squad Members Guide details information and strategies corresponding to each of the squad members Shepard can acquire during the course of Mass Effect 2, including recommendations for use against particular enemy types and a quick reference table. For all combat missions (with the exceptions of Kasumi: Stealing Memory and Arrival), the player selects two squad members to accompany Shepard. When using squad member powers, the player can either choose to manually use squad member abilities, or to let squad members cast powers on their own.
Squad members have effectively unlimited ammunition reserves and do not need to pick up clips, but they suffer both a damage penalty when using weapons, as well as an increased cool-down on most powers when compared to Shepard. Certain upgrades affect only Shepard, certain upgrades affect only a specific squad member, and some affect the whole squad. Garrus (referred to as Archangel in his dossier) is one of the earliest-obtainable squadmates (along with Mordin and the DLC-exclusive squadmates) capable of using sniper rifles and assault rifles, making him a very capable combatant. Offensively, he wields shotguns and assault rifles, making him a versatile soldier capable of providing suppressing fire or dealing damage at extremely close range. Simply by virtue of his toughness, Grunt possesses considerable utility on most missions (especially at higher difficulty levels), but he is especially useful for missions featuring numerous Husks (such as the missions on Horizon and aboard the derelict Reaper, and the N7: Abandoned Mine assignment) due to his short-range and melee prowess.
Jack is most useful on missions which feature large numbers of melee and organic enemies, especially those who are unshielded and unarmored.
Jacob is best paired with a tech specialist such as Tali, Miranda, or Garrus for their skills with removing defenses to facilitate his Pull.
Kasumi's loyalty power is Flashbang Grenade, which inflicts minor damage and stuns enemies for a brief period of time. Legion is very similar to an Engineer in terms of powers, capable of summoning a Combat Drone or using AI Hacking against enemy synthetics. Careful placement of Legion using the squad command options allows it to support the party to great effect with a long-range weapon; it is the only squad member besides Shepard capable of using the Widow Anti-Material Rifle. Miranda is a very versatile and useful teammate, available from the very beginning of the game. Miranda is best utilized on missions where you'll be facing many different kinds of enemies. Mordin is most effective on missions in which you'll fight organic enemies, especially those who can regenerate health. Like all biotics, Samara and Morinth are extremely powerful against unprotected enemies, but require assistance to deal with enemies protected by shields, biotic barriers, or armor (especially synthetic and heavily-shielded foes).
Samara's unique power is Reave, unlocked after successfully completing her loyalty mission.
Morinth's unique power is Dominate, which is an analogue of AI Hacking capable of mind-controlling organic enemies. Tali and Legion are very similar in terms of focus and powers- both squadmates have the Combat Drone and AI Hacking abilities. Tali is most effective as a squadmate during missions which involve synthetics (such as mechs or geth) or shielded enemies (including most Blue Suns mercenary troopers). Thane loosely corresponds to the Infiltrator class, but with biotic powers instead of tech powers. Due to the fact that his class skill, Mercenary Veteran, increases his weapon damage up to 50%, Zaeed is very useful for a team which needs increased damage output. Thanks to Garrus and Zaeed's similar skill set, these two complement each other much the same as Grunt and Zaeed, covering close-, mid-, and long-range combat with guns, and having offensive options against all enemy protection types.
This combination is also good when facing opponents utilizing a wide array of defensive techniques. However, this team performs poorly against enemies capable of regenerating health unless Shepard can compliment Miranda's Warp with a regeneration-stopping power of his or her own such as Incendiary Ammo or Reave.
The weakness of this team is low durability, and vulnerability to being rushed by enemies such as Husks.
Another great team vs synthetics, available early in the game and particularly effective on Haestrom due to their twin sniper rifles. However, despite their great effectiveness at dealing damage in all kinds of ways, neither squad member is particularly durable, though with careful tactical planning and positioning this should never be a problem. In conclusion, this team may not be very durable, but they can deal out significant damage to all kinds of enemies and are useful on a variety of missions.
Against synthetic enemies and mini bosses this is probably one of the deadliest combinations, especially if Shepard can supply some biotic or tech support. Weaknesses are against organic enemies, especially krogan with multi-layered defences, since they may regenerate too quickly if Shepard does not deal enough additional damage.
This team is as durable as you can get as well as covering tech and combat powers, this team will work the best if Shepard is an Adept, Vanguard, or Sentinel. On the downside, Legion can only be acquired very late if you do not want to sacrifice half your crew to the collectors, so the suicide mission is probably the only time you'll see this team useful.
An option well-suited for Insanity play, this combo provides the defense shattering powers and weapon damage bonuses from Miranda, plus Grunt's unparalleled durability. This pair works wonders against Collectors on higher difficulties so long as Shepard is a capable combatant, or possesses abilities that cause major damage against unprotected enemies. A strong biotic pair with access to most weapon options and biotic powers, this team is well-suited to fighting Collectors and Husks.
He, his fellow batarian gang member Sanak, and an asari named Liselle, whom he is sleeping with, are at a warehouse completing a job given to them by Aria. Seeing Grayson leave Afterlife alone sets his plan into motion – he and five other Cerberus operatives begin their strike. The message has a pre-recording of Grayson saying that if she's listening to this, that he must have been captured by Cerberus. They, along with several other teams, were sent to take out all the listed facilities that Grayson had sent Kahlee in his final message.
They only find one: the Reapers, using Grayson as a puppet, persuades the turians that he had been experimented on with red sand and that they should help him. The turian shuttle had reported rescuing a prisoner, and sent in the retina scan, revealing that Grayson had indeed been on board.
After they agree, they eventually are able to overpower him while leaving the station and deduce Grayson's next port of call: Jon Grissom Academy.
Using a blanket as a cloak to hide his grotesquely changed body, Grayson boarded the station and immediately killed the guards, then made his way towards the lab. Realising there is no time to lose, the two split up, with Sanders going to find the guards and evacuate all of her students while Anderson heads straight for the labs. Reaper-Grayson once again proves hard to kill: it was a combined effort that finally took the avatar down, with Anderson landing a couple of shotgun shots and Leng finishing the job with a pistol.
Anderson chooses the third option and the inevitable shootout between Anderson and Kai Leng is resolved when Anderson immobilizes Leng with a pistol shot to each leg before helping Kahlee save Nick. Anderson declared his intent to study Grayson's remains, and asked Sanders to join his research team. After the call, Bailey receives a message from Councilor Udina asking him to come by his office as soon as possible. Bailey reports his findings and suspicions to Udina, who dismisses Pallin's behavior as another indication of his guilt, a detail for the investigators to look into. The item in question is the design for a DNA-specific bio-weapon tailored to target the Illusive Man, the leader of Cerberus, and which could potentially affect thousands of people distantly related to him.
At the Citadel Tower, Anderson and Sanders inform the Council of the Reapers' involvement, but the Councilors are unconvinced and prefer to argue that Grayson was acting on behalf of Cerberus, even after they are shown Grayson's Reaper-mutated corpse.
The Illusive Man orders Leng to steal Paul Grayson's body and begin observing Anderson and Sanders; their recent activities on the Citadel have drawn unwelcome attention to Cerberus. When the batarians disable the Idenna's drives and board it, Gillian and Mitra help defend the ship.
Nick explains that he left to join a group known as the Biotic Underground that advocates biotic supremacy over all of the galaxy's races.
While the Citadel Council denounces the Commander and Councilor Udina deflects blame from the Systems Alliance, the Batarian Hegemony calls for retribution for the apparent terrorist acts. Without warning, he rips the screen from the wall, offering to pay the krogan bartender for the damages. Although relations between Cerberus and Aria T'Loak, the Pirate Queen of Omega, were damaged during the events of Mass Effect: Retribution, Aria has continued to permit Cerberus the use of Omega as a supply hub for their operations. At first, fearing more creatures, Aria tells Anto to activate Omega's defenses, but realizes that the new ships are attacking the transports.
He explains that all of Cerberus' research bases beyond the Omega-4 relay have gone silent, which is why he sent the Elbrus to help Aria out. Colonel Ashe has been locked up by Aria for his insubordination, and is under guard back on Omega. Ashe tells them that he's right where he needs to be, and without warning attacks the guards and kills them all.
Knowing that Aria would never abandon Omega, he assumes that she is either dead or an Adjutant, and begins forming plans to take over as Omega's leader.
A handful of surviving Cerberus personnel flee to the station's exterior, hoping the area's intense radiation would deter the attackers, but to no avail. Gabone explained that when the scientists had begun studying a live Adjutant specimen, it "whispered" to them. Anto heads to Omega Control to find out why he, Omega's soon-to-be new leader, was not informed that Cerberus had arrived: en route Colonel Ashe appears, shooting Anto's guards and running past him. They encounter Blue Suns, Eclipse, and Blood Pack mercenaries battling it out in the streets. General Petrovsky, reading the famous novel "War and Peace", greets her and apologizes for the restraints, saying that they were necessary because Aria kept trying to escape and the design is intended to disorient her.
Since the source of the Adjutants has been reclaimed, Petrovsky is needed back on Omega to head Cerberus' operation. Especially on harder difficulty levels, the proper selection and use of squad members can significantly affect the difficulty of a given mission or assignment. If the mission in question is a character's loyalty mission, then that character must be in Shepard's shore party. Properly positioning squad members is very important for optimal character usage, especially during a firefight where proper use of cover can make the difference between life or death.
When using squad member powers against any enemy in the player's line-of-sight, it does not matter if the squad member itself can see the enemy or is even in the same room - the power is "proxied" through Shepard to the target.
If Shepard's squad members are incapacitated, they can be revived through the use of the Unity ability (which consumes medi-gel).
Squad members can each gain a maximum of 30 points to spend on abilities, with the exception of Miranda and Jacob (who each gain 31).
Loyalty unlocks a fourth usable power (which can be taught to Shepard as well using the appropriate research option) and an alternate outfit.
Although Garrus is not particularly durable, his proficiency with both weapons allows him to deal out significant damage during combat.

This pairing will give you the ability to control crowds while inflicting massive amounts of damage at the same time. Defensively, he benefits from the innate krogan ability to continually regenerate health, which is unlocked when points are spent on his Krogan Berserker class ability. Grunt is especially powerful at close range: his shotgun can be upgraded to the M-300 Claymore Heavy Shotgun, and his krogan charge melee attack can easily take apart weaker enemies. Pairing Jacob with a fellow biotic like Miranda or Thane allows them to detonate his Pulls with Warp for a powerful explosion. Superficially similar to the Infiltrator's Tactical Cloak, Shadow Strike causes Kasumi to cloak and appear behind the target before delivering a sneak attack. This ability is unusual both for its extremely large blast radius and its ability to hinder enemies protected by shields, barriers, and armor by overheating their weapons. However, it is also proficient in assault rifles and sniper rifles, making it ideal for providing long-range support for Shepard's squad. From a protected position it can pick off enemies, while its Combat Drone and AI Hacking abilities distract and harass the enemy. Not only does she have two of the most useful skills at her disposal, Overload and Warp, but she also has the unique ability to increase the entire squad's health and weapon damage when points are spent within her class skill, Cerberus Officer. Not only can she take down synthetics, but she can be equally effective against organic enemies and higher level defenses. His Incinerate skill can take down armor very easily and will also stop enemies from regenerating health, in the same manner that Incendiary Ammo, and Warp will. Neither Throw nor Pull can be targeted against a protected enemy, and so either squad member should be paired with a tech specialist (such as Mordin) who can quickly lower enemy defenses and render them vulnerable to biotic crowd control abilities. Reave acts similarly to Warp in that it inflicts damage against unprotected enemies as well as barriers and armor, and stops enemies from regenerating health.
Tali's use of the shotgun differentiates her; she is very effective at close range but cannot stand up to sustained enemy fire. Her Combat Drone can draw enemy fire even while damaging enemy shields, allowing Shepard or the other squad mate to line up a shot, use a power, or move to a different position. Like Legion and Garrus, he utilizes assault rifles and sniper rifles, making him a competent medium to long-range combatant who is useful in a wide variety of situations, if not particularly specialized for any.
The biggest difference is Garrus' Overload power; it allows for quicker shield-stripping, which can make up for Zaeed's higher damage output.
Especially if one of these squad members has the Area Overload to weaken a group of synthetics and the other has the Heavy Overload to damage an advancing synthetic or one of the powerful mechs. Also, no shotguns in this pairing means Shepard must hold the line or opponents should be stripped of their defensive layers before short-range combat begins. Garrus is available much earlier than Legion and brings the same weapon types to the table.
Their sniper rifles allow them to engage and deal heavy damage to enemies at a significant distance, and rapid-fire assault rifles and submachine guns allow for medium-to-short-range combat. However, against mercenary troops, particularly Blue Suns and Eclipse, and Collectors also, this team is extremely effective.
Both squadmates have anti-shield powers: Overload and Disruptor Ammo, allowing either one to deal serious damage to synthetic enemies, but evolving Disruptor Ammo to the squad version provides an all round benefit.
Also, neither character has biotic powers, though this should not be much of a problem on geth missions or if Shepard is a biotic.
With proper placement, Grunt can serve as a classic tank, drawing and suppressing enemy fire, while Kasumi will use her special ability to easily take out enemies one by one, especially if maxed out to minimum cooldown. Most notably, if Shepard is a Sentinel, you can activate your tech armor making you that much more durable, along with Grunt's extremely high amount of health, while Fortification can increase his durability even more, with Legion's very strong shield, which can be increased even higher if Geth Shield Boost is activated, will turn your entire squad basically into a tank.
You could replace Legion with Jacob, since Jacob with a biotic barrier is basically the equivalent of Grunt, but then you'll need Shepard to cover the tech powers, but so long as Shepard is a Sentinel, that can be taken care of easily. Once Grunt's bonus power is unlocked, you don't need to worry about explicitly commanding him to take cover as much; aside from Concussive Shot he has no other active powers, so there is little cost to renewing his Fortification. Jack provides Squad Warp Ammo to help the entire team punch through a Collector's standard biotic barrier, and Samara's Area Reave will go a long way to disabling or damaging entire groups of Collectors. Jack brings to the table crowd control via Shockwave, biotic combos via Pull, Warp Ammo for gun support and a shotgun for close-range combat, while Thane packs long-range sniper fire, Warp for direct damage against armor and barriers, and Throw for additional crowd control.
In the transmission, Leng details how he located Paul Grayson, a former Cerberus Operative who betrayed them three years ago during the events of Mass Effect: Ascension, on the lawless Omega space station in the Terminus Systems. The warehouse is owned by the Talons, an up-and-coming gang on Omega, and contains a large quantity of red sand, a powerful and incredibly addictive drug with the interesting side effect of granting humans minor biotic abilities, which the Talons have been selling without giving Aria her required cut.
They manage to get into Grayson's apartment complex under the guise of going to Grayson's birthday party, even bringing presents along. The message contains an attachment, which had all of the information Grayson had on Cerberus. He reveals that the Reaper technology involves self-replicating nanites and particle entanglement. The Illusive Man, along with two of his guards, tried to terminate Grayson, but runs into six turian soldiers in the hallway, who quickly eliminate the two guards but themselves are taken out by the timely appearance of Kai Leng. Once there, Grayson hacked the terminal and started transmitting Academy data to the Reaper fleet. Unattended on the ship, Kai Leng manages to set himself free and follow his captors into the Academy, where he manages to secure the help of Nick, a biotic student eager to prove himself. Although crippled, Leng still manages to escape the Academy and contact the Illusive Man, the Cerberus leader grudgingly accepting the resolution of this catastrophe. To secure a deal with Aria he payed her a hefty sum for databanks she recovered from his overrun station, at the same time allowing her to keep her own copies. At Udina's office in the Presidium, Udina informs Bailey that C-Sec has been compromised and is working to undermine the Citadel Council. Udina promotes Bailey to Commander, telling him to get some rest and to report his findings to the Council.
With Gillian's help, the quarians gain the upper hand and charge onto the Glory of Khar'shan. The batarians Vega was playing cards with become confrontational and accuse him of being a "Shepard Lover". As they board an aircar, Anderson tells Vega that he must get past "the incident on Fehl" and "be the soldier we expect of you".
Mass Effect: Invasion opens as a group of thugs prepare to raid a Cerberus transport ship that recently landed on the station from the fabled relay.
The lead ship makes contact with Omega Control and is identified as the Elbrus, commanded by General Oleg Petrovsky.
Aria accuses him of tampering with Reaper technology, but he defends the action as necessary to understand the Reapers and reveals that more Adjutants will be on their way once they learn to control Cerberus' better-armed ships. Aria and Petrovsky take it out; newly-transformed Adjutants are weaker, needing more time to rewrite the genetic code of their bodies.
Aria, who has heard of Petrovsky's efforts in the First Contact War, questions how he plans to use those strategies in the coming battle. Ashe picks up an assault rifle and communication headset and contacts the Illusive Man, revealing that he's ready to start the real battle for Omega. The Elbrus' guns take out the Adjutants just in time, and the ship docks with the station's north spoke, the only wing that hasn't been compromised. Petrovsky suspects this was a method of indoctrination and prepares to execute Gabone in case he had already been affected, but a group of Adjutants break down the doors into the room.
Petrovsky explains to her that the strategic situation has changed; Aria will be a "guest" on the Elbrus until further notice.
Ashe questions a nearby batarian who explains that without Aria to maintain the peace, all of Omega's factions are vying for control of the station.
Petrovsky tells her that she has been out long enough for the Adjutants to be mopped up both at Avernus Station and Omega. On the PC, Q and E can be used to give a move or attack order to either squad member, while C is used to command your squad members to form up. Another option is to wait until the current firefight is resolved, at which point the fallen character(s) will automatically revive. Loyalty also plays a major role in determining character survival during the Suicide Mission. Your intended play strategy and preferred squad will affect which upgrades are most important to research and which ones can be skipped.
His powers include Overload (which is extremely useful against synthetic and shielded enemies), and Concussive Shot (which is effective against barriers and can temporarily put an unprotected enemy out of commission). He is also the only squad member besides Shepard whose base health can be increased through researching upgrades; two levels of Krogan Vitality can give Grunt a +50% increase over his base health value. While the M-300 can be useful in some situations, you will do much better if you equip Grunt with the M-22 Eviscerator. Jacob does particularly well with a Sentinel Shepard, since you can use Throw or Warp on any enemies Jacob has pulled, as well as strip an enemy of its defenses with Warp or Overload for Jacob to follow up with Pull. While she possesses the ability to use Heavy Pistols and Submachine Guns and can learn Overload, her two special abilities really set her apart and make her an extremely versatile addition to Shepard's team. As this is a loyalty power, Flashbang Grenade can be taught to Shepard as well, enabling both party members to severely hamper enemy troopers.
Legion's Combat Drone is particularly useful as a distraction and an additional source of damage against enemy shields; the Combat Drone can be upgraded at the fourth skill level to either explode upon destruction, inflicting splash damage, or to inflict damage against biotic barriers, armor and health in addition to shields.
Legion's unlockable fourth power is Geth Shield Boost, similar to Grunt's Fortification power and Jacob's Barrier power, which allows Legion to absorb additional damage during a firefight. Overload is best when used against synthetic or shielded enemies while Warp is even more versatile. At lower difficulty levels you can use Cryo Blast to help with crowd control, but Incinerate and Neural Shock will prove to be more useful. Both characters have access to the Throw and Pull biotic abilities, and use submachine guns and assault rifles. Both Throw and Pull are also somewhat situational in that they can be used in certain environments (such as the platform levels aboard the derelict Collector ship and during the endgame) to instantly kill foes by flinging them into the distance. Reave restores health and can temporarily cripple unprotected organic enemies, allowing Shepard to set up a shot. Because organic enemies are much more common throughout the game than mechs or geth (especially during the endgame), Dominate is generally a more useful power than AI Hacking.
Her Energy Drain unlockable power enables her to replenish her shields even while damaging enemy shields and synthetics, and is very similar in effect to Overload. He possesses the Concussive Shot and Disruptor Ammo powers, which makes him effective against synthetic enemies and enemies protected by shields or barriers; his unlockable power, Inferno Grenade, burns through armor with ease. His armor-piercing ammo (if he's loyal) somewhat overlaps with Grunt's incendiary ammo, so you could devote one member's points to getting their ammo type up to the Squad version, leaving the other free to put points into another power (say, upgrading Incendiary ammo to Squad Incendiary, and having Garrus focus on Overload.) If you're playing as a Sentinel, Adept, or any other class with a focus on power usage rather than gunplay, these two are good to have along.
However, he trades Legion's AI Hacking and Combat Drone powers for Overload, Concussive Shot, and (if loyal) Armor-Piercing Ammo.
Overload and Warp allows for quick stripping of shields and biotic barriers, and Warp and Armor-Piercing Ammo allows for reasonably quick stripping of armor.
On the other hand, if proficient with a sniper rifle, Shepard can give support from a relatively safe location, or maybe instead use biotic powers to force the enemies out of position. Both squad members also have weapons that can cover short, medium, and long ranges as well. When actively managing positioning, placing Miranda in the rear and Grunt in front provides an ideal setup for most scenarios. Additionally, the rate at which this combination burns through protection layers makes Jack's Shockwave much easier to use, and the upside is that one of the two almost always has a power ready for use while the other's power is cooling down.
The Illusive Man is pleased by the news and tells Leng to capture Grayson alive, for he needs human subjects for his investigation into Reaper technology recovered from the Collector Base. They stash the red sand at Grayson's apartment, since they do not want to bring it into the Afterlife Club, T'Loak's command centre and the most popular nightclub on the station. Each of them brings a concealed tranquilliser gun, since killing Grayson was not part of the plan. Not knowing who she can trust with this data, or if her life was in danger from Cerberus, she turns to David Anderson, a former fellow soldier now turned political aide, for help. The nanites would multiply exponentially, quickly taking over his nervous system and eventually spread throughout his entire body.
The Illusive Man and Leng abandon the station, with the Illusive Man on edge over letting the Reaper controlled Grayson live.
Udina charges Bailey with personally investigating the involvement of Executor Pallin, who has been spotted at a building in Bailey's precinct.
Bailey confronts Pallin with Udina's accusations, but Pallin denies them and warns that Udina cannot be trusted. Bailey gazes over the Presidium, dismayed that his new duties would mean canceling his return to Earth.
One of the ship's freed slaves is Hal McCann, a former Cerberus operative who worked on the space station where Paul Grayson had been experimented on with Reaper technology. Videos show Nick leaving with Ocosta Lem and Arrius Sallus, members of the Biotic Underground.
Vega argues, demanding that Anderson throw him in the brig as they approach the Normandy SR-2. As the Elbrus continues sweeping up the Cerberus transports, Aria questions how the ship arrived so quickly, confiding in Anto that something felt wrong. Ashe begins ordering Aria's mercs to finish the cleanup, to "Follow Cerberus' lead - and live!" Aria hits Ashe with a biotic attack, enraged that a Cerberus agent would dare give orders to her men. Petrovsky reassures her that their tactics must be useful since the original formulators had lived to make them. While Aria and the Cerberus operatives are distracted, Gabone transforms into an Adjutant and lunges toward Aria. He plays a recording that the Illusive Man had sent earlier when he was about to send his message.
When asked if anyone heard Ashe's announcement, the batarian says that everyone thinks Cerberus is there to clean up the Reaper mess since no one understands why Cerberus would want Omega. He explains that center of the galaxy is one of its safest places, and controlling it and protecting humanity necessitates controlling Omega.
Squad members skill points can only be reassigned if Lair of the Shadow Broker has been purchased and completed. If you'd rather take shields down with weapons fire than Overload, you may want to consider Zaeed as a replacement for Garrus since they carry the same weapons and Zaeed boasts greater damage output along with Disruptor Ammo. Not only does it sustain similar damage per second, but it also fires faster and has a longer range. Shockwave is quite useful against masses of enemies, dealing damage and knocking them off their feet.
It can also be used as crowd control but must be used carefully as will bring enemies closer and only suspends them for a limited period of time.

Shadow Strike distinguishes Kasumi; it is extremely powerful (inflicting 300 damage points even at level 1), dealing double damage to any form of protection and incapacitating the target for a short while if it is unprotected or if the damage carries through to the enemy's health. As Shepard benefits from faster Power recharge times, a Shepard with Improved Flashbang Grenade can, along with Kasumi, keep an enemy force almost continually incapacitated.
Although Combat Drone has an extremely long cooldown when used by squadmates, note that Legion's class power, when fully evolved and in conjunction with the Tech Cooldown upgrade, almost halves this cooldown time. Unfortunately, Legion can only be acquired very late in the game, meaning the player's opportunity to utilize it for story missions is quite brief.
It can be used against armor, biotic barriers, as a way to stop health regeneration (similar to Incinerate), and also to detonate other biotic abilities for additional area effect damage.
Pairing him with a combat teammate can form an effective team, most notably if he is paired with Grunt. Unlike Legion, Tali learns the Combat Drone ability before AI Hacking, which makes it possible to avoid the latter altogether. Zaeed can be acquired very early on in the game and requires no special mission to recruit, making him a viable choice as early-game fire support if Shepard's squad requires it (especially on harder difficulty levels, where recruiting either Grunt or Archangel may be difficult early on). Miranda's Warp is also effective against armor while Garrus can boost the entire squad's weapons with Squad Armor-Piercing Ammo (though this requires his loyalty mission to have been completed and the power to have been upgraded to level 4). Miranda's Slam can take an enemy out of the fight temporarily; this duration lasts even longer if upgraded all to Crippling Slam.
Overload allows Garrus to strip the shields of most geth with one or two uses, leaving Tali free to use AI Hacking on the unprotected victim.
Both squadmates also have the Concussive Shot ability, allowing them to also take down biotic barriers or stun enemies.
If you do that you can as well drink a nice cup of Earl Grey while they take care of your business, positioning Kasumi every now and then (she loses position orders after a cloak attack). Another key weakness is against too many minor enemies, where Kasumi may get overwhelmed, leaving it up to only Grunt and Shepard.
Use this squad if you know you're going into a very tough and brutal fight where you'll be facing a lot of enemies, the suicide mission included. Miranda is kept out of the line of fire, but can still have her powers deployed actively as needed.
If Shepard is a Soldier, then this team can breeze through the Suicide Mission even on Insanity.
Sanak and Liselle leave his apartment with Grayson staying behind momentarily, stating he will catch up to them soon. However, unknown to them, Grayson had invited Liselle over to his apartment in order to 'replace one addiction with another': a struggle ensues, giving Grayson enough time to attend to his private terminal, and ends with one of the Cerberus operatives dead and both Grayson and Liselle knocked out by stun darts. They decide they cannot go to the Alliance for help due to undercover Cerberus agents being among the Alliance's ranks.
Cerberus injects tubes directly into his skull and release the nanites, prompting the Illusive Man to say that Grayson should no longer be considered human. Although the Reapers had enhanced Grayson's body to better suit their purposes, he still sustained damage from the attack.
They find various heavily encrypted files detailing their research into Reaper technology and their experiments on Grayson, but are surprised by forces sent by Aria, who was enraged over Grayson's betrayal and Liselle's death (Liselle having been, unbeknownst to all, her daughter) and had been tipped off to his last location by the Illusive Man. Bailey notes that Udina said the same of Pallin, and that it is Pallin's picture on the datapad the dead officer was holding. McCann keeps this fact to himself, but does tell Gillian that her father had been killed and persuades her that information on who killed her father could be found on the Citadel. He bashes one batarian over the head with the screen, then rushes the leader of another group, both of them crashing through a window. Anderson then explains that Vega will actually be guarding the brig, and one special prisoner: Commander Shepard.
The creatures make their way to the Afterlife Club, where Aria's assistant Anto and several mercenaries attempt to fend them off.
Just as she returns to Afterlife to call the Illusive Man, Anto exclaims that the Illusive Man is already calling her. Petrovksy intervenes and says that with more ships on the way to Omega, the Elbrus will do what it can to stave them off, but help from Aria would be appreciated until Cerberus reinforcements arrive.
Petrovsky intervenes and kills it: Aria then uses her biotics to obliterate the other Adjutants, but the effort causes her to pass out. In it, Colonel Ashe speaks to the people of Omega, saying that due to the Adjutant crisis, Cerberus has decided that control of the station is vital to protecting the galaxy from the Reapers.
Ashe notes that the Illusive Man had anticipated only a narrow window for Cerberus to act before Omega's inhabitants organized a resistance, and this gang conflict has given them a little more time. Aria realizes the Adjutants getting loose wasn't a mistake, that their rampage across Avernus Station and Omega was part of the Illusive Man's plan all along. After his loyalty mission he gains an ammo power, Armor Piercing Ammo, which inflicts significant additional damage against armored and unprotected enemies. Another great pairing is Garrus using Overload on a shielded enemy, then immediately following up with an Incinerate from Mordin Solus.
Evolving Grunt's Incendiary Ammo simply adds to his combat prowess, and if paired with Zaeed's Disruptor Ammo, few enemies will stand the onslaught. On higher difficulty levels, she works best with a teammate who can strip enemies of shields, armor, or barriers, making them vulnerable to Jack's biotic powers. During the brief period after attacking the target when Kasumi is uncloaked, she also draws away enemy fire. This makes Explosive Drone a more viable Combat Drone evolution, as Legion can more rapidly send out exploding drones. Miranda's effects are especially effective in conjunction with Zaeed (due to his high damage output and shared ability to attack all kinds of defenses) as well as Grunt (whose higher base health enjoys a proportionally greater boost).
Cryo Blast can be useful at lower levels as crowd control but loses some effectiveness at higher difficulties due to all enemies having some sort of higher level defenses.
Be sure to research his optional upgrade 'Mordin Omni Tool Upgrade', this will increase his tech damage by 20%.
However, an enemy whose health is being drained will painfully stand from cover, making them easy prey for bullets.
His usefulness becomes more situational as characters such as Garrus and Grunt are acquired.
Note, however, that both characters' powers require the enemy to be stripped of their defenses first. This is particularly helpful during Tali's loyalty mission, since she won't have access to Energy Drain yet. This team also covers everything from armor (Grunt's Incendiary Ammo), shields (Legion's Combat Drone), and biotic barriers (Grunt's Concussive Shot). Grunt absorbs fire and recovers quickly while putting out a large amount of damage, and is the most effective close combat fighter for dealing with rushing foes. They both have the concussive shot, meaning they have options against shields, barriers and armor, and they have short, medium, and long-range weapons which can do substantial damage.
He opens up a comm channel with Kahlee Sanders, who is currently at the Jon Grissom Academy directing the biotic research and education program known as the Ascension Project, and asks her how everything is going with his daughter, currently travelling uncharted space with the quarian fleet. Leng, a fervent Cerberus xenophobe, enthusiastically finishes off Liselle with his knife by cutting her throat.
The only viable option they come up with is to ask the turians for help, since Anderson had gotten to know the turian Ambassador Orinia through his recent political negotiations. Grayson wakes up some time later in what resembles a jail cell, only to quickly feel hungry and thirsty from what could have been days of sleep. The Reapers then change the shuttle's destination and force Grayson to sleep, allowing the healing of his body's various injuries.
The mercs decide to bring Kahlee to Omega and send out a fake distress call to lure Grayson in. When Bailey tells Pallin to give his story to the officers who will arrest him, Pallin becomes enraged and shoots at Bailey, hitting him in the shoulder.
A volus attendant at The Cube directs them to Ocosta Lem and Arrius Sallus, a salarian and a turian that Nick had been seen with on earlier visits. Deciding to track down her father's killer, Gillian commandeers the Glory of Khar'shan and brings Mitra and McCann with her. Aria points out that losing their ships is an acceptable loss when weighed against the millions of lives aboard Omega.
Petrovsky orders his men to contact the Illusive Man to inform him that Avernus Station is now secure. He reveals that to institute an orderly transition of power, he has disabled Omega Control and the station's defenses, and Cerberus has eliminated all of Omega's remaining defenders.
Furthermore, Aria is the only person who could lead such a resistance, and Ashe is confident she won't be coming back. Their discussion is interrupted and the general is called to the ship's bridge to receive a message from the Illusive Man. Be sure to research her optional upgrade Subject Zero Biotic Boost, as this increases her biotic capabilities by 20%. Incendiary Ammo is very useful versus organic enemies, especially those who regenerate health such as krogan and vorcha. Furthermore, Kasumi's shields often regenerate while cloaked, making this a viable escape technique. Another option is to pair Miranda with a biotic-using teammate (whether it be Shepard or someone else), especially one who knows Pull. However, due to the extremely quick cooldown, Mordin's 4th level Full Cryo Blast retains a great degree of usefulness on higher difficulties.
Any teammate using Overload can strip shields, then have Mordin blast the health bar with Incinerate, likely result in the death of all but the hardiest of enemies. AP Ammo may not be as directly effective against synthetics as Disruptor Ammo, but it does make dealing with unshielded geth (especially Geth Primes) or mechs much easier.
Their loyalty powers: Inferno Grenade and Armor Piercing Ammo also make these squad members more effective against organic enemies and Blood Pack members, though they are not the best at close combat. A Sentinel will further bolster the effectiveness against these defenses, except a Sentinel or Adept Shepard will also have Warp, which can counter against regen as well so a Sentinel Shepard will make this team most effective, but Adepts and Vanguards will also work very well with this team. They haul Grayson out of his apartment, kill the guards outside the apartment complex, and depart Omega, leaving little evidence behind. He rapidly drinks the water that had been placed in his cell, and then promptly ate the food that was also supplied to him.
The Reapers, who Grayson discovers can now read his mind, decide she is worth investigating due to her work with the Ascension Project, and take the bait. Lem and Sallus's address turns out to be fake, and Anderson and Sanders come to conclusion that Nick is missing. With her help, the mercs drive away the creatures, but they are then informed more transports from the Omega-4 relay are incoming. She suggests closing the Omega 4 Relay to prevent any more Adjutants from entering the system; Petrovsky points out the relays are impenetrable and cannot be disabled, and laying mines around the relay to destroy ships that arrive through it would take far too long. Before he goes, Petrovsky orders a mental inhibitor be used on Aria to prevent her from using any biotic powers that don't require her hands.
Provided Kasumi is positioned properly and is not overwhelmed by enemy fire, she can be carefully deployed in order to thin out an enemy squad while Shepard and the other teammate provide fire support or use their Powers.
Miranda's Warp can detonate enemies being affected by biotic powers, resulting in additional damage.
Neural Shock can also be useful as crowd control as it will cause organic enemies to become immobilized for a period of time, but is somewhat redundant to the arguably more useful Cryo Blast. If Zaeed is loyal, his Incendiary Grenade power means he can strip all three kinds of protection by himself. Grayson is also put on edge by the conversation, though it is revealed that he is always on edge after their calls. Over time, Grayson starts to experience the beginning phases of the indoctrination, hearing subtle unintelligible whispers inside his head, and as they increase in intensity he wills himself to resist the effects. At the ambush, the Reapers are able to eliminate many of the would-be assassins with Grayson's nanite-enhanced reflexes and new biotic abilities while taking minimal damage. Above all, the Illusive Man would forbid such an action, as Cerberus still has a vested interest in its Reaper research.
Although Shadow Strike shares many of the same limitations as the Vanguard's Charge (such as being unable to reach "inaccessible" parts of the map), it shines on higher difficulties when used against Heavies or Engineers, who often take cover behind their back-up and lob rockets or Incinerations at you. His unique passive skill, Salarian Scientist increases his health, shields and weapon damage making him slightly more durable than other characters who only have health increases from their passive skill. Shredder Ammo is Thane's loyalty skill and can increase his damage against organic-type enemies. A loyal Zaeed is also a good choice to bring along on Grunt's own loyalty mission, as the Incendiary grenade and sniper rifle can be quite useful against the Thresher Maw. After their call ends, Grayson, a former red sand addict, is sorely tempted to 'dust up' but manages to control the urge, reminding himself he is keeping clean for Gillian. This carries on for several days, until the Illusive Man is fed up with the lack of progress and injects him with concentrated red sand: the intense high destroys Grayson's resolve and leaves him helpless to the Reapers' influence. They promptly make Grayson escape and without delay have him plot a course to Grissom Academy.
Coupled with his Ammo Power and a fully upgraded class ability, which can increase his weapon skill up to 50%, Thane can quickly kill off unprotected targets. He leaves his apartment and heads over to Afterlife, where he meets up with Aria as she is scolding the Talons.
As the results present themselves, with the Reapers gaining control even of his motor function, the Illusive Man tells his staff to put Grayson down in 3 days, as he may become too dangerous afterwards.
Petrovsky realizes that the only place they can retreat to now is the relay, where they can escape to the center of the galaxy and possibly stop the source of the problem. Her biotics are less effective on higher difficulty levels, as most enemies gain additional protection (such as biotic barriers or armor). This can be useful at lower difficulty levels since most lower level enemies have no higher level defenses. She "negotiates" an increase in the required cut she would receive from their drug dealing. The Adjutants won't follow them because they are intent only on advancing on Omega to transform its population into more Adjutants. Her best power on Hardcore or Insanity is arguably Squad Warp Ammo, since Shockwave and Pull are almost useless until enemies are stripped of their additional protections. At higher difficulty levels, spending skill points in Warp instead tends to be more useful.

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