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The Original - Supra Biological Rock Substrate Filter Media is the biological filter media that was used previously for all of the FishMate Bio and Pressurized Pond Filters. Comes in a 500 gram bag (about 1.2lbs) - This the usual amount provided with most of the filters.
Supra biological media has over 100 times the biological surface area of conventional plastic media, and more than 5 times the surface area of traditional lava rock.

The New and Improved - Supra + Biological Ceramic Ring Filter Media is the replacement biological media for all of the FishMate Bio and Pressurized Pond Filters. The specific structure of SUPRA enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria resulting in removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite.
At Pemuteran, many Biorock structures have been installed throughout the bay and tourists can sponsor a coral colony that is placed on a frame, alongside their name spelt out in wire.

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