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The outputs of the pre-treatment process are proteins, wastewater and clean fish oil (see FISH WASTES TO FISH OIL). The fish oil is transformed into biodiesel, whereas the protein is refined for end uses (see BY-PRODUCTS) and waste water treated in a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) and led out into the river. The biodiesel processor 5800 is an automatic unit that can process up to 16,000 litres of oil per day.
The biodiesel processor requires very little energy to run, but produces a high quality biofuel out of the local raw material.
Editors involvement with algae biodiesel is starting an algae fuel company Dao Energy in Chengdu, China. The concept was to use low cost labor and materials within China to mass produce 100% recyclable floating bag grow-out units on fish farm water surfaces, theoretically driving down installation costs to around $4-5 dollars per square meter. Sichuan the Next Step is about Dao Energy's plans in Sichuan Province, China and some specifics of who we were partnering with. Greenhouse Gas Sequestration by Algae – Energy and Greenhouse Gas Life Cycle Studies, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), reference 13 for contribution article BBI Bioenergy Australasia. Algae can produce up to 300 times more oil per acre than conventional crops such as rapeseed, palms, soybeans, or jatropha.
Polyethylene Sleeves or bags floating on fish farm water surfaces which Algasol Renewables produces. In order to commercialize and mass produce algae the installation cost must come down into the $5 per square meter range to be workable in the real world.
Consider also that as the Earth’s population increases the amount of available land for agriculture will increase, leaving less land for large algae projects aside from the deserts. When imagining scale up operations whether it be open pond systems or floating bag type PBR’s, you must think in terms of size that will produce large enough amounts to supply regional areas domestically.
This must be reduced to roughly a 10:1 ratio before the algae is useful for commercial applications.

New complete dewatering and drying systems are being tested for viability at mass scale operations. The process takes advantage of the fact that algae are highly sensitive to electromagnetic waves. Origin Oil's process uses long, specially-designed tubes through which the algae travels, as it gradually comes out of solution, the cells being optionally ruptured.
After the water and algae are separated you will get a hard paste that can then be hydraulically pressed and the oil harvested.
David DuByne is a consultant for companies entering Myanmar & agricultural commodities export broker for green coffee, honey, farm raised fish out of Myanmar.
Vinci-Technologies has developed an extended knowledge in partnership with his furnace supplier and the help of IFP. The fish waste of the fish processing factory is converted from costly waste into usable and marketable bio-energy. The closed system guarantees a very safe odour-free process and a user-friendly environment. As algae have a harvesting cycle of 1–10 days, their cultivation permits several harvests in a very short time-frame, a strategy differing from that associated with yearly crops.
Virtually any translucent container could be called a PBR, however the term is more commonly used to define a closed system, as opposed to an open tank or pond. Costs have been high, because existing dewatering processes rely on chemicals or on heavy equipment, or both. Conveyor belt D&D systems are expected to dramatically lower the current production and processing price per kilogram.
Many commercial manufacturers of vegetable oil use a combination of mechanical pressing and chemical solvents while extracting oil. Care must be taken to avoid exposure to vapors and direct contact with the skin, either of which can cause serious damage.

A good resource to help you follow the latest trends and technology is Algae Industry Magazine.
When entering the biodiesel processor, the raw material is heated up to 40-50 degrees Celsius.
Algasol Renewables is using a modular square meter bag system that connects together to create a grid. Imagine if every country used all of their water surface space to produce algal fuels, imports would be drastically reduced across that globe. Microalgae grow suspended in large volumes of water; at harvest time, there may be as 1,000 times more water than algae, or more.
Current research and testing if focused on determining the most efficient and cost effective extraction method. During heating, methanol is mixed effectively with the catalyst for the trans-esterification operation. But algae are expected to produce 10,000 gallons per acre per year, and eventually even more.
The challenge here is that higher the efficiency of the extraction method, the higher is its cost.
The key to commercialization is reducing the energy requirements for extraction as algae oil extraction is quite energy intensive and this is an important challenge to be recognized and addressed. Keep in mind that China has 3.8 million hectares of fish farm water surface and a floating bag grow system could offer the growing space to make that country self sufficient and export oil at maximum production rates.

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