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Earth Shine provides a great source of carbon, humic acid, worm castings, and trace and essential minerals. Earth Shine Soil Booster is designed to improve the soil quality and microbial health of gardens. This promotes healthy microbial growth around the root zone and ultimately improves the nutrient and water uptake abilities of the plant roots.
Megen in Vermont shared this picture of our ground cover being used to suppress weeds in her greenhouse. Look at the word biogeochemical and see if you can figure out what these cycles are all about. From those meanings, you could say that biogeochemical is a word that we would describe the connections between plants and animals, the earth, and the chemistry of how they live. This section is going to take a look some of the ways these chemicals or nutrients are cycled through nature. During photosynthesis, plants combine carbon dioxide from the air and hydrogen from water to make carbohydrates. When that plant is eaten, the cells of the animal break down the plant's tissues during digestion.
As the animal breathes out (exhales), carbon dioxide is released into the air (atmosphere) and the cycle can begin again.

Free nitrogen - the nitrogen found in the atmosphere, animal wastes, and dead and decaying organisms - is all around.
In the nitrogen fixation part of the cycle, nitrogen-fixing bacteria found in the soils and in the roots of certain plants, change (or convert) free nitrogen into substances that other organisms can use. Just as there are nitrogen-fixing bacteria, some bacteria have the job of denitrifying the soil to keep the nitrogen in balance. As in the first part of the cycle, denitrifying bacteria keep the nitrogen level in the soil balanced. During photosynthesis, plants use water from the soil, energy from the sun, and carbon dioxide to make simple sugars.
Learn more about the biology in soil by visiting this site done by the Bureau of Land Management. This site is best viewed using the newest version of Internet Explorer with the newest version of FlashPlayer. Earth Shine Soil Booster turns poor soil into darker, richer soil that grows healthier plants.
Nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and other nutrients move through ecosystems in a predictable pattern or cycle. The nutrients needed and used by all living things are made up of chemical elements and molecules.

When the fixing process is finished, free nitrogen is converted into nitrates, nitrites, and ammonia.
These bacteria take the nitrogen compounds and return them to nitrogen gas that is released back into the atmosphere. That nitrogen returns to the soil as organic material (animal waste, decaying plants and animals) is decomposed by bacteria and other decomposers. Some of these places include: oceans, ponds, lakes, streams, leaves (needles) of plants, soil, glasses of water, and from your body as you sweat (perspire). Earth Shine provides a sustainable means of enhancing natural biological processes in a garden by providing humic acid and worm castings along with trace minerals. When these droplets become to heavy and dense to remain in the atmosphere, they fall to the earth.
As the sun shines down and provides more energy, water begins its return to the atmosphere.

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