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Increase of the treatment capasity (greater amounts of water) is possible by using a precipitation tank before Biobox XL or by connecting two Biobox XL parallel. Kohteissa joissa on kalliota tai savea ja purkupaikka on veden laheisyydessa voidaan kayttaa Biomoduulia puhdistuksen tehostamiseksi.
Kapasiteettia voidaan lisata myos esikasittelyn tehostamisella eli saostuskaivolla, tai kytkemalla 2 BioBox XL:aa rinnan. Reningseffekt:Organisk material och naringsamnen renas for att uppfylla gallande reningskrav. Naringsamnen bryts ner biologiskt i filterelementen och tack vare den stora ytan och god tillgang pa syre sa ar det mycket effektivt. BioBox XL lampar sig mycket bra for sasonganvandning, filtren reagerar snabbt pa variationer i belastningen.

Renat vatten bor ledas till ett oppet dike, stenkista eller infiltreras i marken med ett HS 150 filter for okad effekt. Biomoduuli lisaa myos jarjestelman tehoa kasitella hetkellisesti suurempia vesimaaria (suihku, pesukoneet jne).
Elementeissa olevat mikrobit poistavat jatevedesta orgaanista ainesta, epapuhtauksia ja ravinteita. BioBox XL:s capacity can be increased by installing a larger precipitation tank before the unit or by installing two or more units by side or using biomodules after BioBox XL.
BioBox XL has been tested in projects, read about the testresults on manufacturers website. BioBox XL toimii hyvin kohteissa joissa on kuormitusvaihteluita, tehostettu suodatin reagoi nopeasti kuormituksen muutokseen.

Running costs: Very small runnig costs, the livelength of the filterelements is approx 10 years and no electricity is needed.
The waste can easily be composted.FunctionPurification bases on active microbes in the filtelements.
The filter adapts new circumstances rapidly and biological activity is reached in a short time.Purificated water can be lead directly to a ditch or infiltrated by simply means (huge of small stones or gravel) to the earth. There is also available a specific filtersheet (SM 150 size 1x1,2 m, 50 mm) for more effective infiltration.

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