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Vegan Vits are proud to stock the excellent #1 Raw and Organic Green Superfood Powder with Amazing Berry Flavour - All Natural Whole Food Nutrition - Powerful Anti-Oxidants, Pre & Probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals - Highest Quality Green Superfood - Vegan & Gluten Free - 240 Grams. For this great price, the #1 Raw and Organic Green Superfood Powder with Amazing Berry Flavour - All Natural Whole Food Nutrition - Powerful Anti-Oxidants, Pre & Probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals - Highest Quality Green Superfood - Vegan & Gluten Free - 240 Grams is highly recommended and is a regular choice amongst lots of people.
Parker Naturals Amazing Berry Green Superfood is Organic & Raw and the Secret to Amazing Health! What is vH essentials PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula?PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula is a dietary supplement formulated to naturally support emotional wellbeing during PMS by supplementing melatonin levels and helping to promote restful sleep†. How common are PMS-associated sleep problems?As many as 7 out of 10 women with PMS have difficulty falling or staying asleep, while others report that their quality of sleep is greatly reduced during PMS. What’s the relationship between PMS and sleep troubles?Although the answer to this question is unclear, some studies suggest that impaired sleep during PMS is related to cyclical fluctuations in melatonin levels. How can vH essentials PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula support emotional wellbeing?An overwhelming and growing body of evidence shows that our ability to be emotionally resilient and function optimally in all aspects of life is highly dependent on restful, restorative sleep patterns. What is in vH essentials PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula?vH essentials PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula contains a proprietary Stress Reducing Complex Blend of ingredients that works to calm and relax you. The second section contains a list of another approximately 28 ingredients for a total amount of 330 mg. The first major red flag is that the first two ingredients listed under the first proprietary blend section is Soy Lecithin and Soy Protein isolate.
But more to the point, the total amount of nutrition in one serving of It Works Greens is 4 grams, which is among the lowest potent green drinks we have reviewed on this site. Another huge concern with It Works Greens is that it appears that there are over 40 total ingredients and the total potency of nutrition per serving is 4 grams. Let’s use some good old-fashioned common sense here… Do you really think that 12 mg of broccoli is going to have any type of health impact on the body? It Works Greens superfood section is dramatically underachieving because it uses a cheap food filler as the main ingredient and the overall potency of the ingredients is the lowest we’ve ever seen. The nutritional panel of our reviews is devoted to the ingredients that are not directly categorized as superfoods, for instance, protein, probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants, etc. It Works Greens does contain some herbs and antioxidants, but as mentioned above, the amount of these ingredients are so hopelessly low, that they really won’t have much impact on the body.
Another weird label inconsistency is that the product claims to have 4 grams per serving but the combined ingredients (2,231 mg and 330 mg) add up to just over 2.5 grams.
In addition, there are very little real superfoods in the product in any significant amount so it’s not like there’s a lot to try and overcome in terms of taste.
Taking the quality and potencies of the ingredients and comparing them to the price of the product determine value. Our mission statement is to deliver fact-based and objective information about superfood drinks in order to educate the consumer so that they can choose the best product for their needs.
The bottom line is It Works Greens is a cheaper, lower-quality product that is overpriced for what you are ingesting. Results of all of these products vary from person to person and we do not guarantee results.
I just wanted to let you know, the we do have a protein shake that comes in vanilla and chocolate, that would help with your search of a meal replacement.
As far as the membership thing goes, your friend should have told you all the different options of signing up. So again, I am sorry that this has not worked for you, mainly because your upset over some packaging issues. I showed my doctor today and she told me its very dangerous and stay away so she and you saved me! Just wanted you to know also that after 2 years of consistently taking ItWorks greens, my thyroid is “waking up” as the doctor put it!
I love the It Works Greens and what people need to remember is everyone’s body is different. The #1 Raw and Organic Green Superfood Powder with Amazing Berry Flavour - All Natural Whole Food Nutrition - Powerful Anti-Oxidants, Pre & Probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals - Highest Quality Green Superfood - Vegan & Gluten Free - 240 Grams is certainly that and will be a superb acquisition.

It is not intended to replace a physician's diagnosis or advice and should not be construed as individual medical advice. The following It Works Greens review will take a close look at this formula to determine its value and effectiveness. The first section contains a list of approximately 22 different ingredients for a total amount of 2,231 mg (2.2 grams). We were shocked to see that Soy Lecithin is not only in the product but it is the first ingredient listed.
That means that most of the ingredients in the product are so low in terms of potency that they have very little health impact to the body.
After reviewing dozens of dozens of products over the years, determining if a product delivers good value for the money becomes second nature. You get 10-times the total nutrition (40 grams per serving compared to 4 grams) than It Works Greens for just over $3.00 per serving.
I’ve been searching for a more affordable way for my husband and I to pursue better health and have a few options out there. But should you ever want more information on what we can do, I would love to be able to answer your questions since it seems like you were not told all the right informatuon.
Since your main issue with the product seemed to be the amount of soy lecithin, would you consider doing another review now that this is no longer listed as an ingredient?
These products block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which may help you in the war to look and feel yout best! If you are trying to become pregnant, taking medication, have a medical condition or are under medical supervision, consult a physician before using this product.
During PMS, when many women are already experiencing emotional turmoil, diminished sleep can be especially problematic. The same filler used in commercial food products such as Chips Ahoy and Oreo cookies for example.
That means that the average amount per serving of each of these ingredients is a paltry 12 mg! But keep in mind that they use soy lecithin as a food filler, the same ingredient used in commercial cookies and thousands of other processed foods.
They do use Non-GMO ingredients according to their website, but if you have allergies or sensitivities to soy, we would recommend avoiding this product altogether. It appears that the company is a multi-level marketing company and as is so often the case with these marketing models, because so much is paid to its distributors, the product quality suffers.
I would put one major note out there for ItWorks greens, though – In comparing it to some of the products you have scored highly, I was seriously unimpressed compared to ItWorks.
I have horrible allergies all year long and haven’t had to open my medicine cabinet because of the greens.
They are referred to as omega fatty acids, and can be found in superfoods like sea greens, flaxseed, and dark greens, which are all included in Parker Naturals Berry Green Superfood.
Do not use in conjunction with alcoholic beverages, when driving a vehicle, or while operating machinery. By supporting sound and restful sleep, vH essentials PMS Nighttime Sleep Formula can help you be more emotionally resilient during the day†. Look, we could write pages and pages about the debate as to whether soy lecithin is healthy or unhealthy. So the amount of broccoli you would be ingesting in each serving of It Works Greens would be like pinching off the smallest, tiniest leaf of a broccoli flower. Very unprofessional way of packing it with invoice so crumpled as if a baby had played with it and a plastic bag is the only way it came in. I have a real problem with texture of foods so I do not eat any fruits and veggies, so this product has helped me get some nutritional items since I’m getting 8 plus servings in just 1 serving. We aim to get you healthy, so then you are able to lose weight with some exercise and or diet. I’m a stay at home mom of 4 and it definitely gives me a natural energy to continue with my day without feeling drained.

These products or any information contained within this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Omega fatty acids are important for everything from smooth skin to fighting depression and heart health, including reducing cholesterol. There are a lot of academic articles that go back and forth regarding the side effects of soy and soy lecithin. I have also been able to wean off of caffeine since this product does help with my energy level. We suggest 3 months because most items, being prescriptions or over the counter, does take about 3 months to work fully, even though you can see results before hand.
I apologize that some cause a bad name to the company, but if you haven’t tried more than one product more than one time, why judge? Beach Body is a multi-level-marketing company and makes a product called Shakeology which is one of the best green drinks in existence. These chemicals act like very strong estrogen in the body, making you fat, soft and miserable.
Free radicals often pave the way for serious ailments like heart attacks, cancer, chronic fatigue and conditions that take advantage of a weakened immune system.
BPA is one of the most prevalent, in pretty much everything that is packed in hard clear plastic. I’ve helped so many people with their digestion just from them using the Greens consistently and they have tried many different pills powders and liquids. Parker Naturals Berry Green Superfood contains foods with high antioxidant content like organic acai, raspberry, goji berries, green tea, and accrola cherry, which are high in free-radical fighting compounds and nutrients. This association is consistently present across gender and race-ethnic groups.” (1,2,3,4,5) In addition to BPA there are hundreds if not thousands of chemical variants that act like estrogen. If it doesn’t sound bad enough, the modern man also gets hit with things called “endocrine disruptors” which are another set of chemicals that disrupts your ability to make androgens like testosterone. They contain EFAs and antioxidants and are loaded with enzymes that help us digest and breakdown waste and flush our entire body of toxins. These chemicals destroy androgens, and it is precisely these androgens that make us “men” and give us more muscle than our female counterparts. Our Berry Green Superfood leverages organic vegetables like wheat grass, barley grass, spriluna, chlorella, spinach and broccoli to cleanse and alkalinize the body. The new Form-XT contains a steroidal aromatase inhibitor that has been shown in preliminary literature to be potent at mopping up aromatase and reducing the estrogen load.
Really, it doesn't get much easier to detoxify the body and promote heart health, colon health and so much more! The rep on the phone said I can easily do the return online without any issues and that they would send another one after 10 days and their investigation.
Okay, so I’ve got pictures so fine but they don’t even want you to get a replacement? I was told if I bought one tub only I would have to pay $50 to sign up as a customer for one tub vs getting 3 months worth, that it would be cheaper and after that you can cancel. But I was never told that if you get out of it sooner, unhappy, you would have to pay $50 to cancel. I’ve seen many good ones out there that have a full breakdown of how much you are actually getting. The only way you can order is through the 3 month deal and they won’t let you off the hook easily. But many jump from one biz to another and get excited over bonuses not studying the company’s history and products well.

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