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Protein World Slender Blend is a protein powder that promises to work as a meal replacement to help you lose weight.
The powder promises to contain 33% of your daily recommended value of various vitamins and minerals in each serving. Protein World Slender Blend also has one more advantage over traditional protein powder: it contains an energy boosting formula with green tea extract and guarana extract. Each container of Slender Blend comes in a Mason Glass Jar-style container and is priced at $48 USD for a 1.2kg package. Slender Blend contains whey protein concentrate (93%) as well as different mineral, vitamin, and energy blends. Meanwhile, there’s a “naked” blend that contains no added sugar or flavorings and is designed to be neutral-tasting.
As promised, Slender World delivers about 33% of your daily recommended value of different vitamins. All ingredients are vegetarian friendly, gluten-free, soy-free, diabetic-friendly, kosher, and halal.
When ordering from the official website, shipping is another $8 USD (that covers the cost of international shipping to the United States). The official Protein World website ships to countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, UK, European Union countries, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Bahrain, Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, South Africa, Japan, and South Korea. The app works like most other calorie counter apps: you input the food items you eat throughout the day, and the app scans its database to total up all of the things you ate. Throughout the day, the app also keeps track of your water consumption and your exercise habits. This allows you to see exactly how many calories you’ve used throughout the day, and how many calories are in your target for weight loss. The app is created by a company called CalorieKing, which also offers a weight loss community online as well as paperback versions of its calorie counting app.
ControlMyWeight publishes both its food and exercise databases online, which lets you see what kind of stuff the app can track. Before signing up and paying your $5 fee, you might want to check the database and see if it aligns with how you usually eat and exercise.
There’s a wide variety of foods available – including foods and products you’d buy from various fast food restaurants and even grocery stores like Trader Joe’s.
The app’s recommended weight loss plan claims that it will allow you to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week which is “safe and sustainable for weight loss”, according to the creator. It’s 2016 and most apps are available on both iOS and Android, which makes sense because Android is used by 82.8% of smartphones in the world today.
Energize Greens is a green drink mix that contains 25 different fruits and vegetables along with 5 species of probiotic bacteria. By flooding your body with nutrients, antioxidants, and probiotics, Energize Greens promises to rejuvenate your body and make you feel healthier than ever before.
The supplement isn’t cheap: it’s priced at around $75 for a single bottle (1 month supply). Energize Greens claims to be so effective because it blends “nutrient dense green superfoods” together, including spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and wheatgrass. These foods – along with vitamins, nutrients, and probiotics – give your body the supplies it needs to stay healthy and active.
To back up these health benefits, the manufacturer has listed several studies online on their website.
Unfortunately, that linked study doesn’t actually explain the health benefits of spirulina.
Meanwhile, a separate linked study on chlorella involved 17 individuals who had high risk factors for “lifestyle-related diseases”. There’s also another problem: Energize Greens as a whole has not been independently studied, nor has it undergone any type of clinical trials. Note: when you go to buy Energize Greens online, you’ll see something about a “24 Hour Sale” that only applies when you order 4 or more bottles of the formula. All purchases come with a 30 day money back guarantee, although you won’t receive a refund on shipping and handling.
Allantoin is a molecule found in the urine of almost all mammals – except for humans and primates. Allantoin is a chemical compound that is found in almost all mammals except for humans and primates.
When the body breaks down purines – chemical compounds that come naturally from the foods we eat – it excretes those purines through the urine. In the human and primate bodies, we simply excrete uric acid without converting it to allantoin. Well, when the human body doesn’t eliminate urine quickly enough, it can lead to toxic buildup within your system. Instead of getting allantoin from animal urine, people get it from a plant known as the comfrey plant. Herbalists will often use allantoin to treat psoriasis, for example, which is a chronic skin condition characterized by inflammation and redness across the skin, as well as silvery scales on portions of the skin. In general, allantoin’s anti-inflammatory properties make it a popular option when treating all different types of skin irritation conditions. Allantoin is thought to work because it contains anti-inflammatories while also acting as an emollient, which means it softens and smoothes the skin. Allantoin also acts as a keratolytic, which means it can improve skin texture and make it feel smoother while also better reflecting the light. The best way to enjoy the benefits of allantoin is to get a cream that contains allantoin as its active ingredient. Today, you can find a number of creams and ointments on the market that use allantoin to achieve their desired effects.
Be warned about the beauty product industry: today, a number of low-quality anti-aging skin cream manufacturers claim to use allantoin as their active ingredient. In traditional medicine, allantoin was taken orally to treat different types of kidney problems.
However, this practice stopped after it was revealed that allantoin can cause toxic buildup in the liver. The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database classifies the compound as a low hazard cosmetic ingredient.
Ultimately, allantoin is a safe and popular cosmetic ingredient that is used in many topical skin creams. As you may have guessed from their brightly colored website full of attractive Asian models, PhytoScience is a Network Marketing MLM Asian-based company: Malaysian to be exact. Mind you, those eye-popping sales figures are from a company selling nutrition and skin care products, and it’s only three years old. Like Double Stemcell, the other products make good use of trending ingredients and emerging science.
For that reason, I don’t foresee phenomenal profits arising from PhytoScience outside of Asia. The Taco Cleanse is a tongue-in-cheek tortilla-based diet outlined in a recently-released book.
The Taco Cleanse is a tortilla-based diet that was created by a group of “dedicated Taco Scientists in Austin, Texas”, according to the book’s description.
The book is far from serious: it’s a genuine recipe book if you like tacos, and yes, there are healthy tacos in mind. The Taco Cleanse claims that by eating vegan tacos for 30 straight days, you can cleanse and detoxify your body and enjoy all of the health benefits that come with that cleanse. To help you with that goal, the book includes 75 vegan-friendly taco recipes that help you eat healthy tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Taco Cleanse is a humorous take on cleanse diets, but it contains real information about making and eating tacos.

The ultimate goal of the diet is to eat one or more tacos at every meal, “adding margaritas as necessary”.
The Taco Cleanse is a humorous take on dieting and cleansing, but it’s not a totally fictitious book. Some people even swap out the traditional tortilla for a lettuce leaf or a corn tortilla, which basically just turns the tortilla or taco into a delivery system for nutritional benefits. Ultimately, the book is meant to provide you with plenty of tasty, healthy recipes while also poking fun at our diet-obsessed culture.
The Taco Cleanse was created by four Austin-based “taco researchers” named Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. The Taco Cleanse may seem like a parody: but it’s a serious collection of vegan-friendly recipes anyone can use to become healthier. Diet Programs How To Lose Weight Eat Chocolate Lose Weight – Cocoa Weight Loss Book?
The majority of weight loss programs currently on the market focus on two very important factors, adjusting the diet and increasing exercise.
One of the reasons those trying to lose weight struggle with staying on strict diets is because there’s often very little in the diet that can be thought of as a treat. Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight shows users how to lose weight by eating one of the most delectable desserts in the world, chocolate. Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight is a new diet plan based on scientific evidence and designed to help those who want to lose weight, all while indulging their sweet tooth. Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight walks users through the steps they can take to curb their hunger and cravings, as well as increase how well their bodies burn fat.
Those who have used Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight have found themselves losing up to 20 pounds in eight weeks, all without going hungry or having to deal with annoying cravings. Most people agree that the number one benefit of Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight is that it allows users to eat chocolate. While the two benefits mentioned above are huge, most people want to know how Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight will benefit their weight loss. While it may seem impossible, one of the biggest benefits of Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight is that it improves how well the body burns fat.
Not only is Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight a great way to lose weight, it also has a multitude of other health benefits. The key to Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight isn’t to just start eating chocolate and hope to lose weight, but to eat the right chocolate. Once users pick out the best chocolate for their weight loss, they’ll get the many benefits that have been scientifically proven to help them lose weight. The other scientific discovery that led to the creation of Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight was how epicatechins worked in the body. Not only is Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight being sold at a steep discount, which is explained more below, but it also comes with three amazing free bonuses. LifeVantage PhysIQ Smart Weight Management System is a new nutritional supplement lineup that recently launched across the United States and Canada.
LifeVantage PhysIQ Smart Weight Management System is a new lineup of nutritional supplements that promise to help anyone achieve their fitness goals. The products include protein powders, probiotics, fat burners, and cleansing supplements, among others. LifeVantage Corporation is a publically traded network marketing company (LFVN) that claims to take a science-based approach to nutritional supplement manufacturing. There’s a blend of two different proteins in this formula, including whey concentrate and casein protein. In terms of science, Fat Burn cites one study where Sinetrol led to a 270% greater reduction of waist size and hip size compared to a placebo.
ProBio delivers 6 billion CFUs of healthy bacteria into your digestive system to boost immune system efficiency and improve digestive health. ProBio’s two key ingredients include BIO-Tract and Wellmune, both of which are registered trademark formulas that claim to release bacteria over a long period of time. There’s a blend of six different probiotic bacteria strains in the supplement, including Lactobacillus plantarum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Lactobacillus casei, Lacotbacillus rhamnosus, Bifidobacterium.
The supplements just recently became available through the LifeVantage website and have begun rolling out to certain distributors. LifeVantage Corporation is a Salt Lake City, Utah based multilevel marketing company that is publically traded (Nasdaq:LFVN).
The company has previously been well-known for creating supplements like Protandim, TrueScience Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen, Canine Health, and the Axio energy formulas. The company has distributors in over 20 countries around the world, including a presence in the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Mexico, and Thailand. The key to the PhysIQ PROBIO (probiotic) is the patented deliver (DR CAPS): instead of breaking down in the stomach, ProBio breaks down in the colon, where the probiotics are needed. These extracts are designed to boost your metabolism and keep your physical and mental energy high throughout the day.
Your recommended daily allowance (RDA) for vitamin A, for example, is 700mcg (for women) and 900mcg (for men).
If you want to get your RDA of all ingredients, then you may want to take a multivitamin on the side.
The average cup of coffee contains about 100mg, so 22mg of caffeine will affect only the most caffeine-sensitive individuals. Other nutritional supplements sold by the company include diet pills, nutritional supplement capsules for healthy hair, detox capsules, coconut oil, flaxseed powder, bodybuilding supplements, and many more. The app will tell you what your target weight should be (based on BMI calculations) and then it will tell you how many calories to consume if you want to safely lose weight, maintain your current weight, or gain weight.
Just like the food database, this shows clinically-verified weight loss information for a wide variety of exercises. Those studies explain how wheatgrass, chlorella, beet root, dulse, alfalfa, wheat sprouts, astragalus, bee pollen, and eleuthero root have all been linked to different health benefits. Instead, it talks about the optimal growth conditions for producing the maximum amount of spirulina biomass. The manufacturer basically just shoved a bunch of random ingredients together and claimed that all of the health benefits stack on top of each other. But without scientific evidence supporting Energize Greens, we don’t know for sure that it would work as advertised to deliver health benefits.
Please note that the 24 hour sale is always going on and that you can always get the 4 bottles at the above price. Wood particularly praised the supplement’s ability to increase one’s nutrient intake while encouraging a more balanced, alkaline pH in the body. As the name suggests, that supplement contains more red fruits and berries instead of green fruits and vegetables.
When your kidneys can’t process uric acid quickly enough, it leads to buildup within your bloodstream, leading to a medical condition known as gout.
Herbal extracts of the comfrey plant are prized for their medicinal and therapeutic benefits. In one small study, for example, allantoin was applied topically to treat the itching associated with atopic dermatitis. Since it’s a natural compound generally regarded as safe, it’s popularly used to treat a variety of skin conditions involving redness and irritation. In reality, these creams are overpriced moisturizers that do not contain sufficient levels of allantoin to cause their desired effects. This toxic buildup only occurs when taking allantoin orally and it has been shown to be safe to use topically in all major studies performed thus far. That status means that it has not been linked to health problems nor does it accumulate in the environment.
It’s perfectly safe in the amounts found in cosmetic products, but should not be taken orally to avoid toxic buildup in the liver.

PhytoScience is a self-proclaimed trendmaker, which may speak volumes to Asian consumers but here in the western world there are certainly better ways to describe your company.
Based in Kuala Lumpur, it was founded just three short years ago and already the owners are boasting RM40 million in monthly sales. Either this company is run by brilliant business people or something is way off with the figures they’re citing!
A close alliance with scientists from Mibelle BioChemistry in Switzerland provides reassurance to consumers that the products work.
They use apple stem cells plus grape stem cells and throw in a few super antioxidants like blueberry and acai berry for good measure. No data is given on actual sales performance and we don’t even know profit margins, commission levels, or anything.
Eventually, the creators of the blog decided to release their collection of recipes as a book. Yes, you can lose weight and cleanse your body by eating tacos with every meal – but you need to eat the right tacos.
I mean, how many people can legitimately say that they ate tacos all day for their cleansing diet? Both are vital for healthy weight loss, but when it comes to adopting a strict diet, whether it is paleo or vegan or anything in between, those trying to lose weight often find themselves struggling. However, Eat Chocolate Lose Weight takes that aspect of dieting completely out of the picture.
By following the guidelines and diet plans offered through Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, those trying to lose weight will find that they can indulge and still get the bodies they’ve always wanted. After all, most diet programs warn users away from foods like chocolate, warning that they will derail any weight loss efforts. While many diet programs claim to be based on science or research, Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight is proven to come from reliable sources.
Because chocolate can curb most cravings, dieters don’t feel tempted to break the diet program.
Chocolate is often thought of as a hindrance to weight loss and thought of as an indulgence or treat. Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight shows users how to fight off heart disease and diabetes with just a few adjustments to their current lifestyles.
The guide will take users through what types of chocolate they should use to get the many benefits of cocoa, one of which is to lose weight quickly and healthily.
In a recent study, cocoa beverages were found to provide athletes with 57% more energy than a usual carbohydrate replacement drink.
This guide goes over exclusive tips from hairstyles, makeup artists, and experts in fashion, all focused on helping users look younger by adjusting what they wear and how they style themselves. This guide goes over 1,500 beauty products and shows which ones experts feel are the most effective. A perfect complement to Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, the guide will go over ways to burn fat, getting results in half the time. If after a year of using Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, customers don’t get the results they wanted, they can return the guides and get a full refund. Pricing information is not publically available through LifeVantage: you’ll need to purchase products directly from a company distributor. It promises to use a slow-release protein formula to curb your appetite and make you feel fuller for a longer period of time. There’s 12 grams of protein in each 17.5 gram scoop, which is relatively low for a protein powder. However, LifeVantage does claim that there is less than 22mg of caffeine in each serving of the supplement (2 capsules). We don’t know any details about Cleanse – although we can assume it will use high levels of antioxidants and other ingredients to release toxins from your body. It still sells those supplements – PhysIQ is just another product lineup that will be sold over the coming years.
And if they do venture into buying from online MLM companies, whats to steer them towards PhytoScience rather than products made by Jeunesse, for example?
They need a whole new approach to selling to the Western market, and that represents only the beginning of even making the smallest inroads in this incredibly competitive market. Simply because most of us hate doing marketing but yet wanted to jump into the marketing world and look for a push button way of getting rich, which is non-existence. Plus, the tortilla itself is relatively low in calories, which means most of the health benefits come from what’s inside the taco.
Will Clower, who found that chocolate isn’t just delicious, but also holds a multitude of benefits that can help users lose the stubborn fat that has plagued them for years. However, with Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, chocolate isn’t just allowed, it’s encouraged, forming the entire foundation for this diet program. Will Clower, PhD, used his years of experience to create a diet program based in fact to help users lose the weight that has plagued them for years. There are programs that claim greater weight loss in fewer weeks, but through Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight, this is done healthily. The meal plans provided through Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight are not just filling and delicious, they also help control the appetite between meals.
However, with this program, the chocolate used isn’t just delicious, it actually aids the body, supercharging the way it burns fat. By making these slight changes, not only will users start losing weight quickly, they’ll also feel more energized.
Not only did the cocoa prove to increase energy, it also boosted the amount of time the athletes were able to exercise by 49%.
The guide will go over ways to improve exercise routines and workouts to get more out of them, resulting in faster weight loss that will stay off permanently. It also promises to support the growth of lean muscle mass – which is the same promise made by every other protein powder.
LifeVantage has also not listed the ratio of casein protein to whey protein – which can be annoying for those who are concerned about getting the correct protein throughout the day. I am not blaming the PHYSIQ because her immune system has had trouble , I just wanted to know if anyone else has this problem. Or looking for nutritional drinks at any of endless new companies selling such products online?
Having the reassurance that Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight was created by an experienced professional is one of the biggest benefits of the program. By losing up to 20 pounds in eight weeks, users can be assured that the weight loss will last and it won’t be another yo-yo effect like many other diet plans.
And since the chocolate used in Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight is actually good for the body, what feels like an indulgence is actually aiding with the weight loss.
In fact, most users have said that after using the Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight guide, they felt more focused and alert, as well as more positive.
Not only do they provide users with energy, but they also boost the blood supply throughout the body, which has a multitude of benefits. As the manufacturer explains, all of that caffeine is naturally occurring and no additional caffeine has been added.
When these energy and fatigue resistant qualities are taken into consideration and used properly, users can get through the day and through their daily exercises without feeling tired or drained.

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