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An explosion of yogurt brands has taken over the dairy section lately, but you have to be careful about which brands to buy; many of them—both Greek and regular—are loaded with added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and artificial flavors. The name Kefir is derived from the Turkish word keyif which means “feeling good” after consumption.
A german word, Sauerkraut translates to “sour cabbage.” Not only does this fermented cabbage fuel healthy gut bacteria but it contains choline, a chemical needed for the proper transmission of nerve impulses in the brain and throughout the central nervous system.
No wonder many pregnant women crave pickles, among the most basic and beloved natural probiotic. Pickling fruits and veggies, such as carrot sticks, transforms the usual into the extraordinary. Believe it or not, you can create lacto-fermented mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish, hot sauce, relish, salsa, guacamole, salad dressing, and fruit chutney. Consumed in may traditional fares, you can find some mouth-watering recipes from corned beef to pickled sardines and fermented hard-boiled eggs in the recipes section of Brain Maker. I use chicory root when cooking, as it is an excellent source of antioxidants, as well as a terrific system cleanser.
Jerusalem artichoke, which you might know better as sunroot, is actually a species of sunflower loaded with nutrients and health benefits. There are myriad health benefits to be derived from garlic, and the fact that raw garlic is packed with prebiotics is just one of them. Just like garlic, onions are another vegetable you might be consuming every day without realizing just how powerful it is for your health. One of my favorite snack foods, or side dishes, is fermented spiced asparagus (another recipe you can find in Brain Maker). For other foods you should make a staple of your diet, check out this list of gluten-free foods.
Kombucha Tea, like kefir, is a combination of two kingdoms : colonies of eubacteria and fungi.
Kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi, home made yogurt, can all be made very easily at home and from ingredients from walmart, in some cases a starter culture will be needed but others not. I would imagine that some of the fermented items could be ordered online as well but its a fraction of the price to make yourself. Thanks for the info, I plan to start working on making these foods myself, and then maybe I can spread the word.
Okinawans enjoy robust cognitive health (dementia and AD very rare) into their 90’s and beyond! Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the recently deceased Russian author and nobel-prize winner, in his autobiography, claimed that kombucha tea cured his stomach cancer during his internment in soviet labor camps. The amount of probiotics in just one serving of raw fermented sauerkraut is equivalent to an entire bottle of probiotic pills. We are wanting to know if we should take all 3 together or azilect wait an hour and then take the other two? Also all fermented foods and pickled I am told interact with the above medicines causing many problems in my husband is dizziness, hulluciation and.
My husband was helped so much by Pale diet, like this one, that not many people knew he had Parkinson’s after many years!
Most likely, but if there is a concern, or you feel your body is reacting poorly, absolutely consult a physician.
I’m 29weeks pregnant and tested positive for gestational diabetes, is it possible to be hypoglycemic and not g.diabetic? I’ve just listened to the audiobook and am wondering if you have a list of the probiotics you mentioned as well as these prebiotics. Cross-contamination with oats is common, so be absolutely sure the ones you’re consuming are gluten-free, and, as always, watch the carb count. How do I recognize that live cultures have been added to lacto-fermented mayo, mustard, salsa etc.?
Even plain Kefir has quite a bit of sugar in it, so drinking too much will load up the carbs. I read somewhere that a good probiotic to take immediately after antiobiotics was Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS. What do you say to the claim of certain manufacturers of probiotics that only THEIR enteric coated products will resist stomach acids? My uncle is a cancer researcher and he told me years ago that they discovered a correlation between the consumption of pickled foods and gastric and pancreatic cancers. Foods preserved in salt, whether pickled in brine or otherwise fermented with salt, are the subject of the study. Is it the large quantity of these pickled meats and vegetables that have many Asian populations at risk for various cancers?
I had to go dairy free about 10 years ago but recently found a yogurt, Greek Pastures, that is made from grass fed cows.
When your baby is conceived she has a totally unique genetic make up, a mashup of you and your husband’s DNA.
There is one thing your precious baby receives from you, as mom, from conception that you can control: her gut bacteria.
While this is not the time for a full on detox, it takes away energy your body needs to conceive, you should remove as many toxins from your diet and environment as you can. Use non-toxic cleaners and eat a whole foods diet rich in prebiotics and probiotics, with as much organic as possible.

Many fertility issues stem from an unhealthy gut so if you’re having difficulty conceiving, creating a healthy gut flora, thus also balancing hormones, is vitally important. A study done on mice found that babies born to stressed mothers had more bacteria associated with difficulty dealing with stress and less of the most foundational types of bacteria. Prebiotic-rich breast milk promotes the growth of good bacteria and hinders that of bad bacteria, selecting the bacteria necessary for optimal health. But what if your baby is born C-section or is receives antibiotics in utero or shortly after birth? My daughter was born by emergency C-section and I was GBS positive, thus got a round of antibiotics, when my son was born VBAC five weeks early — neither of my births were ideal for passing on good gut bacteria (I’ve learned a lot since my kids were born and would definitely do things differently now). We all want to give our kids the best chance at life possible and in many ways that starts with their gut health. As mothers we can do our best to provide them with a thriving gut flora that can sustain them throughout life. I have mixed feelings about antibiotics for children, as I am pro-using the resources available to me, but also pro-doing things naturally.
In addition to your digestive health, probiotics have been shown in research to help in the battle against a wide variety of medical conditions and immune system during cold and flu season. This thick and creamy beverage contains a mixture of beneficial yeasts and bacteria, making the drink rich in probiotic cultures. A recent study looked at rats eating a diet high in pectin, a component of the dietary fiber in apples.
Essentially fermented cabbage, sauerkraut contains lactobacilli plantarum that can do wonders for your immune system. Made from fermented soy, miso paste can be used to make soups, season dishes, or serve as a condiment. I like that you're emphasizing food sources of probiotics rather than supplements--so easy to just take a supplement, but so much better (and cheaper, usually!) to eat real food. The composition of kefir depends greatly on the type of milk that was fermented, including the concentration of vitamin B12. Fermentation of milk with the living kefir grains enhances its nutritional value increasing amounts of B vitamins, and important fat soluable vitamins A, D, E and K and folic acid.
Results of laboratory tests on mice have shown that traditional kefir helped to prevent cancer of the colon, and reduce tumour growth where cancer is already present in the colon. Kefir contains antioxidants that protect cells from illness and ageing affects.  Scientists believe that these antioxidants are the link to the longevity of the people from the Caucasus, who first drank kefir, and among whom were many centenarians. This entry was posted in Knowledge Base and tagged acid reflux, antibiotics, chiropractic, cholesterol, Constipation, Diarrhea, DIET, Dr. Fizzy and often served chilled, it’s also believed to help increase energy, and may even help you lose weight. The fermentation process reduces the levels of phytic acid in tempeh, making it a much better option. Common ingredients include cabbage, brine, radish and spices such as ginger and chili pepper.
Whether you do this yourself or buy pickled produce, keep in mind that the probiotic benefits are only present in unpasteurized foods pickled in brine, not vinegar. Sour cream, while technically a fermented dairy product, tends to lose its probiotic power during processing. Just 1 tablespoon will give you 6 grams of insoluble prebiotic fiber—the kind of fiber the gut bugs love for their own nourishment.
Most of my chicory consumption comes via kimchi, as it’s an ingredient I use when making kimchi at home (and you can find the recipe in Brain Maker). Specifically, besides being a great prebiotic, Jerusalem artichoke is rich in potassium and iron. Lots of recipes here on my website to help you sort out how to make sure you get some in every day. I’ve always been attracted to kombucha, but only recently did I bother to investigate what I was drinking. Fermented foods have been a part of every culture through the centuries and are of vital importance to the microbiome.
After a recent and necessary course of antibiotics I read somewhere that a good probiotic to take immediately after that was Saccharomyces Boulardii+MOS. Whole Foods carries them, as does YES Market in the DC area; probably other health food stores carry them as well. When I started fermenting my own sauerkraut I was surprised at how much more powerful it was. I supplement with 85 billion a day but I want to get even more, ideally from food, and I’m not in a place right now to make my own.
They’re not available in my area but they also have pickled tomatoes with 360,000,000. When you have healthy gut bacteria you give high quality nutrients to your developing baby through your red blood cells and providing a thriving place to grow. This helps the body to detoxify at a rate that supports your ability to get pregnant while creating a healthy environment for your little one. Waiting to introduce solids also gives your baby’s gut a chance to develop without outside interference.

Their bodies face many challenges as they adapt to life outside the womb and strive to become strong and healthy.
Additionally, I’m allergic to penicillin and other antibiotics, so that may be reason enough to avoid administering antibiotics to my hypothetical offspring. There are only three types of basic bacteria in our digestive systems, so the "good bacteria" balances the pH of the intestinal tract and creates an undesirable environment for pathogenic bacteria.
Containing 10 types of active microorganisms, kefir offers more probiotics than other more common fermented dairy products, like yogurt or buttermilk. When compared to rats on a normal diet, the rats with the apple-rich diet had increased amounts of beneficial bacteria. It also has the ability to reduce the growth of detrimental yeasts and is one of the best nondairy sources of probiotics you can eat.
With lots of lactobacillus acidophilus present in most miso varieties, you can quickly get your fill of good bacteria in just one serving. During the fermentation, changes in composition of nutrients and other ingredients have also been shown to occur. Kefir is not medicine, it a natural food with healing potential.  If you have any concerns about drinking kefir, we recommend you check with your GP first. Nourish Kefir is a good source of the valuable minerals calcium, phosphorus and magnesium – which are easily absorbed into the body.
Similar results were obtained regarding tests for tumour reduction in breast and liver cancers, as well as prevention of prostrate cancer.  Although there have not been any clinical trials in the UK or USA, we hope that this will eventually happen to prove the true extent of the healing power of traditional kefir, that it may benefit others. For people sensitive to dairy, coconut yogurt is an excellent dairy-free way to work plenty of enzymes and probiotics into your diet.
It is a unique combination of kefir “grains” (a combination of yeast and bacteria) and goat’s milk that’s high in lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. In addition to providing beneficial bacteria, kimchi is also a great source of calcium, iron, beta-carotene, and vitamins A, C, B1, and B2.
Some manufacturers, however, add live cultures at the end of the process; look for these brands. There are other examples of bacteria and yeast ferments, but they are not as powerful as kefir and kombucha. Unless you buy kefir as a specialty brand made solely from soy or grains, it typically is also a dairy product.
Yes, it has some sugar but high in protein and I’m hoping over all a good food choice. There is also kefir for those who can eat dairy– there’s a brand called Evolve that lists a minimum 20 million units on the label, but Consumerlab tested the product and found 950 billion CFUs per cup! As she passes through the birth canal she’ll be covered in your gut bacteria, which will colonize her gut. I like to be different but not stand out and I’m happiest when drinking a cup of tea with my husband, Ryan. But with the help of a few easy-to-find foods, you can increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your digestive tract and skip the supplements altogether. Research has shown, however, that lactose maldigestors are able to tolerate kefir, providing the number of live bacteria present in this beverage consumed is high enough. Noticeable results include an increase in energy, stronger nails, good skin and shiny, stronger hair. For some it may be a little too spicy, but it’s one of the best probiotic foods you can add to your diet if you can handle the heat.
A lot of the foods on the list I’ve never heard of or are not available or too expensive. Then let it cool till about the temperature your finger feels comfortably hot when you dip it in.
They are good as an introduction for those who have not eaten probiotic foods for much of their life. In-utero exposure to probiotics is linked to a healthy immune system and helps prevent allergies. Together we have lived in three countries: Canada (twice, on opposite sides), US (Oregon) and Hungary (not Budapest).
It is believed that the bacteria in the kefir or yoghurt matrix are protected by the buffering effect of the yoghurt. For those who are sensitive to dairy or lactose intolerant, coconut kefir, a non-dairy version, is also delicious and equally beneficial. The fat in whole milk, however, is highly nutritious packed with fat soluble vitamins necessary for strong bones and teeth.
We are out to prove that getting married and having children does not mean ‘settling down’.
It has also been shown that fermented milk products have a slower transit time than milk, which may further improve lactose digestion.

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