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Stomach ache is a pretty common problem which can affect people of all age groups at any point of time. Chamomile tea works as an anti-inflammatory and helps in relaxing the abdominal muscles, which in turn provides relief from cramps.
One of the primary cause of stomach ache is indigestion and yogurt is very effective in curing indigestion, which in turn helps take care of the abdominal cramps. Fennel seeds are another valuable remedy to help with indigestion and soothing the abdominal pain. Apple cider vinegar absorbs the unwanted nutrients from your stomach and in turn improves digestion and soothes the pain.
This compress helps in relaxing the tight muscles and reducing the cramps and inflammation. Stomach ache is a common problem that all of us experience some or the other times in our lives. Peppermint known for its numbing or calming properties is widely used in treating headaches or muscle pains. These simple home remedies will help you keep stomach pain at bay and happiness close at hand. Some of the usual causes of stomach ache are indigestion, gas, menstrual cramps, constipation, food poisoning, stomach infection and so on.
It improves the digestion and helps in soothing the abdominal pain in a short span of time.

Simply add 1 teaspoon of chamomile tea leaves or 1 tea bag to a cup of hot water and let it steep for 5-10 minutes.
Baking soda helps in curing indigestion and relieving the pain by neutralizing the effect of the acids in your stomach.
It contains anethole, which enhances the emission of digestive juices, and in turn improving the digestion.
Add a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of warm water and drink it before your meals to let it absorb the excess nutrients to prevent indigestion. Just apply this compress, or keep a hot water bottle on your stomach and lie down for some time. Stomach pain is a very common problem marked by mild or sharp cramping feeling in the abdomen. It has sedative and relaxing properties that help in soothing the stomach lining and digestive tracts.
Infact most of the antacids available in the pharmacy contain baking soda in some form or the other. To prepare cinnamon tea, add a stick of cinnamon to a cup of hot water and let it steep for a few minutes. This compound is helpful in soothing the inflammation and irritation of the stomach lining. So if your stomach pain is accompanied with stomach cramps then chamomile tea is the best home remedy for you. Baking soda has the capability of removing or neutralizing toxic substances and maintaining a healthy pH balance in the stomach.

These anti-oxidants help in neutralizing the acids in the stomach and reduce stomach inflammation.
Peppermint helps in regulating bile flow in the stomach by calming down the stomach muscles. So, the next time you are in pain, don’t just sit there wishing for it to go away, try out some natural home remedies to get instant relief.Here we have a selection of some quick remedies to help you get rid of stomach ache.
Until and unless the stomach pain is resultant of a serious medical disorder it is best to treat it with the help of natural home remedies.
You can either chew a spoonful of fennel seeds for instant help or you can allow the fennel seeds to steep in a glass of warm water for a few minutes and drink the juice. Drink a glass of warm water with a spoon of baking soda and a little lime juice dissolved in it for fast relief from stomach pain, bloating and cramping.
You can have ginger in the form of candied ginger or ginger based drinks like ginger ale or ginger lemon tea. But, before visiting a doctor you can try some home remedies like cumin seed, fennel seed, lemon juice, etc.

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