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June 2, 2011 by Michelle Leave a Comment The weather is getting wintery and everyone is beginning to feel it. We were lucky enough to catch up with Jason Shon Bennett from Lifestream to answer some questions for us about the massive impact we can have on our health with a few diet and lifestyle changes. Jason: Superfoods are foods that offer significantly higher nutrition levels, rounded and potent micronutrients (that are usually missing in the diet) and many additional benefits that support and feed the human body. B&L: What is the best way to approach fasting, and can you tell us a bit about the benefits? Jason: Fasting is simply the safest and most natural way to cure the human body of illness.
Jason: Raw foods contain very important elements that rebuild our health and protect us from disease.
To benefit from the goodness found in raw foods, eat as many raw fruit and vegetables in-between meals as they are the ultimate snack.
You should also take a superfood supplement such as spirulina, chlorella or barley or wheat grass as they are packed with nutrition and rare elements that most of us are missing. I cured my chronic asthma 17 years ago and have never looked back, by regular fasting, changing my diet and cleaning out my constipated and sick gut. B&L: What would you say is the most important piece of diet advice that you can give that will benefit everyone across the board? Australia has one of the lowest fibre intakes in the world and one of the highest bowel cancer rates in the world.

Australians in general eat far too many nutrient-void diet of fibreless foods such as processed meat, which is possibly the biggest direct cause of bowel cancer, refined sugar-rich carbohydrates and rancid fried fats.
Jason: You can increase your fibre intake by eating more fresh raw plants and basing your diet around vegetables, whole fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and wholegrains. Lifestream Aloe Vera juice in the morning with apple cider vinegar (a tablespoon of each) in warm water provides a great start to the day for the liver. B&L: Are there other areas of our health issues we can combat with diet and lifestyle choices?
We are living in one interconnected body and all systems work and influence each other so getting healthy means getting healthy everywhere. Eat more plants, eat less meat, get more exercise, get more sleep, drink less alcohol, and obviously do not smoke.
Who would have thought that changing my diet, regular fasting and lifestyle changes would have such an effect? I devour books, vampires and supernatural creatures are my genre of choice but over the past couple of years I have broadened my horizons considerably. I inhale music, hair metal that satisfies my inner bogan is where my musical passion lies, but again I've been exposed to lots of different music I wouldn't normally listen to and have broadened those horizons also. The cold and flu season is upon us and we are all looking for some handy hints to help stay healthy. Occasionally not eating for a day or two and fasting intelligently for most people will do them an enormous amount of good.

They contain probiotics to feed your gut microflora, living digestive enzymes, and carotenoids that convert into the most powerful antioxidants in the human body.
The most important food group is leafy green vegetables and we eat around 2% daily, which is nowhere near enough! Therefore by changing your diet you can change the health of your gut and improve your immune system and respiratory system. Fibre moves matter easily through the bowel, removing waste and feeding beneficial bacteria. I take Lifestream Spirulina daily and have done for 25 years as it is, I believe, the best food available alongside fresh vegetables. I keep up with my kids, I have heaps of energy, I never need to take drugs and life is so much better. Much more to discuss on this but suffice to say giving the body a break by not eating is like treating tiredness with sleep, it works. I remember days when I was in my 20’s where I literally thought I would die as I could not breathe properly.

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