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Chemical Digestion The lining of the stomach contains millions of microscopic gastric glands that release a number of substances into the stomach. Digestive Enzymes Digestive enzymes break down foods and make nutrients available to the body.
Mechanical Digestion As digestion proceeds, stomach muscles contract to churn and mix stomach fluids and food, gradually producing a mixture known as chyme (KYM). Download the iPhone Revision Apps BundleGet 9 of S-cool's powerful revision apps for the price of 1 with this GCSE Super App Bundle. After an hour or two, the pyloric valve, which is located between the stomach and small intestine, opens and chyme begins to flow into the small intestine. They speed up chemical reactions in all living things, and allow them to occur more easily.They occur in plant cells and animal cells.
They are too small to be seen either when they are inside cells or after they have been released from them, for example in the digestive system.Each particular enzyme has a unique, 3-dimensional shape shared by all its molecules.
Catalase is found in all cells and protects them from this dangerous waste chemical.The substrate (hydrogen peroxide) and the catalase molecules are continuously on the move. For example, they help control respiration, photosynthesis, and our digestion, amongst many others.We also make use of enzymes elsewhere. There are many reasons for a pot belly, one of the common reason is the presence of gas in the abdomen. Alternating contractions of the stomach's three smooth muscle layers thoroughly churn and mix the food you swallow.
Other glands produce hydrochloric acid, which makes the contents of the stomach very acidic.

Within this shape there is an area called the active site where the chemical reactions occur. Every so often they will collide so that the substrate molecule(s) fits into the enzyme's active site. If too little substrate is available the rate of the reaction is slowed and cannot increase any further.Sometimes, if too much product accumulates, the reaction can also be slowed down. Protease and lipase enzymes are used in biological washing powders to remove those stubborn stains.Enzymes are also used in making foods and drinks. Bloating and gas makes your tummy to swell abnormally.Gas accumulated in the stomach does not only cause it to protrude outwards but also causes a feeling of discomfort. The acid activates pepsin, an enzyme that begins the digestion of protein and is secreted by a third set of stomach glands.
The graph shows what happens to enzyme activity when the temperature changes.In the example above, enzyme activity increases steadily between 0 ?C and 40 ?C. The enzyme pectinase helps to break down the cells in fruit to release more of their juice. You can easily figure out that your belly is swollen not due to the excessive fat but only because of gas.Things To Avoid When AngryThe good news is that, you can easily get a flat belly within just a matter of a few days. So get ready to wear your favourite tight dress which you are currently embarrassed to wear because of the belly fat.There are some of the foods that can flatten your belly as they help to remove all gases and treat the bloating. The combination of pepsin and hydrochloric acid begins the complex process of protein digestion. While you will be able to view the content of this page in your current browser, you will not be able to get the full visual experience.

While pepsin requires the acidic environment of the stomach in order to function, other enzymes such as amalyse are denatured by the stomach acid.
At extremes of pH the reaction will stop altogether.Some enzymes, such as those used in digestion, are adapted to work faster in unusual pH conditions. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets (CSS) if you are able to do so. If it is too cold the enzymes will move around too slowly to meet the substrate molecules, so the reaction rate is slowed. As a result, chemical digestion of carbohydrates stops when food enters the stomach and does not resume until the food passes into the small intestine. This is because the extra heat energy shakes them around so much that the active sites change shape so, just like with pH, the enzyme molecules are denatured, and can't hold the substrate.
This enzyme breaks down the fat and helps to move food downwards from the stomach to intestines thus preventing accumulation of gases in your stomach.
Have lemon juice one hour before breakfast to reduce the swelling of the stomach and to stop bloating. Dilute one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink it before a meal to reduce bloating.

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