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Perfect choice for proper cleanse is water soluble fiber mostly found in vegetables and fruits. Drinking ample amount of water also helps to wash out E Coli from the bladder and prevent UTI. Vitamin-C helps to detoxify body and provides strength to fight with infectious agents striking as a danger to healthy body. These are some effective and substantial diets helpful to prevent UTI with immediate and acute results.
Chin Health & Hygiene Anything to do with the health or hygiene of a chinchilla - post it here! I have a vet appointment Thursday ( doc has been booked), I have talked to him over the phone and he has basically given up on Zeke.
Also I just wanted to mention that chinchillas urine is normally a redish brown color, not yellow, so are you sure he actually has blood in his urine?
Vital HP your Dietary Supplement store leads the way in providing diet and nutritional information on omega three acids, anti oxidant benefits and importance of quality vitamins. Vital HP - Diet and Nutrition store focused on providing important knowledge on the importance on vitamins and supplements.
It’s entirely possible that your urinary tract health could be less than optimal… and you don’t even know it. We are your Diet and nutrition Store providing all our customers with quality natural vitamins and supplements. The cause of infection is commonly known as E Coli bacteria which are causing contraction around bladder. The untreated urinary tracts can be led to chronic condition as the bacterial infection in bladder and urethra could reach to other vital parts counting kidneys.
Yogurt, fermented milk and buttermilk are some great sources of Probiotic foods which help to add large number of good bacteria in body to fight with bad and harmful bacteria inside.
Foods including garlic, onion, gingerroot and radishes contain antifungal and antibacterial properties which are effective for UTI and other infections. Being great source of natural antioxidants, cranberries help to wash out E Coli bacteria inside the body and mitigate the whole symptoms and further scattering of the bacterial infection. Water helps to clean the urinary passage after dissolving all toxin and infectious agents present inside the tract. Such practice helps to mitigate other infections and contractions causing painful conditions.
Full of optimal antioxidants blueberries help to eradicate the E Coli presence inside the urinary tract and bladder walls. Vitamin-C helps to boost up the weak immunity system which is necessary to protect body from chronic infections.

The doctor said all he can do now is put him on a stronger antibiotic since the other antibiotic it's working but we are taking a chance of messing up his gut. This nutritional supplement occurs naturally in cranberries, peaches, apples, other berries, and some plants. Urinary tract infection can easily be prevented through the help of suitable diets which are helpful to mitigate the cause of infection and its symptoms as well. Systematic ingestion of such fruits can be useful to prevent UTI with less recurrence risks.
I have been to the vet several times with him, and have been talking to the Vet about twice a week. His hands are tied, he said if he isn't eating, any stronger antibiotic will hurt him more.
He has done a urine test, all he could find was two different Bacteria so he said it was a bad UTI. I guess what I'm hunting for is advice on what I should do with my little guy, or personal experience with what could be wrong with him. I use oxbow essentials for my other chin but even when he was eating and drinking normally he still wouldn't touch it.
I don't want to give up on him, he is still playing and popcorning but he is still not wanting to eat or drink. Yes for sure it is blood, it's actually pure blood right now you can't see any urine through it.
He is on yogurt for his probiotics ( dr's orders) and also pedilyte (dr's orders) because he is not drinking any on his own. They took to each other very well with very little fighting, I started out for 20 mins for playtime then as they started playing with one another, I started getting them their full hour together.
So about two weeks of playing together with no fighting, I decided to try to home them together.
The doctor is wanting to run a urine test (if he can) to see if he has kidney stones (caused by too much calcium), would this hurt him? I don't know what else to do for him, he is eating some on his own now but still not drinking any. Yes all that showed up in the urine test was two different bacteria which made the doctor think it is a bad UTI. I'm very limited on exotic vets and I do think he is trying his best but he might not deal with chinchillas too often. He also said there would have been something to show if he had kidney stones which was not in the urine so he ruled kidney stones out.

My chinchilla ( Piper) is potty trained that in playtime he pees on a puppy pad, so Zeke (my new chinchilla) figured out to pee on the puppy pad too.
I have one other vet I'm trying to contact for a second opinion but he is an hour and half away which would be a stressful trip to make for a sick chin.
I have tried another vet over the phone but all he wants to do is jump into surgery without even really listening to his symptoms. Through the fecal exam they found that Zeke had giardia and carridia ( two parasites) and the vet thinks he might have a UTI but it is very rare in male chinchillas. He put both chinchillas ( since they played together) on an antiparsiteical and said to keep an eye on Zeke's urine. On the 5th day of the meds with 3 more days to go, Zeke is started to pee a lot of blood and really dark without any urine showing at all.
So I called the Vet back and he told me to stop the antiparsiteical and come get an antibiotic for 10 days.
Okay so since Piper still had 3 days of antiparsiteical and Zeke is now off of the antiparsiteical and now on antibiotic and I wasn't sure if all of Zeke's parasites were gone so I didn't let Piper and him play together that way Piper could not catch anything else. Zeke is on day 5 of antibiotic that night we finally see a difference in the urine it's is now light blood ( which the doc said was a good sign) and eventually he had about three good normal pees without any blood.
So we were excited, the doctor said to continue the antibiotic for 10 more days then 5 days of no meds to give his tummy a break and then the 3 days of antiparsiteical then come to see him.
Well two days later ( which is today) Zeke has quit eating, drinking very little, and his poop is so tiny! He is getting aggressive but I'm guessing it's the meds cause it smells and is like chalky. He isn't playing since I separated him and Piper, he just sits and crys for Piper (Piper does the same think in playtime). But since he has quit eating, the doc said to give him whatever he wants so I went back to the other food. I also don't think he got much playtime due to when id sit in there with him he couldn't even jump on my shoulder, which Piper does effortlessly.
Zeke is super friendly on the 2nd day of having him, he was already wanting me to hold him.
The vet does seem confident these meds will work it just seems like he got a little better then went back downhill fast!

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