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The early years provide a window of opportunity to shape a child’s brain during the most rapid period of development. In cities and states across the nation, early childhood education programs are preparing children for success. West Sacramento: Universal Preschool for West Sacramento (UP4WS) increases parent engagement and classroom quality and has resulted in significant gains in school readiness for participating students, particularly for dual language learners.
These studies represent just a sampling of the research that demonstrates that investments in early learning reap significant benefits for children, schools, and the state of California.
Early Edge California works to ensure all children have the early experiences necessary to be successful learners by the end of 3rd grade, setting them on a path to college and career readiness. Even in a low-yield environment, bonds provide a cushion as price movements, not yields, are the primary buffer to equity movements. An allocation to core bonds, in addition to more attractively valued high-yield bonds, may make sense for investors. The presence of record, or near record, low yields in early 2015 has diminished bonds’ ability to provide diversification benefits for investors. As corporate earnings move higher, the case for stock investing remains compelling, in our view. A total of 13 central banks have lowered interest rates so far in 2015, and combined with quantitative easing (QE) from the European Central Bank (ECB), helps explain part of bond market strength early in this year.
Today’s very low-yield environment does not negate the potential diversification benefit of bonds. In fact, during each stock market pullback in Figure 1, bond market performance was fairly consistent, averaging 1%, despite varied levels of interest rates. Over short-term periods, price movement, not interest income, is the primary driver of bond performance.
Low yields will likely translate into lower long-term bond returns, and therefore the hurdle for stock investors to beat bond performance over the long term is lower.
The Australian Standard Pallet dates all the way back to World War II, and there are good reasons for this: the world of business may have changed dramatically since then, but well-made pallets aid the international shipment of goods as well as everyday warehousing right here in Brisbane. Placing goods on pallets is the ideal way to store them, as it allows very convenient stacking and is a smart use of space. When the time comes to move your goods, pallets are easily moved by fork-lifts and loaded onto trucks or into containers.
By loading onto pallets and shrink-wrapping, manufactured goods are protected both in transit and when they are being stored or loaded for shipment.

Because of the standard dimensions of pine and hardwood pallets and the containers they are designed to fit into, they can help businesses save on transportation costs by making optimal use of space available.
Palletmasters is the leading Brisbane pallet provider with over 20 years experience in the transportation industry.
TestimonialA very big thank you to everyone involved in getting our pallets ready for us yesterday ahead of schedule. Bonds are off to a strong start so far in 2015, in part due to stocks stumbling out of the gates to start the new year.
Still, pullbacks can occur without warning and, as mentioned in our Outlook 2015: In Transit, we expect more volatility, as is typically common when the economy enters the latter half of the business cycle. A look back at prior stock market pullbacks illustrates how bonds have historically provided good diversification benefits.
During 2012, the stock market suffered two pullbacks greater than 5%, and bonds rose more than 1% over each period. Two of the bond market’s strongest gains during stock market sell-offs occurred in 2010 and 2011, a post-recession period in which yields had already declined sharply.
Interest income accrues slowly, and although it is the primary driver of long-term bond returns, price changes (up or down) often overwhelm the impact of interest income over short periods of time. However, for investors with shorter horizons or those simply unwilling to endure stock market swings, bonds can play a diversification role even in today’s low-yield environment. It may save the need for expensive shelving in many cases, plus inventory control and stocktaking is made easier and more accurate by using standardised pallets. This is especially important for Brisbane businesses shipping large quantities of goods around Australia or overseas.
They are durable and, when they have been battered about a little too much, they are easy to recycle and to make new pallets from.
One year ago, at the start of 2014, strong equity market performance in 2013, combined with a tough year for bonds and still low yields, caused some investors to overlook the fact that bonds can still serve as an effective diversification tool.
These pullbacks were brief, but the current pullback from December 29, 2014, through January 30, 2015, has been longer and reached -4.1% before a bounce back on Monday, February 2, 2015. Figure 1 shows all equity market pullbacks of 5% or more that lasted at least three weeks over the past 11 years, with the corresponding returns for stocks and high-quality bonds. Therefore, a low-yield environment does not preclude bonds from acting as an effective diversification tool. In conjunction with sectors that historically hold up better against rising rates, such as high-yield bonds and bank loans, an allocation to core bonds may make sense to protect against potential stock market weakness.

The economic promise of investing in high-quality preschool: Using early education to improve economic growth and the fiscal sustainability of states and the nation. School-based early childhood education and age-28 well-being: Effects by timing, dosage, and subgroups. Fast forward to early 2015 and many overseas bond markets are offering all-time record low bond yields.
Investors with shorter-term horizons may consider seeking protection against an equity market sell-off. In contrast, the high-quality bond market, as measured by the Barclays Aggregate Bond Index, gained 2.1% during January 2015.
In 2008, high-quality bonds provided a buffer but not without volatility, as investment-grade corporate bonds declined for the year and even high-quality mortgage-backed securities (MBS) suffered brief declines.
Impact of North Carolina’s early childhood initiatives onspecial education placements in third grade.
In the United States, the 30-year Treasury yield closed January 2015 at a fresh record low with the 10-year Treasury not far from its 1.4% all-time low of 2012.
After all, the average annual peak-to-trough decline in the S&P 500 has been 16% (over the past 50 years) and pullbacks arrive without warning. Clearly, bonds offered a diversification and wealth preservation benefit during a tough month for stocks.
During stock market pullbacks in excess of 5%, bonds outperformed stocks by a double-digit margin, a significant difference. While not all segments of the bond market perform similarly every time, an allocation to high-quality bonds can potentially be effective at offsetting stock market weakness.
This week we revisit our “Why Own Bonds?” commentary from January 14, 2014, to illustrate that bonds, even in a lower-yield environment, can still provide diversification benefits. Excluding the historic mid-2008 to early-2009 sell-off, the performance differential narrows but is still notable at a 9.6% advantage in favor of high-quality bonds.
Although the current pullback in equities has not reached 5%, and may not, bonds are once again showing their diversification benefits.

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