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Olympic sponsors like Samsung can pay as much as $100 million over four years to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for exclusive Olympic marketing rights, according to Reuters. When preparing for an event as high stakes as the Olympics, you’d think athletes would consider every little thing that could go wrong, and make adjustments accordingly.
Just as Ogita was about to clear the pole, he noticed that his shorts might be a little too loose, as his pole (literally) ended up costing his chances at gold. While technically Ogita’s leg hit the pole first—and that’s what disqualified him—his private parts are what really took the pole down.

Straightforward product reviews, reliable technology news, and tools to navigate the digital world. Purveyors of goods from book bags to plushies have attempted to ride the coattails of good vibes, unsurprisingly, and now even Apple is jumping aboard.
The Seoul, South Korea-based electronics giant, which became a global sponsor of the Games in 1998, has historically gone to great lengths to snuff out competitors. Last week, the Cupertino, California-based company announced a limited run of country flag Apple Watch bands timed to coincide with the Olympics.

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