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Add to Wish ListCompare this Product2012 Probiotic Blend 150gmA blend of 20 gluten free wholefoods broken down by 12 strains of probiotics.
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Whole Live Nutrients prebiotic-probiotic is an innovative cultured formula combining the benefits of prebiotics and probiotics for comprehensive digestive health support. Whole Live Nutrients prebiotic-probiotic also contains prebiotics, which act as the food supply for the probiotics to survive and grow and are vital for maintaining optimal digestive flora. This fun tasting sherbet like probiotic supplement is an unique blend of nature's best ingredients kakadu plum, manuka honey and L. Free from gluten, added yeast, sodium chloride, dairy products, artificial flavours, and preservatives. Using advanced fermentation processes, this unique blend provides over 13 strains of cultured good bacteria essential for overall gut health.

Whole Live Nutrients prebiotic-probiotic is cultured from raw Australian wholefoods, making this blend specific to the Australian digestive system. Always use a dry spoon and use within 90 days of opening.This product is sold by nett weight, some settling may occur after manufacture.
With hundreds of millions of good digestive bacteria in each serve, in a delicious formula, it’s easy to take care of your intestinal health.
It is widely used in traditional folk medicine and forms a part of the Australian aboriginal food. It is filled with potent digestive enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and help to promote positive health and vitality. Rochway Australian Kakadu plum Probiotic with Manuka Honey naturally support the body's antioxidant defence and helps to support digestive health. The combination of probiotics compliments your diet and makes a perfect everyday supplement.

Prebiotic Organic Sprouted Fermented Pea Fibre*, Natural Cocoa Flavour, Organic Stevia Leaf Extract*. It is imperative to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, steer clear of processed and refined foods for enhanced benefits of the supplement. The unique combination of ingredients in this probiotic acidophilus supplement and the ease of consumption makes it the best probiotic supplement in the nutraceutical market.

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    The elemental nutrients in a Perfect Blend biotic fertilizer did not disappoint.
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