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Linda Wagner is a skilled Nutrition Coach who utilizes a holistic methodology to invigorate the mind, body & spirit. Just wanted to share… I purchased a Montel Williams Living Well Health Master (Emulsifier) some years ago and it works very well to get that smoothness desired, even from frozen foods.
I read an article the other day that said spinach was a trigger for acne prone skin because of the higher levels of iodine. Hi Linda, I am a little confused, I read and I think you also said to me during our session, that it is not a good idea to mix fruit and milk products….
FERMENTED dairy like kefir is the only exception to the rule bc it is already predigested and broken down by the beneficial probiotics! As a Certified Nutrition Consultant with experience supporting hundreds of families with children on the autism spectrum, I will explain to you WHY and HOW diet works.
Historically, autism was considered a “mysterious” brain disorder, implying that it begins and ends in the brain.  Through the array of common physical symptoms observed and the breakthrough work of the Autism Research Institute, a more appropriate “whole body disorder” (the brain is affected by the biochemistry generated in the body) perspective of autism has emerged. By supporting digestion and biochemistry through diet and nutrition, we can improve the symptoms of autism.  Here are several examples of how food and nutrients can improve the health of the gut, the whole body’s biochemistry and positively affect autism. Improving digestion, reducing inflammation and healing the gut are important steps in overall health and healing.  Behavior, language and skin rashes are a few of the areas that improve. Nutrient deficiencies are common among children with autism.  Poor quality and limited diets add to this problem.
Yeast is a harmful organism that can affect energy level, clarity of thought and intestinal health.

When detoxification is not working optimally or is overburdened by pre-existing toxins, avoiding additional toxins from food is important. Methylation, transsulfuration and sulfation are one set of biochemical pathways that do not function optimally for many children with autism.  These pathways can be supported by avoiding certain substances and supplying needed nutrients. From Age of AutismThank You, BHARE For $15,000 To Continue Microbiome StudiesBy Teresa Conrick On August 13th, I got a good sunburn helping raise $3,275 with the BHARE Foundation.
My goal is create drinks that are not full of sugar, refreshing, and taste way better then drinking plain water! Mix everything together in a large glass jar, and allow it to chill overnight in the refrigerator.
Mix everything together in a large picture, allow to chill overnight in the refrigerator, enjoy! It is somewhat similar to yogurt in taste and appearance, however, kefir is made with 12 different live & active cultures, and it’s cultured for 14 hours, giving it a higher probiotic count than yogurt and an effervescent, tangy flavor. I use plain Green Valley Organics brand which can be found at your local health food store.
I use a VitaMix which is an amazing, state of the art, professional grade high speed blender. It is her passion to help you know what it feels like to glow, radiate, THRIVE, and SHINE from the inside out!! The choices we make about what to eat and what to feed our children have profound impact on health and present a great opportunity to support healing and recovery from autism.

Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, who was one of the first to describe autism this way, refers to the brain as “downstream” from the body’s functioning.
When there is yeast overgrowth in the body, toxins enter the bloodstream and make their way to the brain where they can cause symptoms ranging from “spaciness,” foggy thinking and drunken behavior. Specific nutrients are required for complex biochemical processes and nutrients can only be digested and absorbed through food and supplementation when the GI tract is functioning well.  In addition to boosting digestion, it is important to get a wide variety of nutrients through foods. Bread, grapes, plums, aged meats and cheeses and vinegars can feed yeast and should be removed. These chemicals can cross the blood brain barrier and affect the brain, creating hyperactivity, aggression, irritability and self-injurious behavior. Whether you reach out to a nutrition consultant or start on your own, getting good nutrition, avoiding problematic ingredients and supporting good digestion are practices that will benefit everyone in the family. Sulphur rich foods are especially beneficial in liver detoxification processes, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kale and Brussels sprouts.  The spices cinnamon and turmeric support the liver. Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant and adequate levels are supported by the consumption of asparagus, watermelon, broccoli, herb milk thistle, papayas and avocados.

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