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Je kunt deze hamburgers of sliders op de hoogste stand in de oven bakken, maar ook op de barbecue of in een koekenpan. Schenk een scheutje olijfolie in een grote koekenpan op laag vuur en doe er de gehakte uitjes bij. Als je een koekenpan of grillpan gebruikt, moet je die nu op hoog vuur zetten en flink heet laten worden.
Leg als alles klaar is de burgers of sliders op de broodjes, doe je heerlijke toppings en de pittige mayonaise erop (je weet vast wel hoe je een hamburger stapelt!) en serveer ze met een heerlijke frisse salade en gepofte aardappel of in partjes gesneden gebakken aardappel.
America, the golden door, had already welcomed two of his brothers when Anzor Tsarnaev crossed the ocean with his family in 2002.
The younger boy, Dzhokhar, was almost instantly as American as they come: He fell for a blond beauty and won her over.
But over the past four years, even as members of their extended family found their piece of the American dream, the Cambridge Tsarnaevs’ experience in their new land curdled.
When the mother found solace in a deepening religiosity, the father, icy to such devotion and ill with cancer, went home to Dagestan, a place that was never really home to start with. And the boys underwent transformations so dramatic that some friends could barely recognize them: Tamerlan in his early 20s embraced a harsh, separatist brand of Islam and in a couple of years went from wishing his neighbor a merry Christmas to angrily attacking a Muslim grocer for advertising a Thanksgiving charity food collection. No manifesto accompanied the marathon bombings, and investigators are only now piecing together an accounting of the Tsarnaev brothers’ path to terror. An undated photo showing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (center bottom) and his brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev (center top), accompanied by their sisters. The Tsarnaevs are Chechens, a Muslim people of the northern Caucasus, a mountainous region that has been fought over through the centuries by the Russian, Persian and Ottoman empires. There, according to family members, the Tsarnaevs settled in a modest detached house in the small city of Tokmok, where they and a small community of other Chechens held tight to memories of their beloved home. Through more than seven decades of communist rule, religious practices were harshly restricted. A family on the move: After Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ousted early all Chechans in 1944, the grandparents of bombing suspects Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev settled in the town of Tokmok in Kyrgyzstan.
The Tsarnaevs, restless and homesick, briefly moved back to Chechnya in the early 1990s but soon returned to Tokmok, where Alieva recalled Tamerlan as a good student, both in academics at Gymnasium No.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the strictures of a totalitarian state vanished, and in the resulting vacuum, some young Chechen Muslims, brought up with stories about injustices inflicted on their people through the centuries, were drawn to a black-and-white version of Islam imported via recorded lectures and sermons, mostly from Saudi Arabia. But the Tsarnaevs were driven more by the quest for a good living than by religious devotion, and when Ruslan immigrated to the United States in 1995, he quickly built a life that proved magnetic to the rest of his family. In this May 2009 photo, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, left, fights an opponent during the Golden Gloves National Boxing Tournament in Salt Lake City. In Cambridge, both boys attended Cambridge Rindge and Latin School, a public school with students from dozens of countries.
Guive Rosen, 23, who was in several classes with Tamerlan, knew him as “a very goofy kid, a gentle-giant sort of person.
When Uncle Ruslan visited Anzor’s family in 2005, he chatted with Tamerlan about his future. A neighbor who lived next to the Tsarnaev family for five years said the older brother stood out in the early years for his flashy clothes and his devotion to fitness. The first time Kendrick Ball saw Tamerlan, at a fight in Lowell three or four years ago, the boxer stood out in a way that could get someone hurt. Tamerlan was an impressive fighter with a peculiar style: He kept his hands at his sides rather than up near his face to protect it. When he left his family’s third-floor apartment on Norfolk Street, Tamerlan often carried a bulky gym bag and headed to the yard between his building and the neighbor’s.
The brothers were “just obnoxious teenage boys,” Harel said, but the father, a short, beefy fellow, was a constant irritant who regularly threw his trash in neighbors’ recycling bins despite being asked to stop, filled precious spaces in this parking-starved city with cars he was working on, and claimed a 10-minute loading zone as his all-day storage space. Anzor obtained cars in bad shape, made cosmetic fixes and then sold those vehicles for a profit. Several times, workers said, Anzor went into the parts yard to find a bracket or screw and emerged offering to pay a small sum for a handful of items. At Cambridge Rindge & Latin, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was just Jahar — phonetically simpler, cooler, more in keeping with his new American persona. When Tenzin, now in college, thinks of Jahar, his mind fills with images of those long nights and so many fits of uncontrollable laughter.
When Jahar got his license, he would be seen around town in a refurbished green Honda Civic with signs of a hasty paint job. If Jahar was not as studious as his parents wanted him to be, Tamerlan was the cause of more serious worries.
Zubeidat said she began to encourage her older son—who would come in late at night from parties smelling of smoke and alcohol — to take more of an interest in religion to give his life a healthier core.
In 2009, Uncle Ruslan heard that Tamerlan was no longer applying himself — academically or with work.
Another uncle, Alvi Tsarni, who also lives in Montgomery County, heard about the tension between Tamerlan and Ruslan and called his nephew. Meanwhile, Ruslan called a family friend in the Cambridge area and asked what was going on with Tamerlan. The friend told him about a young Armenian American man, a recent convert to Islam who had befriended Tamerlan. Years later, Ruslan spoke to another relative who had met the Armenian, whom he knew only as “Misha,” at the Norfolk Street apartment in 2007.
Tall and fit, with long auburn hair, Russell graduated in 2007 from high school and soon left home to attend Suffolk University in Boston.
In 2009, Tamerlan was living with another woman, who one day called 911 to report that he had beaten her.
In 2010, when Tamerlan and Russell announced that they would marry, there was considerable consternation in the Russell family, which is nominally Christian. Tamerlan Anzorovich Tsarnaev married Katherine Osborn Russell, who was soon to be the mother of their baby daughter, on June 21, 2010, in the Masjid al-Qur’aan mosque in Boston. Russell’s family was startled when she dropped out of college, converted to Islam and began to cover her hair, legs and arms in a show of Muslim modesty. On Norfolk Street, neighbors noticed Russell chatting in the courtyard with other young women, wearing hijab, speaking in Russian or Arabic. But Tamerlan remained friendly toward his shy neighbor, approaching him just after Christmas as they dumped their trash.
First, his wife, who once teased her hair and wore dark eyeliner, turned to religion and donned dark clothes and the hijab. In 2011, Anzor and Zubeidat split up just a few months before their 25th wedding anniversary.
Anzor, diagnosed with cancer, returned to Dagestan, east of Chechnya in Russia, saying that if he was going to die, he wanted it to be in Russia. Back in Cambridge, Tamerlan and Russell received welfare payments, just as his parents had in earlier years, the Massachusetts Health and Human Services agency confirmed.

The only steady income at the Norfolk Street apartment came from Russell, who, according to her family’s attorney, worked 70 to 80 hours a week as a home health aide while Tamerlan stayed home with their daughter. After high school, Jahar enrolled at the University of Massachusetts campus at Dartmouth, an hour south of Boston.
He started in 2011 as an engineering student, then switched to biology, telling friends he wanted to be a doctor.
But Jahar’s grades were poor, and several people who knew him said he made no secret about regularly smoking pot. For a time, Jahar played on an intramural soccer team composed of students involved with the campus Muslim Student Association, according to Facebook groups and teammates. Habib Magomedov, a member of the Dagestan government’s anti-terrorism committee, said Tamerlan did not come to official attention during his stay. Schoolchildren march in front of a school where Tamerlan Tsarnaev studied, in a small Kyrgyz city Tokmok east of the country’s capital of Bishkek.
But if Tamerlan’s radicalization was cemented or enhanced during his stay, evidence of that has not emerged.
Back in Cambridge, in November and again in January, Tamerlan disrupted sermons at the Islamic Society of Boston mosque a few blocks from the Tsarnaev apartment. When Tamerlan yelled that no good Muslim would do such a thing, members told him to quiet down.
Again, members sought to calm Tamerlan, who this time grew quiet and stayed that way on his return visits over the past few months.
If Tamerlan’s transformation was gradual, Jahar’s path seems to have taken a turn only very recently. Less than two weeks before the Boston Marathon, Jahar told a friend from both high school and college that he no longer cared about his classes and that religion and God were the only true things in life, according to a close friend of both men.
Sanjaya Lamichhane, 22, said the mutual friend had recently had a surprising conversation with Jahar on the Dartmouth campus in which Jahar said that “it didn’t matter if you are a doctor or engineer — everybody cheats. But Jahar still behaved like Jahar and friends neither saw nor talked about any transformation. Near dark the night before the marathon, Jahar and Tamerlan walked down Norfolk Street carrying a pizza box, said Malisha Pitt, 42, who was sitting on her stoop.
Two days later, just hours before the shootout that would end Tamerlan’s life, he called Alvi, his estranged uncle. Now Ruslan looks forward to visiting his surviving nephew in prison; he would tell Jahar that there is still time for evil and hate to leave his body, that he is still loved.
Jamie magazine is an award-winning monthly from Jamie Oliver and his team – get 35% off a year's subscription now! Hoe je de burgers ook tgaat bakken, ze hebben ongeveer 3 tot 4 minuten aan elke kant nodig - als je pan niet groot genoeg is, moet je het in porties doen. Some burgers are gourmet and piled high with toppings, whereas others are thinner, simpler, wrapped in paper, steamy and sloppy.
Anzor’s brother Ruslan, who had immigrated just a few years earlier, already had a law degree and was on his way to an executive job and a six-figure salary. And at first, Anzor, his wife, Zubeidat, and their two sons, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, seemed as energetic and brimming with initiative as their relatives had been. He made the high school wrestling team and was popular and empathic enough to be named captain. The change in Dzhokhar, now a college sophomore, became apparent only in the past few weeks, and even then seemed to be tacked on to his existing lifestyle rather than displacing it. But in interviews with relatives, friends, neighbors and business associates in four states and three countries, a portrait emerges of a family in a losing battle against its people’s troubled past, against its own internal dysfunction and discord, and against conflicting interpretations of its ancient faith. In 1944, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, who suspected the Chechens of conspiring with the Nazis, expelled nearly the entire population of 400,000 to Central Asia; about 70,000 died. They avoid being seen with men other than relatives, and they are expected not to look a man in the eyes. This chronology of their descendants’ journeys was pieced together from interviews and official documents. With a big house on a cul-de-sac in Montgomery Village and a salary in 2005 of $216,000, plus stock options, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings, Ruslan was a shining model of what an immigrant could do in America. Classmates portray Tamerlan and Dzhokhar — known as “Jahar” — as fun guys who soaked up American pop culture and hung out with kids from sons of Harvard to grandsons of Portuguese furniture makers. He and Tamerlan took a walk around the neighborhood, and the uncle was pleased to see people all over happily greeting his nephew. There, Tamerlan often spent afternoons doing dozens of pull-ups, using the arch of a grape trellis as his gym equipment. She and other neighbors called police five years ago when the two brothers would hold loud parties and drink late into the night in the courtyard.
Sometimes, when he needed parts, he would show up at Nissenbaum’s Auto, a nearby parts and repair shop.
He lusted after a blond classmate, and he would eventually boast to friends that he had made progress on that front.
Late at night, Jahar was also increasingly fond of other teenage rites: alcohol and marijuana.
Friends would tease Jahar, telling him that, given his smoking and drinking, some recent converts to Islam in his class were more Muslim than he was. He drove with the windows down, even in the New England winter, music blaring, seat tilted way back.
Her pedigree was New England blue blood: Her grandfather and father both attended Phillips Exeter Academy and Yale. She was interested in the Peace Corps and excelled at drawing, winning a state competition. Aunts and uncles did not much care for Tamerlan, according to the person close to the family, as well as a relative.
He dropped the flashy clothes, a change in look so drastic that his next-door neighbor at first thought the tall, athletic son had left town.
Tamerlan asked how his neighbor’s holiday had been, whereupon the neighbor asked about Tamerlan’s Christmas. Their divorce filing cites “an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.” The couple said they had no property, no pension, no retirement fund. Zubeidat was arrested last year, accused of trying to steal up to nine dresses from a Lord & Taylor store in Natick, Mass. Their landlord, Joanna Herlihy, who lived below them, tried to get the Tsarnaevs to move out, according to two neighbors.
Tomkiewicz, 20, a junior civil engineering major who met Jahar at lunch with friends a few days before the bombings.
He saw his father and other relatives — his mother was still in Cambridge then; she returned to Dagestan in the summer and recently reconciled with Anzor. His father told reporters that the son hung out, slept late, helped Anzor fix up his apartment, and said he was going to the gym. What is known is that Tamerlan came home from Dagestan with a full, dark beard, according to two neighbors.

Ismail Fenni, a volunteer imam, said Tamerlan heckled a speaker who preached that congregation members should celebrate the American holidays of Thanksgiving and July Fourth just as they marked the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. What actually happened between the brothers remains a mystery : Did the older brother impress his younger sibling into a violent strain of Islam in which the West was the cause of their sense of alienation?
In 2010, Jahar urged a fellow Muslim classmate to join a little-known prayer group he attended in the empty classroom of a Moroccan math teacher, according to a student who participated and another who witnessed the prayers several times.
Leg er wanneer je burgers of sliders aan de ene kant bijna klaar zijn de plakjes bacon bij - hoe je ze ook bakt; keer de burgers om en bak de plakjes bacon krokant en goudbruin. All I can say is my insanity burger is going to be right up there – the method is almost ritualistic in what it requires you to do to get close to burger perfection. Leonnig in Boston, Tara Bahrampour in Massachusetts and New Jersey, Dan Morse in Washington, Michael S. Less than two weeks before the marathon, Dzhokhar, previously known to friends as a stoner always up for a beer and a blunt, told a college friend that he no longer cared about his classes, that religion and God were the only true things in life. Many of those who survived, including the Tsarnaev clan, were forced 2,000 miles east to Kyrgyzstan. She doesn’t recall the Tsarnaevs going to mosque at all, though many Muslims prefer to pray at home. He liked to talk, always had his arm around your shoulders.” Rosen knew that Tamerlan was Muslim, but that was by no means a defining part of his persona. Tamerlan accepted, but when he arrived to fight, he had no trainer and none of the gear boxers wear to protect sensitive parts. Even pitted against a top-ranked fighter, Tamerlan refused to don protective gear until after he was spitting up blood and holding his side. He studied just enough to fend off his parents, who by late in junior year were pressuring him to get organized with his college applications. Friends said Jahar’s nights were spent blaring the rap of Drake and French Montana and driving around to quiet spots where the boys would roll blunts, laugh and talk about sex.
In 2006, he started taking classes at Bunker Hill Community College, but over the next three years, he seemed more devoted to partying than studying. Tamerlan now came out in the street in raggedy sweatpants and ratty T-shirts, sometimes with a bathrobe over his clothes.
The couple’s two daughters, Bella and Ailina, moved to New Jersey, where Bella was arrested in December, along with a man named Ahmad Khalil, and charged with possession of and intent to distribute marijuana. His great-aunt, Patimat Suleimanova, said Tamerlan prayed five times a day and sometimes talked to her about Islam. The lunchtime prayers lasted only a couple of months, and then Jahar returned to being the fun-loving stoner they had always known. Wanneer de burgers gaar zijn en er goed uitzien, snijd je de broodjes open en warm je ze op.
I’ve also used the brilliant technique of brushing the burgers with mustard and a dash of Tabasco Chipotle sauce as they cook to build up an incredible gnarly layer of seasoning.For the best burger, go to your butcher’s and ask them to mince 800g of chuck steak for you.
Rosenwald in Rhode Island, Will Englund in Moscow, Kathy Lally in Dagestan and Stephanie McCrummen in Toronto.
His wife turned a cut-rate apartment in affluent Cambridge into an improvised salon, offering facials at attractive prices. The boys — who authorities believe are the Boston Marathon bombers, responsible for killing four people and injuring more than 250 — took to their new home with gusto.
He told his brother he was making $10 an hour, even $100 a day — almost inconceivable money to a newcomer from Russia. A man who answered the intercom at Bella’s apartment said she had moved out several months ago. But Herlihy had tired of their constant bickering that the rent was too high, neighbors said.
According to the father, Tamerlan went to a Salafist mosque, where he would have heard speakers rail against the West’s treatment of Muslims. Tamerlan “took offense at that” and yelled that King represented American values, said Yusefi Vali, a mosque official.
Did the family’s troubles overwhelm the sons just as their parents left them and abandoned their adopted country? The older one, Tamerlan, was sociable, even showy, dressing sharply, honing his body to become an Olympic boxer. From behind the door of her apartment in West New York, Ailina, 22, told reporters that she had been out of touch with her family. And in late January, the Tsarnaevs lost the Section 8 housing voucher that had subsidized their rent, according to someone in local government familiar with the case.
Wrijf het mengsel met schone handen goed door elkaar en verdeel het in 6 gelijke ballen voor burgers, of in 18 balletjes voor sliders.
Divide it into 4 and, with wet hands, roll each piece into a ball, then press into flat patties roughly 12cm wide and about 2cm wider than your buns. Maak je handen nat en kneed de ballen tot platte, ronde schijven van ongeveer 2 centimeter dik. Leg de burgers of sliders op de ingevette bakplaat en kwast ze in met een beetje olijfolie. Next, finely slice the red onion, then dress in a bowl with the vinegar and a pinch of sea salt.
Dek ze af met folie en zet de plaat minstens een uur in de koelkast, tot de schijven stevig zijn.
Dit is een goed moment om de pittige mayonaise te maken, dus doe alle ingredienten in een kom, roer ze goed door elkaar en zet de saus zolang opzij.
Finely chop the lettuce and mix with the rest of the burger sauce ingredients in a bowl, then season to taste.I like to only cook 2 burgers at a time to achieve perfection, so get two pans on the go – a large non-stick pan on a high heat for your burgers and another on a medium heat for the bacon. Put 2 burgers into the first pan, pressing down on them with a fish slice, then put half the bacon into the other pan. After 1 minute, flip the burgers and brush each cooked side with ? a teaspoon of mustard and a dash of Tabasco. After another minute, flip onto the mustard side and brush again with another ? teaspoon of mustard and a second dash of Tabasco on the other side. Cook for one more minute, by which point you can place some crispy bacon on top of each burger with a slice of cheese. Add a tiny splash of water to the pan and place a heatproof bowl over the burgers to melt the cheese – 30 seconds should do it.
At the same time, toast 2 split buns in the bacon fat in the other pan until lightly golden. Repeat with the remaining two burgers.To build each burger, add a quarter of the burger sauce to the bun base, then top with a cheesy bacon burger, a quarter of the onions and gherkins. As the burger rests, juices will soak into the bun, so serve right away, which is great, or for an extra filthy experience, wrap each one in greaseproof paper, then give it a minute to go gorgeous and sloppy.

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