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I'm sure you've all heard about how the live active cultures in yogurt are excellent for your digestive tract. When it comes to your belly, probiotics assist the body's naturally occurring gut flora (useful microorganisms that live in the digestive tract) that often get out of whack because of the foods we eat, and they help maintain a balance of healthy bacteria. I've also studied microbiology and learned that most probiotics in pill form don't work because the bacteria die in pill form!
I HATE yogurt and the lactose intolerance I had as a child is starting to rear it's ugly head again.

Are these meant to be taken on a daily basis the way you might take a multivitamin, or only when you have stomach discomfort?I'm vegan so my diet has enormous amounts of fiber, and sometimes I get pretty bloated from it. If you have a hard time fitting in a cup of yogurt into your diets everyday or if you just don't eat dairy products, then Acidophilus Pearls, a type of probiotic supplement, were made for you then. It offers the benefits of acidophilus without the calories, cholesterol, sugars, or lactose found in yogurt. Taking probiotics can also reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improve mineral absorption, prevent yeast infections, and improve symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Colitis.

If you have tummy troubles, taking one capsule a day can help alleviate occasional gas and constipation plus symptoms of lactose intolerance.
Plus these Pearls don't need to be refrigerated like other probiotic pills — and they even made the list of the best probiotics for your money.

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