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In case any readers do not meet the above criterion, these blue (sometime orange) plastic blocks are manipulatives used in classrooms to help teach children all sorts of mathematical concepts, from addition and subtraction to place value and volume. I work as a mathematics tutor with K-12 kids of all ability levels; we use these blocks as a visual aid to understanding extremely important mathematical concepts such as counting, thinking in groups, place value, the base-10 system, and even exponents. Students always ask, "how big do you think that would be" and, try as I might, they never seem satisfied with my answer ("bigger than you are")! For comparison, if you drilled a hole in the billion cube and filled it with soda, you would need exactly 1,000,000 one liter bottles.
That's the neat thing about exponents; all we've really done here is taken 1 thing, a little plastic cube 1 cm3, multiplied it by 10 just 9 times, and boom, 109 = 1 billion cm3. I have put together a special report that I am offering for a limited time for free with no obligations (not even your contact details!). Examining year-to-year growth in sales is one of the most effective ways of determining the overall health of a concept.

I really wanted to show him, but we only have one "block" (the big 1000 cm3 guy) and saying "1000 times as big as this" really doesn't cut it.
So I made a huge picture to illustrate what happens if you used these base ten blocks to build up to a billion.
The million cube (1 cubic meter) is only 100 cm tall (106 = 1003= 100x100x100 = 1,000,000), or about 3.3 feet (1 meter). If the average school classroom is 25ft x 25ft x 10ft (seems reasonable), then that's 6250 ft3 in volume, which is ~176,980,291 cm3. This year’s field of top growth chains was dominated by Limited-Service brands, which took eight of the top 10 spots. I told him to imagine that we now take the big 1000-cube (1000 cm3) and pretend it's the unit cube.
So, not quite as tall as they are: WolframAlpha's growth curves show that the average 7-year old male is already ~40 inches tall).

Since that goes in to a billion about ~5.6 times, you could fit five typical classrooms in the volume of the billion cube! Now it's 1,000 cm tall, or as tall is the highest Olympic diving platform(10 m, ~33 ft) because (103)3 = 109 = 10003 = 1000x1000x1000 = 1,000,000,000. Good, so we just need ten of these flats; each flat is worth 100 thousand, so 10 of them is how much.
He said, after another pause "10 hundred thousand?" I said well, when you have 10 hundred thousands, what do you actually have? Panda Express Rounding out the top 10 is quick-service Asian concept Panda Express, which bested Preceding-Year sales growth of 11.8 percent for a Latest-Year finish just behind No.

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