Strategic Performance Improvement

At its highest level, Strategic Performance Improvement is structured to enable clients to develop a clear vision of the organization's future-state, construct an actionable strategy based on the vision and the outcome requirements of customers and stakeholders, and to achieve results. Structurally, this process may involve all of the elements of Strategy Development, Business Architecture, and Process Management/ Improvement.

Planmatics' Strategic Performance Improvement practice is an assembly of organizational practice modules that focus on achieving positive change in client organizations. Change is only judged 'positive' when it is directly aligned with organizational strategy that in turn, must be aligned with customer and stakeholder requirements. "Positive change" is ultimately measured by the delivery of the outcomes desired by the organization, its customers, and stakeholders.

Planmatics uses various tools to observe and record the current state of processes at an organization. This information is compared with appropriate standards and recommendations are made for performance improvements at the strategic level.