Resource Scheduling Services

Planmatics' resource scheduling services are broadly classified into the following categories

  1. Strategic Scheduling
    This category deals with staffing and scheduling over a long term and at a more central or managerial level. The need for re-rationalizing Center Staffing is advocated by the following factors:
    • Staff Attrition and Volume Erosion
    • Volume Mix Shift Trends
    • Idle Time Management
    • Union Negotiation Support

  2. Operational Scheduling
    This is resource scheduling on a more day to day basis or over a shorter period of time. This is necessitated by and takes into account the following factors
    • Weekly Volume Variations
    • Use of Supplementary Staff
    • Overtime
    • Casuals
    • Part-timers

The products and solutions that Planmatics has developed for resource scheduling in various sectors are listed in the Resource Scheduling Solutions section.