Program Evaluation

Planmatics performs Program Evaluations in both social program and technology program contexts. We derive our experience and capability for the social Program area from our staff experience with the Employment and Training Administration of the USDOL and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, as well as from our strategic partner, the Ray Marshall Center at the University of Texas.

Social Grant Program Evaluations

The Law requires that most federally funded grants be measured for performance against promises and for making contributions to the communities in which they are placed. Program Evaluations therefore need to measure pre-grant conditions against post-grant conditions, the validity of the processes used by grantees, the validity and extent of Outcomes attributable to the grant, and the net impact of the grant on the community of beneficiaries by comparing against control groups.

We generally separate the evaluation effort into the following broad steps:

  • Familiarization with background materials
  • Refining the Scope of the Evaluation in the context of the broad program goals and specific goals of grantees
  • Designing the study
  • Designing the data collection program and instruments, and preparing the OMB clearance package if necessary
  • Conducting the needed site visits and focus groups
  • Conducting the data collection survey, if needed
  • Performing the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the data gathered
  • Writing the final report and presentation of the results

Technology Program Evaluations

Our team recognizes that technology is important, however, our focus is just not technology, but how it improves your business. Capital investment, ROI and Cost-Benefit analysis are areas that Planmatics specializes in when it comes to Technology Program Introductions. We also perform Capability or Skill analysis to evaluate the feasibility and functionality of a newly introduced or existing technology program. Assessment of customer and user feedback and buy-in, and the synthesis and assessment of end user scenarios are other important aspects of technology program evaluations. We use more formal computer models in this arena.

You can read in detail about our Program evaluation methods in the Technology Introduction and evaluation section.