Private Sector Customers

While a majority of Planmatics' clients are in the government sector, we have time and again shown that we can easily adapt to serve the needs of clients in the private sector as well. We recognize that the biggest difference between the two categories of clients is in their goals - federal contracts are more mission oriented while the private sector is more profit oriented.
Some of the major projects that Planmatics has performed for its non federal clients are listed below

Tracked the efficiency of a number of sectors of the Deutsche Post (DPWN) with our Internal Benchmarking System, which was also deployed nationally in their parcel delivery sector.

Built a forecasting system for DHL Germany using Aritificial neural networks for predicting the daily parcel volumes in hubs countrywide

At Ryder Logistics, Planmatics trained staff in the concepts of enterprise architecture, IDEF0 Process mapping, and concepts of integration and total logistics solutions.