About Us

Planmatics is a leader in management and systems consulting and provides services ranging from strategic planning to implementation support.

Founded in 1992 and based in Rockville, Maryland, USA, Planmatics continues to work with over 60 percent of the major clients served during the firm's history. The firm's clients include the federal government, non-profit organizations and private companies, both domestic and international.

Planmatics is gaining recognition as a strong and versatile competitor to many large consulting firms. Over the last ten years Planmatics has developed a highly skilled team of strategic planners, system analysis experts, management consultants and technical analysts who make our company the success it is today. Our team of employees at Planmatics brings over 75 years of management and executive management experience. The diversity of experience and skill provides Planmatics' clients with a highly qualified, expertly trained and well-rounded senior consulting group.