IT Capital Planning

The need for IT Capital planning has largely increased with the demand for tighter budgets and mission effectiveness. A systematic capital planning approach helps manage the risks and rewards of mission oriented IT investments, especially in the federal sector. It is essential to evaluate and manage these IT investments at every step to ensure a continuously efficient program free of any hurdles.

Planmatics is vastly experienced in the field of information resource management which includes both IT Capital Planning and Enterprise Architecture. In this specific area, we have been supporting the Department of Labor for over 12 years. Our most recent effort included helping the DOL to manage 5 investments (3 major and 2 non-major).

Our uniqueness comes from the fact that we provide proactive support. We work closely with the project and program managers from the different divisions to support them with the management of the different IT technology investments. This enables them and us to meet OCIO and OMB requirements on time.

Our resources are multi-skilled to be able to do this. We cover a wide variety of areas such project planning, project management, cost benefit analysis, process analysis, etc. Some of the specific functions that we have performed in this area are preparing Exhibit 53 and Exhibit 300 and periodical control reviews.