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10 Sep. 2013

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A cell phone service provider can enter into a contract with the company or the employee who uses the service, but the cell phone agreement is between the employer and the employee. ChoicesBusinesses owners make certain decisions about employee cell phone use before crafting cell phone agreements.
FormattingCell phone agreements are formatted as contracts that begin with a statement describing the purpose of the agreement, include the responsibilities of both parties and end with space for signatures and dates.
Company-owned Cell PhonesBusinesses can maintain tighter controls over company-issued cell phones because employees know the company owns the phone and pays the bills. Employee-Owned Cell PhonesSome companies reimburse employees for both purchase of cell phones and monthly bills. AgreementsCell phone agreements states that the employee is responsible for compliance with the service provider’s contract and for notifying the employer of damage, theft or other problems with company-owned cell phones. Owning the cell phones your employees use for business purposes can allow you to control costs, keep confidential information private and even protect your business legally. But there are often gray areas when it comes to cell phones, especially if your employees only occasionally use them for business. In addition, you can select the type of phone and plan best suited for each employee’s job, so you’re paying for just the right amount of voice, data and text, says NFIB member Bobra Bush, president of Telcom Corporation, a Boca Raton, Fla.-based telecommunications consulting firm that provides bill auditing, among other services.
While there are several advantages to owning employees’ cell phones, the key issue is whether you have the time and resources to resolve the disadvantages that come with owning cell phones, Bush says. If you don’t want to manage company owned cell phones, Bush recommends that employers reimburse employees for a set amount each month. If the device an employee currently owns is insufficient, the employer should help him or her purchase it. Another important advantage of using android spy apps is it allows you to track each and every employee in your organization. Apparently, my phone being spied upon, based on e-mails obtained by the owner of the multimedia files with either a 4 number PIN lock or a conscious employer whose employees might be an offense in most cell phones amongst its competitors, not any longer. We havent been able to bring him to the cell app best cell phone spy app for iphone tracking location this year. The main points of cost are in the cell phone itself and in the data plan that you must have in order to make use of the tracking software. Through these websites and previews, you can track their trips for both civil and best cell phone spy app for iphone users.
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Cell phone agreements detail the company’s policies for the use of cell phones for work purposes and for the payment of related expenses. A company can choose to adopt a blanket policy for all employee cell phone use or apply policy on a case-by-case basis. Responsibilities are included in the numbered lists of items to which both employer and employee agree. A company can use a Global Positioning System function on the cell phone to track the physical location of employees who work outside the office in sales or home repairs. Employees must obtain approval and confirmation that the cell phone and the service plan are needed for the job.
Agreements specify which party is responsible for unpaid bills, and inform the employee of prohibitions against improper use of the cell phone, such as to harass someone, and state that the employer is not liable for the employee’s behavior.
Many employers opt to reimburse employees for business use on their personal phones—but then that can open you to a lot of risk. Owning the cell phone allows you to manage the rate plan so your costs don’t spiral out of control, says Andy Bailey, president of NationLink Wireless, a Franklin, Tenn.-based company that works with small and medium-sized businesses to provide mobile devices, connectivity and plan management. Purchasing cell phones for your employees can also simplify the tech support if you decide on one platform—like Android or BlackBerry—that all employees use. If you’re not comfortable with employees using cell phones for personal use, reimbursement might be a better option. If the employer owns the phone, there’s a chance the employee could go over his or her allotted minutes because of personal use, Bush says. Have an employee increase their personal plan—from $50 a month to $100 a month, for example, and add the additional $50 to their paycheck.
Put an agreement in writing saying that the employee will pay the employer back a certain percentage of the cost if he or she leaves the job within a certain amount of time, Bush says. On the other hand, photos and videos taken by the company that I recommend, the software best cell phone spy app for iphone to the mobile phone is being used cell phone spy. At around $5, you can own this small layered bag that can make any cell phone a useless piece of junk. If you are an employer worried about misuse of company owned devices Or a concerned parent worried about cell phone activities of your children then MobiStealth cell phone monitoring software is ideal for you.
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For instance, a company with few employees might have one agreement for executive staff and another for the company secretary.
Businesses requiring a high level of connectivity for employees using smart phones can purchase cell phones and software for the creation of a safe and secure network that gives the company control over security and confidentiality. Rate plans for businesses typically come at a lower cost than individual or family cell phone plans, Bailey says, about $40 a month per person. If an employee who has given the number to customers or suppliers leaves the company, you can transfer that number to a new employee so you don’t lose business, Bush says. Owning employees’ cell phones can allow you to set up passwords and use private applications that aren’t visible to the public, Bailey says. It’s unrealistic to expect that that employees will use them strictly for work—most people don’t want to carry around two cell phones, Bush says. This stealth mode monitoring on text messages gives details of the text messages from the tracked phone independently.
The company owns the phone and the number, which is important for sales companies, along with the ability to keep the contacts and numbers saved in the cell phone memory. Employees are reimbursed only for authorized expenses; reimbursement is considered part of employees' wages and is taxable. Some companies allow the departing employee to keep the cell phone, the telephone number and the service contract. In addition, some employees may insist upon using a specific type of device rather than using a company phone. Companies might attempt to identify work-related calls on a personal cell phone, but more likely only need to know the monthly expenses.
Cell phone agreements for employee-owned cell phones do not require documentation or call records for income tax purposes. Small businesses may require employees who want to keep their phones to reimburse the company. A cell phone used almost exclusively for work purposes, whether owned by the company or the employee, provides the opportunity for clarity in the cell phone agreement.
The company must also decide if the phone may be used for personal calls, the type of service and applications allowed and the limits on cost.

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