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05 Jun. 2014

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A Reverse Phone Lookup could reveal who owns the number he is calling or texting, but it can’t reveal text messages or emails.
It was an unexpectedly sunny afternoon in Portland, Oregon, and my boyfriend and I had just finished our traditional Saturday brunch.
While this amounts to mostly anecdotal evidence, and no quantitative research currently exists, the principle holds true: Heterosexuals who consider themselves advocates of LGBT rights should be more reflective when they call out someone for their sexuality.
This has been proven by many famous men who’ve cheated on their beautiful wives with trashy trollops.

It becomes unmistakably clear when he raises his hand to high-five me.“Oh, wow, you’re hitting that,” he says, referring to my boyfriend.
And calling attention to someone as different, even in a seemingly positive way, does nothing to further the cause of equality.What’s even more unfortunate is that this isn’t an isolated occurrence.
In the six months that I’ve dated my boyfriend, I can recall nearly half a dozen such episodes. And then, within a moment, they walk away.Not sure of how to process what just happened, I stare at my boyfriend.

I simply want to show my boyfriend that I love him.When it comes to gay relationships, publicly displaying physical affection can often seem like navigating a land mine.

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