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04 Apr. 2014

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Arsenal’s new signing Chilean international Alexis Sanchez has dodged a potential bullet at Arsenal by being allowed to wear the number 17 jersey rather than the number 18 that was available according to talkSPORT. All sports stars are superstitious with most footballers preferring to keep the same number on their shirts throughout their careers with some clubs going so far as to retire jerseys in honour of players deemed to dedicate themselves to the club as was the case with Booby Moore and the number six jersey at West Ham. And while Arsenal have yet to retire any jerseys there is a particular number that nobody wants which is 18, a number which has somehow cursed every player that has warn it for the past two decades.

After having given up his number 17 jersey to the new arrival Nacho Monreal will be the proud wearer of the number 18 shirt which if history is anything to go by could be the curse that ends his time at the Emirates. We signed her up, paid the fees, bought her a new soccer ball and uniform and cleats, and geared up for her first game. Harry always seemed like the type of chill guy that never really particularly wanted to stand out, he also seems like he likes to keep his private life hidden, which is hard when you’re in the biggest boy band this world has ever seen.

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