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22 Aug. 2013

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What was wishy-washy about the video is that he claimed he didn’t know anything about computers. What’s so wishy-washy is that after people watching the video, no $70 dollars was given. He said he was going to give people $70 dollars, but what he forgot is a loophole word and the word is, DISCOUNT.
When I looked up the number online it showed not valid, but someone left a comment they called the number and it does actually leave a recording.

I never thought about doing it before because when I looked it up online, it stated it wasn’t a real number. I still feel that phone number is a waste of time because it looped me right back to their website. I personally had been to a situation where someone guaranteed me $500, but it turns that I have to actually spend more than what they promised. In my opinion especially when people want to build a business from home, they should just get to the point and let people know what they offer.

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