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03 Jul. 2015

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Your VoIP phone system and IP phones are configured with your VoIP numbers so you can assign a number to each employee if you want to. Some customers use special in-dial marketing phone numbers to assess the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising and VoIP gives you the flexibility to manage it easily.
Your phone number is now a cloud-based service which means you can take it with you, anywhere.
VoIP rates for mobile phones that are displayed as per minute, but only charged per second you are on the call; no flag-fall. You might think that itemised phone bills have been around for a long time and they have, but the VIRION business grade VoIP system provides you with a call report in a CSV format which means you can seamlessly open the call report in Excel and perform any number of calculations or charts to truly understand your call spending patterns and identify ways of becoming more savvy with your phone calling. The Follow-Me feature allows you to choose a call sequence that can eventually divert to your mobile number or a voicemail service.

After offering a variety of different services we decided to keep everything about our VoIP service SIMPLE. VoIP handsets enable your small business to take advantage of the functionality and flexibility of a hosted CloudPBX.
Lastly but importantly, you need to be aware that the quality and features of your broadband service has the most significant impact on call quality and connection so you must ensure that your current broadband plan has sufficient upload and download capabilities to support a VoIP telephone service. Our VoIP services can be used with your existing phone system (with the right adapter), a new VoIP phone system or using a softphone on your computer or smartphone. You can allocate different direct in-dial numbers to each department and set up Call Groups or Follow Me (depending on your phone system) so that you have full control over your call flows.
For instance, if you move down the road, you can take your VoIP phone system with you and simply plug it into your internet.

When you sign up for your VoIP service, or even just the marketing numbers, you can cancel whenever you want. Best of all, your VoIP numbers can be taken with you if you relocate. You can even manage several businesses or divisions on the one phone system with the ability to see on your phone which of your businesses or business units is being called.
You can even forward the message to the most appropriate person and, with the abundance of smart phones, you can perform these tasks quickly and easily. Provided you have good quality internet you can take your phone number with you all over the world.

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