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23 Jun. 2014

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Just Because You Are A Small Business Doesn't Mean You Have To Sound Like OneRingCentral™ is our top-pick Virtual Phone System.
VoIP Phone Systems or a Virtual PBX is a Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service that unites all of your business phones (regardless of location) as one complete system.
With VoIP Phone Systems, a call placed to your toll-free phone number or local business number is sent to your automated attendant, which answers with a greeting you have selected or recorded and then routes the call based on how you have configured your auto-attendant.
With a traditional landline based phone system, each extension would be assigned to a desk phone somewhere in the office where the phone system is installed. Virtual phone numbers are local or toll free telephone numbers that you can set up from any location and forward them to any phone, extension, or voicemail. Toll free 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, or 844 numbers that give your business a nationwide presence.
As a bonus, we'll give your business a polished image with a FREE professional recording from our Voice Talent Studio.
You'll meet with your personal Account Manager who will customize, configure, and set up your greetings, extensions, and voicemails for you, at no extra cost. Vanity toll free numbers (e.g., 1-800-FLOWERS) help people to remember your number - it's as simple as that! Your Virtual Receptionist (also called an auto-attendant or auto-receptionist) welcomes callers and directs them to departments, employees and information. You get the exact number of every single call you receive, even if it's from a "blocked", disposable, or private line.
On-hold music or a custom message keeps your callers engaged while they are being forward or transferred to an extension. We'll give your business a polished image with a professionally recorded greeting from our Voice Talent Studio. Use this advance call forwarding feature to connect up to three other phone lines, including home, mobile, or office numbers. With call forwarding, you and your employees can be reached on virtually any telephone in the world whether on your cell, in the office, or at home.

Our smart phone app turns your cell phone into your business phone, allowing you to make outbound calls that display your company's caller ID. Our smart phone app allows you to make outbound calls that display your company's caller ID.
Ad Tracker is a simple feature that asks your callers to enter an ad code when they dial your UniTel Voice number.
Detailed call reports help you sort phone calls and details for the last day, week, month or whatever period you need. The Virtual Office Phone System allows on-the-go entrepreneurs to run their business from their cell phone yet sound as if they have an expensive Fortune 500 Company phone system. Add a Virtual Phone number to your WorldSIM and benefit from roaming on your regular phone number – without the roaming fees. It eliminates the need for complex hardware, lengthy installation and technical expertise, making your business communication easy, affordable and accessible from wherever you need to be.
Most virtual phone systems can also receive faxes by automatically detecting if the incoming call is from a person or a fax machine. With VoIP Phone Systems, you can assign that extension to any phone number, anywhere in the world. Small businesses can secure a virtual phone number in just minutes with an area code or toll free number prefix of their choice, and forward that virtual telephone number to any existing telephone, employee extension, department extension, or voicemail box. You can keep your existing toll free or local number – just port it over to UniTel Voice at no extra cost. You can customize your hours of business for every day of the week with a few mouse clicks.
Customers hear on-hold music just like they would if you had a sleek and expensive corporate phone system. It's a great place for customers to hear store directions, product descriptions, or your hours of operation. Since you manage your virtual office phone system online, no software or hardware is required!

You can also make outbound calls using any phone by calling into your Virtual Office Phone System.
It's designed specifically to meet the needs of mobile business professionals, freelancers, consultants, startup companies, home-based businesses, and every small business in between. You can also assign an extension to multiple phone numbers that will ring until answered, and if unanswered, will return to the voicemail box of your choice. You can either record a generic message letting them know you'll be unavailable for a few hours, or just as easily record a more personalized message giving your callers more information and encouraging them to leave a voicemail message. The Virtual Office Phone System is a completely customizable small business virtual phone system that works with your existing phones - there's no software to download or hardware to maintain. With the local phone company, we paid that much for just 2 phone lines, everything else was extra! The Virtual Office Phone System provides small businesses with a local or toll free number combined with the power of an enterprise virtual PBX service. Since virtual PBX service is cloud-based and hosted completely online, it can easily connect teams working remotely by routing incoming calls to an unlimited number of extensions and phones regardless of employee location. For example, when a customer calls your business phone number, they are professionally greeted by a custom auto-attendant, and routed to the proper phone, extension, or voicemail box.
The Virtual Office Phone System provides small business owners with an all-in-on, easy-to-use small business virtual phone system priced and designed for growing companies and on-the-go entrepreneurs. It includes internet fax to email, toll free number service, voicemail to email, toll free number forwarding, virtual PBX service with a customizable auto-attendant, and many more award-winning features. UniTel Voice offers this affordable small business virtual phone system starting at just $4.95 per month.

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