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09 Jul. 2015

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Today, TomTom released their phone app for uploading workouts wirelessly from the TomTom Runner and Multisport units to your phone.  The intention to release such functionality had been announced back in December, though without a specific timeframe attached to it.
Note above you’ll see the little phone icon on the front of the TomTom unit indicating that the phone is within range and ready to upload. Once a given workout has finished transferring to the phone, it’ll go ahead and upload the workout to TomTom’s site where you can access it there just like normal.  That process takes mere seconds – it’s very quick. Finally, you can tweak your online TomTom account settings, as well as view info about the watch itself.  Interestingly I was able to pair multiple watches into the app – so if you happen to be…well…like me – you’re good to go. Finally, some of you may have noticed I haven’t mentioned Android yet.  The TomTom Android app is still forthcoming, a bit down the road. While more phones in the world might run Android, way more phones in this target market run iOS. Got a response from TomTom support and am asked to let the watch drain it battery as reset would not work. I cant tell you how disappointed I am with TomTom right now, this feature was one of the main reasons I bought the watch in the first place.
Got a call from a very nice lady at TomTom support and they will replace the watch immediately.
The Go 740 is the first member of TomTom's Live collection, which are updated in real time to ensure you always have the most accurate information at your fingertips.

What sets this range apart from other satnav systems is the fact they include a SIM card as well as a GPS chip, allowing them to connect to mobile phone network and download up-to-date information on traffic conditions, petrol prices, the weather and so on. The SIM card can't be used for voice calls or text messages though--its only purpose is to keep your TomTom Go 740 permanently connected so it's always up to date wherever you are.
This new system has been made possible thanks to a series of deals that TomTom has struck with mobile phone networks across Europe. Different networks have agreed to provide anonymous data about the number of mobiles connected to different base stations to give an accurate picture of how many people are in the vicinity. After a while, average patterns of usage become clear, and TomTom can calculate whether a particular road is busier than usual or not.
Once matched with input from 'traditional' traffic management tools, like traffic patrols and cameras on main roads, the current state of nearby roads is sent directly to the TomTom LIVE models' SIM card. Unfortunately, TomTom have not yet managed to convince the different operators concerned to sign roaming agreements with it and with one another, so a UK HD-Traffic SIM card will only work in the UK, and the same is true for every other country where the service is available.
This time, though, the ability to search online as well as in its own internal database meant the TomTom Go 740 Live managed to find every single one of tricky POIs. As for everything else, the other aspects of this system are either lifted directly from the TomTom Go x30 series, or improved.
After the arrival of iQ Routes on its Go x30 line, TomTom has once again managed to innovate with its impressive collection of new Live services.

TomTom's rival Mio has been offering an Internet search system on its GPS systems for a few months, using a database provided by the Yellow Pages to provide simple contact details. On the other hand, occasional users might find its pay-per-use system more attractive than a subscription, although it does require a Bluetooth phone to get online as Mio's GPS don't have their own SIM cards. This new Go 740 Live is quite simply a new reference in the world of GPS for other manufacturers to try and beat--we were truly amazed by TomTom's innovative use of technology.
I have filed a support question with tomtom in both US and Sweden and hope to get an answer soon. The organization was stated in the year of 1991, and from the date of its existence, Tomtom became the bulkiest undertaking all across the globe. TomTom One products are available in various models and can be purchased online from the leading stores and also from the in outlets.

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