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19 Jan. 2015

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Mercedes Apps: Facebook, Twitter, Mews, Weather, Yelp, Internet Browser, Google local search, Company name search, full Singapore postal search, telephone number search, google street view, Weather forecast, News feed, Yelp, DVD in motion, Mobile TV, Map 2014, etc enjoy the Connected Mercedes Driving life. For desktops and tablets, the data is fully dependent on the use of the Google forwarding number. If you do not set up the forwarding number, you will be blind to how many calls you generate by using the Call Extension from desktops and tablets.
One serious issue to watch out for if you have ad groups that need to be paused and resumed frequently: This type of activity disrupts data flow and can force the forwarding number to stop showing!
If you are using Call Extensions with the Google forwarding number enabled, do a review of your campaign settings TODAY.
If there is push-back from a client or internal decision maker on using the Google forwarding number, take the time to build a case for reporting and data clarity.

If the forwarding number is simply not an option, secure a unique phone number that you dedicate to Call Extensions and can keep track of outside of Google AdWords. The Google forwarding number is a fantastic device for gaining call metrics from desktops and tablets, but the potential data gaps will trip you up if you are not careful. In short, if you use Conversion Optimizer, Target CPA Flexible Bid Strategies or other automated bids within AdWords, the Call Extension forwarding number WILL NOT WORK. If not, take the extra effort to beef these ad groups up so that the forwarding number will work.
Separating your superstars, and using Google's Keyword Planner and Search Query Report are good places to start.
Reviewing Quality Score and competitors, and bid optimization are a few ways search marketers can cope with that discrepancy.

However, having a phone number published with your text ad means you can at least get a baseline understanding of how many potential leads or customers are willing to pick up the phone and call. Then choose to utilize the Google forwarding number (which enables call reporting for non-mobile click-to-call activity) or to simply publish your phone number in the SERPs.

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