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14 Apr. 2015

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Between carriers cutting back on subsidies and the continued premiums of top-tier devices, it’s expensive to own a smartphone today.
But first, let’s talk about why you should consider cutting up your smartphone contract in the first place.
Going without a contract, on the other hand, allows you to choose from a number of significantly cheaper plans, varying from the exceedingly basic to the completely unlimited.
Either way, non-contract options are a good choice for those who already have a device they like and don’t need to live on the cutting edge. A reseller for the Verizon network, Page Plus has some of widest-ranging plans of any prepaid service. Unfortunately, Page Plus’ flexibility and coverage is countered by its limited device options.
With its new emphasis on no-contract plans, T-Mobile has essentially remade itself into a prepaid provider.
GIV mobile is another MVNO that allows you to bring your phone over to their network, like most of the others on this list. GoSmart Mobile has a great plan for $45 a month that gives you unlimited talk, text, and high speed web.
Capable, budget-friendly phones like the Moto E are helping to change this paradigm, though, and they’ve helped prepaid and contract-free services stay the most effective way to cut down your monthly bill without settling for an unseemly device.
The biggest plus of buying a phone on contract is the carrier subsidy; they pay for most of your phone upfront, and make their money back later on with regular fees.
Its cheapest option comes with measly amounts of data, texts, and minutes, but at just $12 per month, it’s still an incredibly cheap way to own an honest-to-goodness smartphone without getting bogged down by a typical data plan.

But Page Plus comes back into the reasonable zone with its $55 monthly plan, which offers unlimited talk, text, and 3 GB of data.
Indeed, Straight Talk supports both GSM and CDMA networks, so its plans work with AT&T and T-Mobile devices as well as a handful of compatible phones from Verizon and Sprint.
Starting at just $30 per month you can get 100 minutes with unlimited texting and unlimited data (5GB of high speed data, throttled afterwards). This prepaid carrier is owned and operated by AT&T, which is currently being sued by T-Mobile for using their magenta color.
For $60 you get unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data, for $50 you get unlimited talk and text buy only wifi.
A lot of people might think it’s a scam, since if you refer people to the network you get a discount and if you refer enough people they pay you to use their service. Of course if you are always on wifi, you can check out their $35 plan which is just unlimited talk, text an web. This means either bringing over a phone you already own, or paying full price upfront for another device that can be used with your chosen service.
Even a phone that’s a year or two old may still be well above and beyond what most people ask it to do. This is normally $40, but signing up for automatic credit card payments nets you a $5 discount on any plan. The next tier up offers unlimited minutes and 500 MB of high-speed data for $40 per month, but that’s not as great a deal compared to its competition.
But as far as data goes, the $40 plan gives you 250MB of high-speed data and the $50 plan gives you 2GB of high-speed data, where you’ll be throttled afterwards.

However, to recoup the carrier’s cost of the phone, you also end up paying a higher monthly rate than you might otherwise. If you go the latter route, you can buy a device from the service provider itself, or you can snag it unlocked from a phone manufacturer, retailer or the like. With that in mind, let’s examine the individual ups and downs of five of the best no-contract smartphone plans.
On most large carriers, you might pay $30 just for data alone, and you wouldn’t get anywhere close to 5 GB at that price. You have to go up to the $70 tier before you get back to 5 GB of high speed data, a fact that makes Skype, Google Voice, and other VoIP services look quite appealing when paired with the $30 plan. And with carriers increasingly trying to phase out their subsidies, contract customers are only getting squeezed more and more.
You can also activate Verizon phones on Straight Talk, but under the same restrictions as Page Plus: no 4G devices. And if you sign up to automatically pay your bill with a credit card, you’ll get $5 a month knocked off your bill, bringing it down to $30 for the entry-level plan or $50 for the unlimited minutes one. Dollar for dollar, this is a significantly better savings than even the equivalent sharing plans of major carriers. Many places you can find the same service and features as what you’re paying the big guys $100 or more per month for less than half.

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