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24 Aug. 2015

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Here’s a way to get your iPhone on a cheaper prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text, and data.
Straight Talk, a prepaid MVNO that is a joint venture between Tracfone and Wal-mart, is now offering the ability to buy Straight Talk SIM cards that you can pop into any AT&T-compatible, T-Mobile-compatible, or unlocked GSM phone.
The Verizon iPhone 5 actually comes GSM unlocked from the factory, so you can also use those with Straight Talk.
If you are having issues, you will need to change your phone’s APN settings to Straight Talk settings. This clearly contradicts their website, which states all unlocked GSM phones, including smart phones are compatible.
I spoke with many Straight Talk reps about using an iPhone 4S with their new BYOP plan, and they insisted it would work they just said in order to stream video etc. This deal is even sweeter when you prepay the Straighttalk service 6 months in advance and pay online, less than $45 a month and unlimited talk, text and web.

When I first considered switching over to Straighttalk I gave AT&T and Verizon a fighting chance by speaking with their customer service agents about my intentions.
HIs contract still has almost a year, and we are willing to pay early cancellation fees, but wasn’t sure if we needed to cancel it first or keep the service on like we did when we ported my number to straight talk phone initially. I am not very up to date on all the technology so I’m wanting to get the $45 sim card that can be used on any of the phones i already own.
Just a udpate to all… I called Straight Talk to see if maybe they can help me configure the MMS settings. No, you can not just hot swap sim cards, especially if you are using a feature phone: ( IE one with only a keyboard or a small screen.
Only other option they said would to be to purchase gevey $54.99(not worth it) So I have given up on the iphone 4s I have tried every way possible for it to work but it will not respond to the straight talk sim card…if anyone else has any idea as how to make it work let me know too!
To be able to use 3G, should I order micro-sim for unlocked phones or micro-sim for att phones for my unlocked iphone.

I even upgraded to the latest iPhone OS (5.01) and so now the phone is no longer jailbroken, but the MMS service still works great. You don’t need to jailbreak your phone if you are happy with having data and text messaging. Straight talk customer service is a bit difficult to work with, but it’s worth the pain considering you can save $600 a year on your iPhone. Alternatively, you can manually edit your phone’s plist settings using directions provided here and here.

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