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01 Feb. 2013

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Also, remember that you can’t upgrade to a new phone until your contract is up, unless you want to incur a fee and possibly add additional years to your contract. In early April, I finally decided to cancel my Verizon service and go with Straight Talk as my new provider. On April 11, I begun the process of moving from Verizon to Straight Talk and from the Galaxy Nexus to the Nexus 4. I then entered the Micro SIM’s serial number (found on the red card inside the kit), my zip code and service PIN (found on the service card). Next, I agreed to some portability requirements (seen above) and created a Straight Talk account.
About 13 minutes later, the 4G data icon on my Galaxy Nexus disappeared and no longer made phone calls. Although I could make phone calls and send text messages, it could not send or receive picture messages (MMS) or connect to the data network. This entry was posted in Features and tagged AT&T, Micro SIM, Net10, Nexus 4, prepaid network, prepaid phone, SIM card, Straight Talk, TracFone, Verizon by Alex Kuklinski.
I am not a super heavy user, and there are a lot fewer cell phone provider options up where in Canada, but I totally did this with my iPhone.

Forum Google Branded Android Devices & Accessories Google Nexus 5 MMS Straight Talk Issue. Ok so I spent 4 hours on the phone with the Straight Talk and I finally got the correct APN settings for my Google Nexus 5 phone to send and receive MMS messages.
I'm also using straight talk but with t-mobile sim these settings worked perfect for sms and mms.
I have finally found a way to get my MMS to work on StraightTalk ATT SIM and I am certain this is the fix for many users on different network. I will explain, every other phone has separate option for mmsc, proxy, port and credentials.
If you aren’t on Aio Wireless and instead went with Straight Talk, we also have APN settings for you as well. Straight Talk asks me for my previous phone type, service provider and the phone number I want to be transferred. Straight Talk said the whole process should be complete within a few hours, but could take up to two business days. I didn’t have to make any contact with Verizon to allow or complete the porting process.

I was really frustrating dealing with the high call volume issues that Staight Talks Customer Service experiences, but everyone I actually talked to was the typical customer service niceness. The Straight Talk ATT service used to be 3g as well but was bumped up to 4g some months ago. Afterward, I’m prompted to enter my Verizon account number and password, among various other¬†identifiable information. As a half way network engineer I just added semi colon and port number in the proxy server and it worked. The supervisor I finally talked to, went through the process for at least 25 minutes on the phone.
Make sure if you call them, that you call from a different phone, so you can input what they are telling you into your new phone.

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