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26 Nov. 2014

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First of all, however, we should come out and admit that there isn't a way (that we know of) to find out for sure if you've been blocked, beyond getting hold of your friend's iPhone and checking the blocked list.
To test what happens to a blocked call, we blocked ourselves and monitored the experience on both phones. If you're using an iPhone yourself, you used to be able to get a clue as to whether someone has blocked you by sending an iMessage. The simple answer is that you can't easily find out for certain; but if you check for the telltale signs you can get a good idea of what's going on. If you'd rather watch our experiment than read about it, by the way, have a look at the video of the top of the article. When sent as an iMessage, the text gave us a 'Delivered' notification and remained blue - our blocked iPhone didn't attempt to send it as an SMS. If you're getting a single ring before being diverted to voicemail, and then when you try again with caller ID hidden you get a different response (multiple rings and then declined or diverted, or they pick up) then something is probably up.
Remember that just because you are allowed to leave a message - or because your text seemed to go through without any problems - that doesn't put you in the clear. As we said, though, there's no way to be certain this is what's happened, so be careful before you start throwing around accusations!
As discussed briefly above, it's possible to hide your caller ID (or use a code to stop it from being revealed) and thereby call someone who's blocked you.

If you are in an emergency, if you fell out with your parents but need to tell them that someone is gravely ill, or if there is some other exceptional circumstance that you feel justifies doing so, you can bypass a call block in this way, but please bear in mind that the recipient of the call may consider this behaviour to be harassment or stalking, and there could even be legal ramifications.
If you have taken all of these warnings on board, take a look at our tutorial showing How to call someone who has blocked you. Facebook has launched a new app called Hello (pictured) designed to give you more control over who can call you and how their details appear - even if their number isn't stored in your contacts book.
When a user receives a call Hello shows them info about who’s calling, even if they don’t have that number saved (pictured left). It's as simple as you could ask for, and incredibly handy if you are frequently bothered by nuisance callers.
You're probably being paranoid, and shouldn't worry - but if the idea is really bothering you, there are a few giveaway signs. The blocker will never be notified of the message, but it does appear at the very bottom of their voicemail list in the Blocked Messenger section (if they're using a carrier that supports visual voicemail such as O2), but most people probably won't check there.
The iMessage would attempt to send, but after a couple of minutes it would resend as a text message that would never be recieved by the person who blocked you. The key here is that you will always be diverted to voicemail after exactly one ring - if they were declining your call the number of rings would vary each time, and if the phone was switched off, it wouldn't ring at all.
Other than the obvious clues - you never seem to be able to get through to someone, despite ringing at various times and checking that you've got the right number - the main giveaway is the way you get diverted to voicemail after exactly one ring.

And if any amateur sleuths out there work out a foolproof method of finding out if you've been blocked, let us know in the comments or via Twitter. If you're getting calls from a persistent nuisance caller, then it's easy for you to make use of the feature yourself. It pulls in any publicly-shared data from a user's Facebook profile and lets you easily block unwanted callersThe free app is currently in testing and is only available on Android devices in the US. In this article we look at the clues you can use to find out if a contact has blocked your phone number on their iPhone.
We'll help you work out if someone has (for whatever reason) blocked your number on their iPhone. But if you were blocked, either the person will pick up, or it will ring a few times until you ring off or they turn down the call because there isn't a caller ID they recognise. If your call is manually declined, or if they're just not available, then you'd expect the phone to ring several times before you're diverted.

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