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22 Jan. 2015

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To search the Database Ireland database by name, enter one or more full or partial words in the search box on the worksheet window. Filters can be used to search the Database Ireland database by a variety of criteria, including products and services, location, size, business type, etc. The contact list created in the previous example contained only approximately 800 executives, half the number of companies used in the filter. If no upper bound is defined on a user-defined size filter, then all companies with employee numbers greater than or equal to the value in the From: textbox will be returned.
Network Installation NotesWhen Database Ireland has been licensed for network use, it cannot be run locally on the network server.
There is no limit on the number of clients that may be set up from a given network installation.

Every telco offers the same basic services such as NTS (simple number translation) and most offer some kind of online call statistics.
Also, the search is case-insensitive, and does not depend on the order or placement of the search terms. It may also be used to limit the number of executive contacts returned for a given company. This is because not all of those companies had executive records in the Database Ireland database matching the Finance role. If an upper bound is defined, but no lower bound is given, then the filter will return all companies with employee numbers less than or equal to the value in the To: textbox. To apply a keyword search to the available product list, enter one or more search terms in the Keyword text box and click Find.

Each filter will reduce the number of companies in the list until eventually only companies satisfying all filters remain.
The list is printed in the same order as the current worksheet list, and includes the company address, phone and fax numbers. If there are sufficient credits, a dialog is displayed displaying the number of credits that will be used in the export.

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