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20 Apr. 2013

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We have made many improvements to SIMS Discover and have tackled your number one change request – to export graphs in a printer friendly format. Detailed Balances & Reserves report displaying a Retained Earnings balance for each Fund, and the ability to record a Company Number for an academy within Establishment Details. The quote form had 8 required fields including postcode, phone number as well as email address & name!
The search giant has made it easier than ever before to keep tabs on what you're sharing with it by using its services - from your Google and YouTube search and browsing histories to the places you've been while logged in.

You can now search for students and staff with a variety of new search tags and with extra information on the hover help.
Similarly, many opt-in and order-collecting forms can be optimised to convert better by reducing the number of mandatory fields. We’re confident this information will help you find key information about the person you are searching for (such as address, phone number, registration group, etc) without having to open the student record.
You can also review how your Google+ profile appears, manage any shared endorsements which will appear within adverts - for example, if you visit a restaurant and give it a star rating, that review may then be used by Google in an advert displayed on a Google search.

Only you can see this data, and it shows you the searches you've made by day, your total number of searches and your top sites visited within the past week, month, year or all time.

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