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11 May. 2012

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To start, under Admin Settings, inside the Phone Number tab you will see a new, one-time option to sync FastCall with your Twilio account.
While the requirement to verify numbers for caller ID is not new, we are managing the process in a new way. After the update, and the one-time Twilio sync, you will see all phone numbers already verified w Twilio.
For these existing numbers, or numbers newly purchased via Twilio, you will be given two options to use the numbers. Once a phone number is assigned to a user, the number can be reassigned, released (put on hold) or deleted in Twilio.
Once your phone numbers are provisioned and assigned to your users under the admin tab, your users will setup their personal routing options for the newly assigned inbound phone numbers under the user tab. My Inbound – once the inbound number is assigned to the user by the admin, the user can set the ring time for inbound calls and can assign one phone to answer the inbound call.

In the Set Delivery Preferences Section – In front of Phone Option- Click Add phone number link. In the Country Section – Select your Country (I have selected India among USA and India) – In the Mobile Number Section – Type your Mobile Number and Press Send Verification Code Button. After this you will receive a SMS verification code on your Cell Phone – Write that code into a new text box that appears on the same screen in Google Plus in order to verify your mobile number and click Confirm.
Now Select SMS radio button that appears below your phone number to activate SMS notification from Google Plus other wise it will remain deactivated. The use for these numbers is BeLocal, the FastCall application that uses a local area code as caller ID.
You filter by country, area code and can also search for numbers or phrases within the number. FastCall will add options for multiple phones with roll over between each in a pending paid upgrade.

In order to deactivate SMS notification from Google Plus – Just Select Don’t notify me radio button instead.
In order to customize which notification you want to receive through SMS, just below the same screen – In the Receive notifications section – Check the activities which will initiate an action that will send a SMS notification to your mobile number. In our first release of FastCall inbound call routing we are enabling one (1) phone number per user.

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