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10 Mar. 2015

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This pattern is not so easy as it looks normally in reverse number pattern we write the program for the following pattern as shown in the figure.
Easy Tutor author of Program to find entered number is prime number or not is from United States. Reverse Digits of Number in C Program will divide the number by 10 continuously to get the digits as separate entities.
Easy Tutor author of Program to count number of characters in specified string is from United States.

Easy Tutor says Hello Friends,I am Free Lance Tutor, who helped student in completing their homework.
User needs to provide the number initially to the program,then program will reverse the digits of number.
After separating all digits it will rebuild the number by multiplying digits by 10*n to get reverse number. Example 8 of using functionsPROGRAM TO CHECK THE STRING IS PALINDROM OR NOT, PARALLELYProgram that takes a string from user and prints the total number of vowels i.e.

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