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14 Jun. 2012

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And as the biggest users of our own product, we are able to gain valuable insights that drive innovation and future product enhancements.
Call DNA is a first-of-its-kind call visualization and playback technology that graphically displays conversations resulting from advertising driven phone calls.
Quickly develop an understanding of the consumer intent and quality of the phone calls driven from your advertising campaigns without having to listen to calls. Identify call patterns at scale to help identify sales conversions or opportunities for process improvement. Using Real-Time functionality, recording sensitive advertisers can visualize and measure call quality without the use of call recording.
Dynamic tracking allows you to efficiently and accurately track calls driven from mobile and online advertising. Clean Call™ is our patent pending technology that blocks up to 90 percent of telemarketer and auto-dialer calls and other spam callers.
Capturing advertising-driven calls originating from a client’s website can be the difference between a campaign performing or not performing.
We route hundreds of thousands of phone calls and process millions of minutes of call data daily. The Marchex Call Analytics platform includes a robust, real-time XML-RPC based API that allows clients to integrate the features and functionality of the MCA platform into their own internal reporting systems, giving great control to how data is presented. Build powerful, custom call tracking applications (multi-level IVR, database backed interactive text to speech applications) using a combination of the industry standard VXML 2.0 capabilities and the Marchex Call Analytics feature set. The Merchant Center, integrating data from Google Analytics, lets advertisers track key performance results like calls, emails, website activity, goal completions, revenue and more to the keyword level.
Reverse proxy search engine marketing (SEM) is a recent tactic that we want to inform our customers about.

Reverse proxy SEM serves ads to potential guests on search engines which then directs them to a proxy version of a hotel website. Reverse proxy technology can only work by changing the URL—or web location—of a hotel website.
Because reverse proxy SEM technology can change any text on a webpage, hoteliers are placing great trust in the service provider not to make changes for the service provider’s own personal benefit. Some reverse proxy service providers will change the phone number on a hotel website in order to direct calls to their own call centers so they can record them. Instead, we encourage hoteliers to use other services that can accomplish the same goal as reverse proxy SEM.
We also support integration with other analytic services that use more traditional tracking pixels and code, including Google Analytics, KISS Metrics, AdReady and more.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about other website tracking options that integrate safely with buuteeq to secure guest and hotelier privacy. We rely on Marchex Call Analytics to seamlessly connect our clients to new customers, help us prove the value of our clients’ advertising campaigns, and to optimize those campaigns for peak performance. You can be sure we are aligned in offering you the most advanced and reliable call tracking and analytics platform available anywhere. However, gaining access to a client’s website to make the necessary enhancements to track calls can be challenging.
No matter your business size, Marchex Call Analytics provides the scalability to support your call tracking and analytics needs while maintaining 99.9 percent system up-time. This allows you to efficiently transition web activity into phone calls and create IVR paths that are easily navigated by callers to increase customer conversion.
At the same time, the AdVantage platform records these calls so advertisers can review them later in the Merchant Center.

After thoroughly evaluating the technique, we have concluded that reverse proxy SEM is an undesirable technology that could actually harm a hotel’s reputation. The proxy version tracks all activity on a hotel’s website in order to provide detailed guest behavior to the hotelier. Using the proxy, they can track guests’ browsing behavior after they leave your website.
For example, some reverse proxy service providers could change branding text on a website to make guests think that their own brand powers the website or booking engine when it doesn’t, diluting the brand authority of their competitors. We do not offer the service because it is incompatible with our product and core company values. Our pooled dynamic number replacement leverages JavaScript to dynamically assign a call tracking number to a unique identifier like a keyword or session ID.
Using Reverse Proxy, we allow you to copy the client’s website and host it on a separate URL so you can insert call tracking technology to get the reporting capabilities you need without inconveniencing your client.
Proxies get around this by serving as a portal that China has a hard time blocking, which Chinese netizens use to access those same websites.
However, after an in-house test, we discovered that many of these service providers do not alert guests at the beginning of the call that they are being recorded. Rather than assigning each unique identifier to a call tracking number (1:1 tracking), our pooled solution allows you to efficiently track unique identifiers at scale. When guests try calling you in the future using the reverse proxy number, they will hear that your number has been disconnected—a very bad indication for how well a property is doing.

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